Eden, Dreams, Sniagrab!

Matt, Paulie and I went out to [L=http://www.edennightlife.com]Eden[/L] last night and had a helluva time. There aren’t many places here in the springs where you get to see superhot women dancing on tables every time you turn around. Barring stripclubs of course. Eden has it all – incredible atmosphere(s), a higher class clientele, tons of hot women and super music. Speaking of, the great YTCracker spins at Eden on Friday and Saturday nights. It was good to see him and chat for a few minutes; he is an incredible DJ and blew everyone else away. All in all, a ridiculously good time. I’ve been having crazy dreams recently. One that was just random and crazy, and another that has reoccurred maybe 5 times now. The recurring dream goes like this. I’m sitting in a library at a table, and I have my closed laptop and a big, impressive-looking, leather/brown bound book, also closed. This guy walks in wearing an atheltic gray hoodie and a black canvas/dickies style coat. He walks up and looks at me from across the table for a short time, then picks up my laptop and walks away. I get up and begin following him, greatly concerned. I can’t seem to run or anything, and neither can he; we just kind of walk. Eventually he ends up in front of a door, opens it, steps through and closes it. I arrive at the same door a few seconds later and fling it open, only to find that I am looking out onto the sky, with whispy clouds below. Then it ends. Like I said, I’ve had this dream many times in the past two weeks, and I don’t sleep well when I have it. It’s very weird. Amanda is super duper. I was going to itemize some things here, but just trust me that she’s great. We went to Sniagrab (bargains), Gart Sports discount extravaganza, yesterday and I picked up a new [L=http://www.campmor.com/images/cloth/larger/50266_l.jpg]Columbia jacket[/L] because my last one gave up the ghost when I washed it. I also got some snazzy new gloves and a hat. Oh, and some nalgia-style bottles.

Product List $
Columbia Jacket 224.99 64.99
Snazzy Gloves 49.99 14.99
Hat 29.99 12.47
Bottles 19.99 7.99
324.96 100.44
Savings: 224.52

Yay Sniagrab for saving me tons of money.

2005-11-13 10:05:20 – realbighead
wurd up to that.
2005-11-14 08:34:45 – Master Ha-reed
Superhot women dancing on tables? The religious nutcases are sure to put an end to that soon. That or declare downtown full of devil worshippers like Manitou and the Westside, and never set foot in it again.
2005-11-14 10:07:59 – rand0m
There are too many churches downtown for that to happen. Besides, Eden itself is a remodeled church (next to the Post Office) … blasphemy at it’s best.
2005-11-14 18:38:15 – Voodoo Queen
Analysis of the key aspects of your dream all point toward auspicious events and/or decisions. Pay attention to the weather outside, there inlies the answer, young grasshopper.
2005-11-16 16:16:19 – Netheus
Do you want a real interpretation of your dream? if you do, and not some silly shit like ^ that, call me/ e-mail me/ msn messenger me (netheus@hotmail.com) I don’t ever check that e-mail though. Hit me @disinfo.net if you want to e-mail me. Where is this Eden? I think I would like to hear Cracker spin. Wanna go with me? Not this weekend, next weekend is Thanks giving, but maybe the one after that or something?
2005-11-17 19:11:00 – Disco Nova
Yeah, whoever "Voodoo Queen" is sucks ass. She doesn’t know what she is talking about, and she prolly likes awesome men like random [sic]. I can’t be sure, but empirical evidence seems to suggest it.
2005-11-17 22:24:00 – Disco Nova
I see our facist mod hath edited me.
2005-11-17 22:43:50 – realbighead
It’s not really fascism when it’s his sandbox to begin with.
2005-12-01 22:38:34 – Matt
do you know who is picture on that Eden website’s main page (after the intro)?