Site update & archives, Thanksgiving, Trip to Denver

OK So the site has a new look that is actually an old look. The previos white/teal/red/blue had been around since April 2003, so a change was in order. I went through all the db entries and tried to find any missing posts … I restored the news posts [L=]#258[/L] and [L=]#259[/L] … had to get them from, as I had deleted them. Man, we were full of all kinds of piss and vinegar back then. I also found that posts [L=]#28[/L] & [L=]#29[/L] are missing; no amount of googling/archive searching can find them … they’re from April 2001, though, so I don’t really expect much. I kinda wish I knew what they were, but I am pretty certain they were removed with good reason. I am flying out to ND to visit Amanda for Thanksgiving, the 23rd to the 28th. I’m stoked. I just really like being around her. I also can’t wait to meet her hick friends *ducks* … This flight, alongside the NYE cruise, should give me a bunch of miles with United. Well, not enough to mean a damn. Oh well. At least I get to see the woman relatively soon, and not have to wait 9 weeks like this last (unpleasant) go around. Yay! I spent the night in Denver on Monday so I could make a noon meeting with a Denver client without issue. It sure was good to see Steve again, and it was really good to have some real talk. My presentation to the client went very smoothly … probably couldn’t have gone much better. I even got the accolade “Of all the times I’ve paid for a consultant to come in, you were by far the best investment.” I guess these years of labor finally have some value to somebody 😉 Also, this is supposedly post #500. That’s a lot. It’s numbered 500, but it’s actually the 446th post in the database. Some general stats: 500/446 News Posts 5097/5113 News Comments 1302/1645 Photo Comments 779.6KB of posts 1.54MB of comments 928.9KB of Photo Comments 19885 – Unique visitors in Oct05 303742 – Pages served in Oct05 1.041M – Hits served in Oct05 240.1GB – Bandwidth consumed – 7.74GB/day=.71mbps sustained … Looks like the glory days of this place have passed 😉

2005-11-04 00:24:10 – pinky
holy shit, i forgot that time you came to boulder…haha. and, damn, i was mean…hehehe. i’m tempted to start from the beginning of the archives, except i don’t want to relive high school.
2005-11-04 19:57:18 – Netheus
Good Luck and Goodnight came out today…. all of you to the movie theatre NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
2005-11-04 22:29:17 – jrdn
.71mbps sustained just in oct05? Thats ummm… a fuckload
2005-11-04 23:10:21 – rand0m
Yea, it’s a decent amount of traffic … but not compared to a year ago when it was doing ~23-24GB/day.
2005-11-05 08:38:02 – realbighead
yes, but didn’t that number include bimmer chick?
2005-11-05 11:18:32 – rand0m
both include the pron. I should dig up the non-pron stats so that I can cry in shame.
2005-11-06 22:46:51 – Master Ha-reed
Jack Shafer of Slate tore "Good Night and Good Luck" [L=]apart[/L]. Worth checking out before spending $8+.