Long awaited update, but still mostly worthless

Well here’s another news post. Eat eat, you damn jackals! Things to talk about in this post: Store, Betsy, Columbus Day, Grooveman, Emily/Party. This post is going to take a while, as I’m sitting at the store on IRC, AIM, MSN messenger while eating chinese and reading my book. The store is going pretty well. I am over the freaking out. I am thinking that with enough freaking out and panicing, I’ll eventually be able to see it coming and sort of dodge out of it’s treacherous claws and not totally lose my mind. That’s a pretty good skill. Had a run in with Andrew and got into a sorta pissing contest, but that worked itself out. I just wish people wouldn’t beat around the bush so much … if you have an issue, just spit it out. Not delivering it is just going to piss me off. So yes, the store is open, we are not bankrupt. We have at least a few more months to make it work. Betsy. Ahhhh, Betsy. I hadn’t seen Betsy in almost 2 1/2 weeks when I saw her last Sunday. It was nice. I don’t think she *likes* me. At all. But she does insist on having dinner sometime, even offering to come over to the store with some sort of take out. She might be interested, which is a-okay by me … only that I work like 173 hours a week and have only some select times during the weekend with which I can actually talk to people. I think she’s super, but alas, no time. Columbus Day was today. I did not get today off, as I am not a government-anything, which is sucky. However, I did get to hear people yammering on all day about how terrible c.columbus was, and honestly, that’s fucking irritating. Does everyone think the whole imperialism/slavery thing is a new discovery? Well, it’s not … I’m sure the founding fathers knew of it when they decided that columbus day should exist … it’s pretty hard to cover up slaughtering millions of people and yada yada, but somebody who has had a lot more of a hand in the history of the country than I do decided that hey, despite all that, it’s a pretty good thing that he found America, because if he hadn’t, we wouldn’t be here. So yay! for discovery! Boo for evil slavery / white men / whatever you crazy hippies Boo at! Still, Yay for discovering America! Now STFU. I was talking to Steve-o the other day and he almost had a Randal-esque breakdown as we were talking about his super-extraordinary sister. He got to the whole “what have I done with my life? I’m useless yada yada” thing that I do on a pretty regular basis, and I’ll tell you what, it scared the shit out of me. Steve is one of the people that I totally depend on to be absolutely immovable in every way. Tore is the other. These two guys are the kind of people that have an unshakable sense of self worth, and goddammit, when I see that get a little shook up I start to freak out. So please, people, don’t lose it like you do, because I’m depending on you. I sure hope to god that nobody depends on me like that 😉 I saw Emily the other day for the first time in a looong time. I mentioned a while back that she blocked me on AIM, and she hasn’t unblocked me, still. I don’t know why. Maybe she hates me, or maybe she’s being an icey bitch. Hell, I don’t know, and I don’t even care that much. Anyway, I saw her on my way to work the other day, so I pulled over and talked to her for a minute before getting back under way. And then I saw her over at James’ party on Friday night, which was a little odd. A little bit of a shock to go from her not talking to me to seeing her twice in a week. That was okay, though. Her roommate, Lauren (?) is a fox. I’m sure that I made a complete ass of myself and have zero chance though, as that is the way that it always works out. 11:03pm, time to close the store and get the hell outta here … gonna go read my book, drink some hot cocoa and hit the rack. Fucking jackals.

2003-10-14 00:13:44 – pinky
::bad mood::I’m glad you don’t go to CU either. We don’t need anymore of you crazy conservatives up here. ::bad mood:: i’m glad to see everything is going so well for you, though!
2003-10-14 10:36:38 – WC
*zZZZZzz* *cough* *cough* What? OMG! A post! Shesh I feel asleep waiting for it. 1) Yay Store!!! 2) Meh Betsy – you know … if she doesn’t like you there are other fish in the sea. Hell if you ran out of chicks in COS then you can always move somewhere else. 3) YAY Columbus Day!! I still think Columbus day needs to be as important as 4th of July. – It is the day of discovery 4) YAY Steve-o. That guy is the shit. Even though you sold him the video card I was going to buy from you before I could get home and get you money sent via check, wire, money xfer. Ohh well GO Steve-o! 5) Boo Emily – I really hate icey bitches 6) Yay!! 11:03 – Closing Time "You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here" – Semisonic
2003-10-14 10:37:22 – wc
feel = fell*
2003-10-14 11:03:15 – Netheus
we aren’t jackals, but an advanced form of lemmings who hang on your every word.
2003-10-14 16:38:40 – Master Ha-reed
"Anymore conservatives"? In Boulder? WTF? Aside from the College Republicans, there aren’t many outspoken conservative groups at CU. The Libertarians have a pretty small following, but libertarians aren’t really "conservative", since they are conservative economically and liberal socially. That said, I think CU needs an Objectivist Club. That would rule. We could bring Yaron Brook here and he could argue for defending Israel and then we could get protested by everyone under the sun. Hehe.
2003-10-14 18:17:03 – The Disco Nova
Emily is not an Icey Bitch. You just caught her by surprise when you pulled over like that. I’m sure that you both will deal with your issues in time.
2003-10-15 16:11:07 – WC
OK !!! FireBird is hawt. Not only does it render pages REALLY fast but its intuitive. Tabbed browsing and alternative stylesheets are hot!!! You all should download it right now.
2003-10-16 13:18:30 – Siaokh
a [L=http://www.mozilla.org/products/firebird/]link[/L] would be helpful craig
2003-10-16 14:36:04 – Netheus
Halloween is soon. Or Samhain, or Day of the Dead Eve, whatever. Who is doing what?
2003-10-16 16:34:02 – Master Ha-reed
yeah, /me thinks its time for another Weber Street partay
2003-10-16 22:22:53 – tony
hmmmmmmm, party……
2003-10-20 11:03:07 – Girlie
stopped by store, store rocks. good job dood.
2003-10-20 21:48:51 – reverend
Did you say party? thats so weird because I’m having one this saturday at my new house. We’ll have 3 djs, 4 kegs or so, some liquor, bartender, and women that might even sleep with someone like tony! 9pm-whenever, saturday 0ct 25th, $3 for bottomless beer Located at: 431 S. Weber (NE corner of cimarron and weber) Also, you must come dressed as a nerd, thats right, everone else has pimps and hoes parties, or 80’s, well this one is for the geeks out there. ~Mike
2003-10-21 19:07:19 – Netheus
so for most of us, it’s a come as you are party….
2003-10-21 20:14:35 – rand0m
damn, that’s gotta suck for ya’ll.
2003-10-22 01:40:56 – WC
Damn too bad I can’t make it Mike. But I’ll be in the Springs on Nov1 or Oct 31-Nov1.
2003-10-29 11:04:14 – WC
So besides the stale posts from the webmaster, anyone know what is going on in the springs this weekend?
2003-10-29 11:34:45 – Master Ha-reed
Randal’s head will EXPLODE from all the stress LIVE on Pay-Per-View. Get your tickets now.
2003-10-29 15:28:58 – rand0m
Yea, it’ll be a good show. No really, what the fuck am I supposed to post? "I worked for 16 hours today. I’m glad it was 18. I still dream about totally unattainable women, and I need a drink." I would post that every day if I were to keep ya’ll updated — there is nothing new or exciting in my life, and there won’t be for a while. Maybe I should put that up as a hiatus message and take the site down for a while? Maybe it’d quiet you jackals 😉
2003-10-29 16:07:54 – Master Ha-reed
Hmm, if you’re life’s not exciting – maybe you should make it exciting. How bout driving 50 over the speed limit everywhere you go? That’d be a start.
2003-10-30 02:44:53 – reverend
Get a puppy.
2003-10-30 10:43:52 – Master Ha-reed
Companionship and chick-magnet at the same time. You can’t go wrong!
2003-10-30 10:57:22 – rand0m
*blink blink*
2003-10-30 11:12:53 – WC
Puppies are defientely chick magnets. When I was walking Bishop down by CC was always fun. Hell we used to get girls coming to the house just for Bishop. Sometimes that leads to drinking with them and ‘escorting them to bed’.
2003-10-30 17:03:14 – reverend
hahahah.. craig is pretending like he has game… isnt that funny? hehehehehe man.. i am suck a dick
2003-10-31 13:32:06 – Netheus
yeah… get a puppy… another iota of responsibility. Maybe you need to go to a concert or a movie…
2003-11-03 11:46:20 – WC
"[i]I am suck a dick[/i]" LOL!! I bet you do.
2003-11-03 13:26:15 – Netheus
its cold
2003-11-04 15:48:25 – reverend
man.. i couldve sworn i spelled that right <— has a nasty case of foot-in-mouth-itis regardless… craig still has no game.. 🙂
2003-11-04 22:23:30 – The Disco Nova
From that post it looks like you have dick-in-mouth-itis. Craig has a little game, we saw him with a tasty little 19 year old halloween.
2003-11-06 03:42:06 – WC
*uhh-hem* Craig has a lot of game. If you don’t think so you have ask that little 19 year (I think you met her Mike) old whom I have been dating for a year now. BTW Mike she could kick your ass so you better watch out. Ohh! Hey Mike show your über-l33tness and get through all 16 levels [L=http://scifi.pages.at/hackits/]here[/L]. Randal (well he is on #15) and I completed it. You should too 😉
2003-11-06 15:03:08 – rand0m
w0ot, got it.
2003-11-07 06:46:38 – WC
w3rd!! try{ string today = System.DateTime.ToShortDateString()) if (today == "11/7/2003") tomarrow(everlan); } catch { wait(); }
2003-11-10 18:01:24 – Master Ha-reed
Wednesday will be one month since Randal’s last post. Anyone suffering withdrawal symptoms yet?
2003-11-10 18:14:24 – a nice girl
dear randal, i’ll admit it. i don’t come to your website very often. but when i do, it’s because i’m homesick and seriously crave a randal fix. so then when it’s been a month since your last post and i don’t get my new randal info, it makes me sad. i don’t care if you say that you work too much and dream about unattainable women (i.e. me), i just want to hear how you are. i miss you. love, me ps – i’m just kidding about you dreaming about me. honestly. pps – i’m not just kidding about missing you.
2003-11-11 10:11:53 – WC
Ohh I see how it is. You say your going to post on Monday, blah, blah, blah, after dude tells you at Old Chicago’s. Yeah what an empty promise that turned out to be. You could at least eplain all the yahoo the everlan created if you don’t wanna talk about your real life. I wanna hear about the kitchen. I wanna hear about how the store is going, I wanna hear about ppl you hate at the store, I wanna hear about theft and deception. Anyway I gotta eat now, breakfast burritos are here!
2003-11-12 09:38:31 – rand0m
OoOOoh, here it is Wednesday and it hasn’t been a month. OOoOoh, Owned! That is all. Will update with everything sometime today.
2003-11-12 11:51:20 – Netheus
please don’t lie to me randal… I will cry!!!!
2003-11-12 16:27:12 – Master Ha-reed
That all depends on your definitions of "month" and "hasn’t" ….. which is a really evasive way of saying "I can’t count"
2003-11-12 21:25:12 – pinky
what is the definition of "is"?