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I don’t know why it struck me just now that I should post, but here I am, posting at just after midnight with god knows what on my mind. Life in general is pretty good. MikeLee tells me that my website is a waste of the internet, and is totally surprised to hear that I still get hundreds of hits a day. Honestly, it surprises the hell of out me too. Shit, I haven’t posted in nearly 3 weeks, yet you ravens are still here, picking at the corpse of rand0m.org. I digress. Yes, life is good, minus the total lack of sleep and over abundance of work. I think Betsy (Pikes Perk) likes me, but honestly, I can’t tell through the haze of confusion that follows me everywhere I go. I haven’t played a good night of pool in forever, and the closest thing to “fun” I had was on the opening night of the store when I got totally sloshed and almost got into a fight backing up Mike. Oh yea, and I don’t sleep. I am tired. That is the byline of my life. All I do is work. From 9am until midnight+ every day. I can feel my soul slowly creeping out of my body, wishing me a fond goodbye as it wisps away into the realm of “not burdened by a shuffling husk of a man, totally beaten down by his unnerving ability to not sleep”. It really isn’t *that* bad, but it’s bad. I get 6 hours a night. Maybe. I’m aiming for 7 tonight. Please Jesus, give me 7. I come home from the store and it’s like midnight+ and I walk around the house. I don’t know why. I just pace. For like 15 minutes. Then I try to calm down with some tea and my book … but my book is at the store. Or it’s at HPI. Fuck. I guess I’ll just post here and then pace and then go to sleep. HPI. HPI is good. We hashed some things out. It’s good. Everything is moving forward — wireless, CoLos, the whole shebang. It’s neat. The Store. The Store opened up on Friday of last week. It was a nice, big hurrah of an opening and we had a few truckloads of people come through the store … although that is fine and dandy, the word is still not out. We have not made much money in our first week of business. Yes, we know that we’re not going to be millionaires our first month, but goddammit I was really hoping it would just go nuts on us. Like, just sit at the desk and take people’s money all day. Thousands of dollars a day like, you know? That is far off. Very far off. We are spamming the city with flyers trying to get people to come. But there are complications, as always. I am having a panic attack right now. Andrew and Baker came in tonight (‘nother story) to hang the EverLAN foam sign thing. It’s neat. Some dude came in while they were here and wanted to play Counter-Strike v1.6. We don’t have 1.6 because of Steam, Valve’s new “Content Distribution / Ability to take away cybercafes’ ability to make money” system. He left. But not before talking to Baker for like 20 minutes. What for? I do not know. Baker gave me shit about not using CS 1.6. I almost told him to fuck off, but decided that the more diplomatic “well, we’ll have to look into that” is a better approach. So tonight I looked into the whole Steam Licensing thing, and now I’m having a total panic attack. We’re not going to make money, ever. Big corporations like Valve and Blizzard and id are going to license us to death. Or sue the shit out of us. The money isn’t coming in. The word isn’t out. Everything is just not what I thought it would be and I’m totally freaking out. I guess that’s why I’m posting …. this is the most severe emotional hangup I’ve had (time for). But it’s purely emotional, so I can get over this. I just need some sleep. In other news, I finished off Signs By Tomorrow’s network / phone system on Sunday. It’s like sex, if sex came in the form of cat5e, jacks and punch blocks. I’m glad it doesn’t. Janelle is in Rome, Italy doing her semester abroad. I say “her semester abroad” because it seems like every intelligent, going somewhere girl that I really like out there does “their semester abroad”. Sammy did. Lilly did. Betsy did. Amy did. Janelle is. See!? It’s a trend! Anyways, her first weekend in Italy, Janelle got to experience a country-wide power outage. Don’t worry, it was only like 22 million people (smaller than our outage), because Italy is small. huzzah. This website will soon be moving to login-based system, where you will be required to have a valid username and password before being allowed to view any content. Yes, you’ll be able to signup on the web. No, it will not cost anything (laugh). Cheers!

2003-10-03 13:37:04 – tony
Some days are better than others. But if you are doing the same thing every day with no variety whatsoever, you become a mindless drone. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Prisoners can be drones, and slog it out till their release date, being a drone in the military can suck, but you can eventually leave. There are obviously good reasons to open your own store, but by working a second job to support the habit, you will question your dedication to running your own business. All the other people I’ve talked to who have been doing their own business all say the same thing, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Screw it, I don’t know what to say. You’re crazy for working 2 full-time jobs, you’re going to go crazy getting stressed out, and to top it all off, you’re not going to have any free time. Pffft! My suggestion, keep running your own business, but get a part-time job, or hook up with a consulting company, like RHIC.
2003-10-03 18:05:58 – WC
Remember you can always sell Matt’s body on Nevada for money, become a full time drug dealer and use Tony as your Meth consultant, and Mike Lee as your Distributor. 😉
2003-10-03 23:35:27 – Siaokh
GRRRrRRR! 1) you’re concerned someone is stalking you, and if they are, you should feel flattered, and put some bogus info up to see if they nibble at it 2) YOU’RE ALREADY TRACKING US BY PAGE VIEWS BY IP… you dont need no steenking login system 🙁 In other news the history channel r0x. All these technology / military shows just plain rock. That and your ravens demand pictures. of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. WEBCAMS in teh CAFE. ok it’s late. I’m done being a jackass for the evening (or am i). *punch* -Tim
2003-10-04 12:34:11 – WC
I KNOW whoiS STaLkInG YoU! It’s this wierd person named Tim. We need to ban him and ban again until he can’t access even the general interweb! Intelligence reports that he is an expert in Terrorist activities, so its in your best interests we notify the proper authorities and take affirmative action. WebCams!! NOW!! Follow the US Homeland Policy! – MORE DEVICES to make you feel EVEN MORE paranoid! – Craig
2003-10-06 17:09:02 – mark
wow. required logins? thats a good way to alienate about 95% of visitors and reduce the frequency of visits from the other 5%. ‘Rand0m’, this is a plea from the lazy: logins = bad idea.
2003-10-06 20:09:58 – rand0m
what if I set it up so that it would plant a cookie on your HD and you would only have to login once a year (if you don’t delete the cookie) ?
2003-10-07 01:35:05 – The disco nova
That would workj.
2003-10-07 11:37:35 – Netheus
1. I delete my cookies. 2. I have not yet gone abroad, so this definition of yours must be exclusive to the girls you are interested in. Emily just got back from greece/ japan. 3. Can I stop by your store some night and bring you dinner? You sound like your at point blank. 4. My brother is probably going to move to Jersey because my mom is a complete f*ck up. 5. Monday nights at Industrial Nation are a flesh circus. Boobies with electrical tape over the nipples (and that’s it for coverage) people getting tied up and flogged with cat’0 9’s, saran wrapping people to crosses, skimpy underwear, and industrial/darkwave/techno all night long. and well endowed topless girls in skimpy underwear trying to sell jello shots and cherry bombs. And pixie boy mark tied up and blindfolded and getting randomly touched by random people (okay, not quite, but I assume that will happen soon).
2003-10-07 14:06:30 – tony
Netheus, if you still want help with your computer, I’m game.
2003-10-07 20:05:37 – WC
Tony, I bought an ipod… so you gotta ho0k me up with those crazy cool songs now when I come over! .. or when you come to town next!
2003-10-07 21:48:53 – Netheus
thanx tony, but I took it to the shop, and my 40 gig was corrupted and my motherboard fried by power surge. so I am looking for proggies and reg. codes. and a way to get my land lord to pay for it. but my computer is on a dedicated circuit. so he thinks that absolves him. ergh… irrationalism…
2003-10-07 23:49:15 – tony
netheus, let me know how i can help out… hate to see a fellow internet junkie without a working compie386
2003-10-13 21:17:37 – The Disco Nova
2003-10-13 21:39:56 – WC