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This is gonna be a long update, because I haven’t posted in a long time. Like, a Loooong time. So I’m going to start out like a couple weeks ago or so. Heh. Told you it was long. Okay, so a couple weekends ago, I am out with Chris Bonk and Keen, and we go to Sticks to shoot some pool, but they are 21 and up, so we leave and to Corner Pocket. While there, we meet two girls, Lilly and Kirsten. It is Lilly’s birthday (23) and Kirsten looks oddly familiar. So we start chatting, and they invite us over to Lilly’s place to get lit. So we head over there, and I’m mackin on Kirsten, and Chris is mackin on Lilly, so I ask Matt, our fifth wheel, to drive my truck home and spare himself the agony of watching the four of us get it on. So he leaves. And then Chris and Lilly disappear. So Kirsten and I chill on the couch, and around 6am, Chris comes out of Lilly’s room and leaves. So then Kirsten invites me over to her place. That’s cool. So we go over there, get completely blasted and proceed to have a great time until approximately 11:00am, and then we pass out until 6pm (saturday). That was a good weekend. 10 days after that, I call up Kirsten and ask her on a date. Kind of backwards, you know? Fuck, then date instead of Date then fuck. Backwards, you know? So then on Wednesday of last week, we go out. Long story short, meet at Joe’s Crabshack at 7, go to a carnival around 9, stay till 10:30pm, ends with a hug and a kiss and that was that. I don’t know if I’ll go on another date with her. Nice girl, just not my type. Odd to say that, what with me being so super desperate 😉 *goes and hits on receptionist* So then this past Friday night, Tony had our poker buddies over to play Poker. This was not an ordinary night. I was in good spirits, and glibly paid my $5 buy in. End of the night rolls around, and I’m $17 ahead. Rock the hizzy. That was a good night. Mexican Sweat = good times. Went to the Underground on Saturday night and had a wonderful time. They had DJ Etaine, DJ MLE and Evenflo downstairs, with the whole [L=]DownStairsProductions[/L] crew upstairs. The music was really good (despite not being a happy hardcore fan), and I had a wonderful time. I wanted to kill my sorta-friend Chris because he has the Can’t Keep His Dick In His Pants syndrome … Seriously, isn’t two chicks enough? Makes me want to punch his lights out. Fucker. Grr. My truck is making a ticking sound. Either needs a valve job (time consuming but cheap) or has an exhaust leak? I was on the porch yesterday on Sunday chilling with Shawn and his girl Emily when this silver car pulls up in front of our house. I stood there, grungy as shit (hadn’t taken a shower or shaved, wearing basketball shorts and a lounge-TShirt), wondering who the hell that was. Then the two girls in the car started waving, so I looked at Shawn, and he was waving back uncertainly, so then I looked back and sorta waved, and then one of the girls yelled “It’s Janelle!” and I was like “whoa that voice sounds familiar. Oh, hey, is that Janelle?” So then I went over and chatted for like 10 seconds before they had to stop blocking traffic/leave. Feels odd yet refreshing that I didn’t really recognize her … I don’t know what to think aobut the whole situation. Heh. There is a party at my place, Friday night at 9pm. Click the little linky banner thingy or check out [L=][/L] for info.

2003-06-17 14:45:32 – WC
OMG you’ve sold your sole to the devil. Banner advertisments on omg. I am never coming here again. Even though you are the webmaster of 🙂
2003-06-17 14:57:25 – Master “Smartass” Ha-reed
Hey Randal – How much does the Devil give for a shoe? Or was it a lovely filet of fish you gave him?
2003-06-17 15:14:35 – Tony
So where we go now for COS techno music. Anyone know?
2003-06-17 16:52:33 – Netheus
church of satan. thas all I’m sayin’. Oh, and because I am sick of reality and all tha bad sh*t that happens oh so often, I am going to get excited about the new Harry Potter. 3 days, 7 hours. Woo Hoo!!!!
2003-06-17 20:49:21 – The Disco Nova
I would like to say that the Church of Satan, and LaVeyan Satanism in general has nothing to do with satan. That being said, I would like to state that I am holding an auction on one slightly tarnished soul, previous owner Randallll Kohutek.
2003-06-17 20:49:51 – rand0m
Thought I’d like to reiterate, for the benefit of one person, that this website is not a forum for personal issues. Please keep in mind that real life is a lot better than this site.
2003-06-17 21:02:45 – The Disco Nova
well actually, this is a forum for issues, just yours only 🙂
2003-06-17 21:17:39 – Master Ha-reed
Whats the starting bid on that soul Disco?
2003-06-18 02:15:39 – pinky
i hate selling my sole, because then one shoe isn’t as comfortable as the other.
2003-06-18 12:15:01 – Netheus
I bought Matt Killday’s soul for 2 pennies, a prozac, and some other trivial bit. Then I sold it for a watch. It didn’t work.
2003-06-18 12:36:25 – Tony
Good news and bad news Good news is I have a soul, still Bad news is it has an expiration date
2003-06-18 13:23:15 – [SOB]GrooveMan
That ticking sound is almost guaranteed to be a valve, not closing or opening correctly. I have the exact same problem with my Bronco. The solution for me is to get some Roller Rockers. There really cool and all, but expensive, 300 Bones for the set. You’ll problem only need new springs.
2003-06-18 21:50:41 – Mr Mountains
Did someone mention poker? Maybe I can introduce you guys to the wonderful world of Spit…or even better….7 27.