Threw a huge party last night

Will have photos up and such ASAP. [b]Update[/b] – 06/25 @ 2:52p Okay, so the party went really well. I was afraid that nobody was going to show up, and that was the case until like 9:30. Gabe and Matt Blum showed up, which is neato, because they know a lot of people … Gabe fired up his cell and in no time we had a whole house full of people rockin out. The sound system was absolutely huge (a little too loud sometimes) with some damn-good DJs spinning it up. We had a full keg of Belgian Ale from the warehouse which received mixed results from our throngs of partyers. Tore made a surprise appearance — he drove all the way from Santa Fe, NM for the party! Not to mention that he finally had SE.. er … *IS* a SEXy beast! *hugs tore* 😉 Had a *LOT* of hot chicks come, which was really surprising because we usually throw grandiose sausage fests. A lot of people I invited did not show because of prior engagements and such, which made me really sad 🙁 Tony got *REALLY DRUNK* *REALLY FAST*. By 11pm he was barely standing, and at 11:30pm we had someone carry him upstairs to pass out. He didn’t even drink very much … what a lightweight. At about 2:00am, Matt disappeared mysteriously, leaving me to run the show. Everyone who was leaving was out by 6:30 or so, and everyone who was staying was already passed out. It was a really, really long night for me, because I had had very little sleep and got to enjoy running the party alone for 4+ hours. But it all turned out well, which is what matters 😀 We lost a pane of glass in our front door and a couple different drinking glasses to some drunk dumbass. Had a couple little skirmishes here and there, but all in all it went really, really well. We’re looking to either have a 4th of July BBQ or to throw another party at the end of summer. Pics are here: [L=][/L]

2003-06-21 17:37:08 – b0nkers3_16
Feeling better Tony (hehehe)?
2003-06-24 01:41:08 – The Disco Nova
………. Obviously my idea of ASAP and Randallls differs.
2003-06-24 12:40:12 – wendee byrd
when’s the next party?? lol
2003-06-24 14:10:25 – mark
Yeah, about this asap business, what exactly does that mean, "asap"?
2003-06-24 14:36:52 – rand0m
It means As Soon As i fucking feel like it Punk. I ran into some issues with the Wal-Greens folks because the pictures turned out like shit … like, they’re cropped and just look terrible. I’ll post what I have, with hopefully some better ones to come. Maybe.
2003-06-24 15:32:20 – The Disco Nova
Well, I will be able to come to the next one, might even make some of my apparently famous jello shots.
2003-06-24 16:07:37 – fourdegrees
yay! the party was great fun…sucks Emily and I didn’t get to stay long…isn’t she hot? 😀
2003-06-24 17:14:27 – pinky
congrats tore!
2003-06-24 01:16:41 – The Disco Nova
It’s decided, you need to have another party, and soon.
2003-06-26 01:34:16 – tony
maybe we’re having a party on the 29th of july that is all
2003-06-27 09:01:50 – betty
Damn, I’m sorry I missed it, and I missed it for a stupid reason, we went up to Enigma in Denver to see DJ Irene… It was ok, but not half as much fun as your party would have been! You should do a 4th of July party… that would be nice… Yea so I’m really sorry I missed all the fun. Even sorrier that I couldn’t make fun of Tony… hee hee.. I WILL be there for your next party, I think this is the first one I’ve missed so far, I think? That makes me sad that I missed it… Oh well next time… L8tr…
2003-06-27 09:38:04 – tony
I too am disappointed that I couldn’t make fun of Tony.
2003-06-27 17:23:17 – The Disco Nova
Two Words: Bicycle Urinal.