For Fuck’s Sake and a ton of little snippets

SO it’s been a while since I updated. Lots of things have happened, but only a few that are noteworthy. I have to head off to a meeting here soon, so these will be brief. I hate the fact that I am OK with doing mostly nothing. Sure, when things need to get done I do them, but I waste a LOT of time doing nothing. It’s sickening, and I hate it. What to do about it, though? Fuck, I don’t know. I have no Valentine. That sucks. I thought about asking some cute girls I know if they’d be my valentine, but whenever I got close to asking my nuts shriveled up and my courage plummeted into a black pit, never to surface again. That made it worse. How to go about re-earning my man card? Fuck, I don’t know. I am done with my taxes. Thanks to me making a lot more money at the end of 2k4, I paid a LOT more in Fed/State income tax, but didn’t break tax brackets. That makes for a huge refund. GG. Keen is moving out on Friday/Saturday. I feel paralyzed. I don’t know what I’m going to do about all this. Find another roomy? Buy a house? Fuck, I don’t know. Apparently “For Fucks Sake” aka “FFS” is just as popular as wtf, omfg, mofo, stfu and gtfo. I didn’t know this until recently — thanks gang! I shaved off my goatee this morning. I have a fat head. I do not like it. Two nights ago I dreamt about Janelle all night. I couldn’t help it. I woke up in a cold sweat, thought about it and immediately felt ill. Not because of her, but because I cracked. It’s this huge, impenetrable wall that surrounds that section of my life, and it somehow came thundering down for no reason, and I can’t believe it. What happened? Fuck, I don’t know. I went out with Sammi a while ago. I had a great time, minus the horrible restaurant (wine in a lowball? wtf!?). I felt fake, though, and I think she knew it. Which I think is worse than having a horrible time. At least she’s good at forgiving me though – she’s had more than ample opportunities to practice. 😉 I went out with James and his friends — and dragged Emily along — on Saturday night to Joe’s Bar, a karoake place here in town. Despite the total dive-ish nature of the place, I had a great time. No pressure to perform for anyone, even while playing pool. Unbelievably relaxing. I wish every day were like that. Unfortunately, I can’t be a smelly, brutish common man while trying to maintain a powerjob and still woo the classy ladies. Catch-22. FFS. That’s all. Maybe I’ll ask our client to be my valentine today. Or I could just end up on the couch alone. *sigh* (cue the emo)

2005-02-14 12:41:43 – Master Ha-reed
Actually, its becoming "trendy" to serve things in a lowball that do not belong there… although I’ve never heard of wine being served in a lowball.
2005-02-14 13:30:03 – realbighead
it wasn’t a "lowball" glass, there’s no such thing. it’s shorthand invented by dishwashers, who aren’t exactly qualified to be arbiters of our language. the low wide stemless glass you’re thinking of is most likely a tumbler, possibly (actually) a highball glass; either way, it is very trendy nowadays to serve wine in such, because it’s how wine has been drunk for millennia all around the mediterranean, where it was kinda invented. And unless you shelled out for a serious bottle, a stemmed bowl would have gone entirely to waste, as table wines generally don’t have that much bouquet to activate and conserve. Mr. Boston to the rescue again!
2005-02-14 16:21:13 – rand0m
Yea, it is actually a "tumbler." Despite that, I like using "lowball" because it works with "highball," and tumbler just doesn’t fit. Either way, it -was- table wine so it wasn’t the worst thing in the world … I don’t think they were trying to be trendy though, but were actually just out of stemmed wine glasses (it was super full there).
2005-02-15 15:16:25 – realbighead
why are the ads on your front page "start over with jesus" and "free country music downloads"? that’s very, very disturbing.
2005-02-15 16:24:17 – rand0m
I have no idea, ask Google Adsense. I just kinda rely on them to know what they’re doing. d’oh.
2005-02-17 16:05:52 – jrdn
Keep smiling randal. Life is a bitch sometimes, and even when it seems your skills or the efforts you wish to partake in are never used, they will. And even if they dont get used… find something to do… maybe fool around with some switches and such, find a way to make the company spend less money… 🙂 And dont feel down about valantines day, I know, its a big day for so many people, but then again, it is just another day in the flow of life. Maybe not meaningless but it is just simply another day. But you can be mine 😛 my $0.2 <3
2005-02-17 16:16:54 – Neth
yeah, Troy forgot that it was Valentines Day until like 9pm, and I really couldn’t give a f*ck less, told him that unless he forgot my birthday/ or anniversary, it didn’t really matter. Sick of ripped off and modified xian holidays and all their commercialism anyway… fell asleep during a test the other day… haven’t done that since high school… Stupid headaches…
2005-02-20 19:43:36 – fourdegrees
just remember, randal, in your life there are people you love and respect that also love and respect you. that says a lot about you. /add me to the list. 🙂
2005-02-22 02:09:20 – Master Ha-reed
Re: Google Adsense. I’ve noticed that the Google ads rotate between country music, Jesus/Christian-related stuff, and life insurance. Therefore, I guess that the Googlebot has analyzed Randal’s page, figured out that he’s going to take a huge life insurance policy out on himself because he has a death wish, and then at the last minute change his mind and become a born-again Christian who listens to country music. A scary, scary proposition.
2005-02-22 02:54:19 – jrdn
oh and that he needs to stop procrastinating
2005-02-23 11:20:37 – ernie
Dude, Check out your webcam link.. someone’s hacked it.
2005-02-23 16:16:18 – rand0m
actually, that’s just an error on the page. I haven’t gotten around to fixing that since … wow, forever ago. so yea, I know. not haxored 😉
2005-02-23 22:56:25 – tony
Hell man, you could always spend a few weeks applying for scholarships for colleges around the country, and go back to school fulltime. Wouldn’t even have to be for Computer Science, could be business or what not, and with your experience starting up a business, that might even help with getting into a business school.
2005-02-24 11:54:55 – Master Ha-reed
Undergraduate business degrees are mostly crap however (this is confirmed by a number of people I know who are dual degree business majors). If you do get one, go for something like Accountancy or Finance, as a BS in Business Administration isn’t really worth the paper its printed on, especially for someone like you who has actually been there in real life. For an MBA though, Tony is right, business experience helps a lot.
2005-02-26 00:05:43 – Hellbent Rob
Marketing is where the real money is, and they have more fun getting it–finance is a close second though. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you do as long as you’re happy doing it and making a decent contribution to your stock portfolio every month for the next 30 years. Randy, sorry to hear that you’re lonely.
2005-02-27 03:50:25 – Craigalito
ok, randal i suggest you should go after whatever sparks your interest. This includes jobs, girls, and toys. The only thing I can recommend is "Go for it." If you get shot down, so what? Move on. Life is too short to waste on sulking about insecurities (remind me about this later when I come crawling back). Besides what doesn’t kill you makes you a better person. I think sometime you need to take a vacation and go somewhere far away. REALLY FAR AWAY. Take a week off. The world won’t blow up when your gone… and as your attorney I suggest you rent a convertable. But you don’t have to take my word for it, but you won’t know what you may experiance until you try it. My $.02