Short update – Keen moving out, random depression, etc

Thought I’d make a quickie update after the last two novels. Keen is moving out. His last day here at team weberstreet will be around Feb 20th. He’s moving a whole block and a half away. Luckily he’s not as bullheaded about things as Tony is, so it’s been a breeze working out finances and such. If anybody has a lead on a person who is good roommate material and would like to live in a nice downtown victorian, please send them my way. Regarding Mike’s situation. Apparently Mike reads my site, or so I hear from other little birdies. Mike, I am sad for your predicament and wish I could help. The cold, mean bastard inside of me says that we pick our friends and we pick our paths, though, so I am unsure of where that leaves me. The junction of these two events, along with some serious self questioning and a ridiculous work load, I’ve been pretty down. Like Down Down. Not down in the standard I-hate-myself Down that I’ve learned to recover from, but more of a general depression that a lot of things are going to shit. It’s not even Sad Depression. It’s more of melancholy. I’ve drunk myself to sleep twice now, including tonight, in attempts to avoid the situations. That’s bad. I am glad to say that I am very proud of one Steve, who has valiantly fought his employment more than I ever care to even consider. He somehow leapfrogs from job to job, working his way up the ladder — barring a minor setback here and there — and never seems to get down about it. At least not to me. For that I am very happy to say congratulations on landing the newest Prudential gig, as well as for not settling for anything besides something that matches your long term goals. GG, Steve 🙂 [b]Update[/b] – Remember how I was talking about that poker hand the other day? Turns out I had an 84.88% chance of winning that hand, but somehow I lost. Want the statistics? Get ’em here: [L=]Poker Stats Calculator[/L]

2005-01-27 09:36:29 – erterter
Keener leaving? 🙁 🙁 🙁 :'(
2005-01-28 13:53:18 – ali
2005-02-02 12:59:15 – yeh
kinda feel like a nameless face in a storm of apathy and delusion?
2005-02-05 11:04:30 – WC
ali: WTF!! mate I can’t read that shiete. Post links in ENGRISH muttafuxa. Keener: 🙁 Randal: |-) Reverand: >:-( Steve: 😮 that pretty much expresses my feelings. Ohh yeah party at my place tonight. Yay.