Late night update, with nothing.

Eh, it’s 4:25am and I can’t sleep. Up in knots for no reason. Well, yea, reasons, but not reasons important enough to keep me awake. Apparently they are. OK. So Keen is moved out, and I am less than super pleased. I miss him already. I spoke to him on the phone for a good 15 minutes today and it felt really odd. We talked about all the latest goings-on, but it wasn’t the same. Over the phone is just not as good. :-/ The roommate hunt is going similarly well. I’d like to give a shoutout to Sandy S. on the 11th floor. Even though she’s old and not even a really good friend, she’s always there to provide wisdom and insight into girls. And she’s fun. 🙂 I spent a lot of this past week prepping an email/webhosting/managed-colo one-stop-shop for a customer. Then, as I was transfering that setup from the staging server to the live server, the staging server’s HD failed. I’ve spent quite a bit of time this weekend trying to rebuild the live server from scratch, and I hope it works. Good Fucking Game. Since I was doing tons of HD transfers and installs today, I ran some HD benchmarks between a couple servers I had handy. Benchmarks are not suprising — Serial ATA destroys everything else. CPU/bus + Spindle speed + cache = killer fast. [L=]Check them out here[/L]. Good Will Hunting is an incredible movie, but it really makes you question what the hell you’re doing with yourself. Sometimes it’s a real downer, and other times it gives you a big kick in the ass. Super exciting Saturday night, no?

2005-02-27 04:27:42 – Craigalito
I am up late too for no apparent reason? Hmm. Work has been alright for me. Its not super as I am treated lower than everybody else because of my lack of degree. Although I can code 3x quicker than the rest and smarter, they still dog on me about how/why I do things. FUCK THAT. Anyway we have a client in the office from the City of Las Vegas all this week and I am paranoid about it for some reason? Hooray for a new post!