At the airport, waiting to leave.

OK So I’m sitting at the airport and it’s boring as hell. I’ve been here since 2:00pm, trying to burn up time until the plane departs at 3:46. There are mandatory shoe checks at the security checkpoints, which I find unbelievable — it takes a LONG time to take your shoes off and put them on, compared to putting your jacket in the bin. They also require that you pull your laptop out, run it through the xray shebang, and then turn it on to show them it’s real. Takes for fucking ever. One other thing. So I’m riding the escalator to Concourse B and I overhear this lady complaining that she flies all the time and she always gets the extenda-search. She was wondering if it is because she flies standby, because she knows someone who works for the airline, whatever, or maybe it’s just because she buys her tickets early. And that the terrorists buy their tickets close to the departure time so that they can avoid detection. I overheard this and turned around and asked “they do? Why would they do that instead of buying a ticket just like you and me?” She looked at me, stunned, and couldn’t answer. It’s a good question though … why draw extra attention by buying late, sneaking on, blah blah blah, when they can look just like every other traveler. John Gilmore brings up this point, and many other super great points, at his freedom oriented website, [L=][/L]. Luckily, the plane just arrived and is deboarding. Another half hour and maybe I’ll be able to get on it, settle down with a book and try not to dance through the aisle like a monkey hopped up on meth. I forgot my camera, so no pictures, sorry. And I’m so freaking stoked it’s unbelievable.

2005-11-24 16:37:02 – Ryan
When I flew internationally (from DIA) we had the same problems, however I read the bajillion signs everywhere and was ready with my shoes lose (I mean, come on, everybody knows they do the shoe thing now) and laptop out. I breezed right through security(minus the wait in line, which moved pretty quick). Anywho, I think it sucks to, but their just doing their jobs, right? PS Japan is pretty neat.
2005-11-26 02:52:59 – keener2u
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2005-11-27 10:41:10 – Netheus
Favor please: I need everyone and their proverbial brother to call 719.896.0092 at some point in time today, tell my dad that I am fine, not to call me in as a missing person, I am not a Satanist, and to not call me again? Just leaving a message would be fine. I appreciate it!
2005-11-27 20:28:53 – The Disco Nova
Should I let him know that I am a Satanist and therefore know for sure that you are not one?
2005-12-01 19:01:20 – Netheus
Of course James! Schulzki is on paid leave for being a faculty sponsor for Palmer’s Gay Straight Alliance Club. "Finally this week, the two teacher sponsors of the GSA were placed on administrative leave for undisclosed reasons. History teacher Fran Lindau confirmed that she and Anton Schulzki, who until Wednesday was the chair of the social studies department, have been placed on paid leave, though she declined to comment pending the outcome." From the Independent. I’m sure Commrade is enjoying time off, but this is bull. The rest of the article is here: And it is bull for a multitude of reasons, I am sure everyone of all political affiliations will find something abhorent about this.