Article Posted to Slashdot!

My [L=]article on WiFi[/L] and how to make it cost effective [L=]got posted to slashdot.[/L]

2003-06-07 18:19:01 – The Disco Nova
Impressive. I like the way you are shooting those monkeys down too 🙂
2003-06-07 22:16:02 – Netheus
yay Randal!!!!
2003-06-07 22:33:09 – Master Ha-reed
Haha – AxLaptop actually posted.
2003-06-08 01:16:32 – Siaokh
W00t way to go randal… pretty good discussion on /. about it. ppl seem to like the neat use of PPPoE… -Tim (and you’re a karma whore 😉 *PUNCH*
2003-06-08 19:59:03 – Netheus
[L=]Pardon Lenny Bruce[/L]
2003-06-10 13:19:10 – WC
I made the [L="]pdf[/L]. This article only goes to prove that UNIX is far supperior than anything else on the market. Where else can you use free stuff to do some much. 😉 Nice one yo!
2003-06-10 14:13:19 – realbighead
english is far superior _to_ any other language too, if you could speak it right.
2003-06-10 15:03:20 – Netheus
or just type it, really.
2003-06-10 16:05:03 – tony
My boss is a comms guy so I told him about the white paper. He liked it a lot. Now the rest of us need to write white papers. I’m going to do mine on usurping freedom of movement from height-disadvantaged individuals, in other words, restraining midgets. It’s always been a passion.
2003-06-10 16:47:16 – WC
2003-06-10 20:26:57 – Netheus
2003-06-10 21:20:40 – Siaokh
Sounds to me like tony needs some more alcohol…. DRINK UP SON! -Tim
2003-06-11 20:43:37 – b0nkers
Tony needs more alcohol? Everytime I see that guy he is drunk.
2003-06-11 21:46:55 – Tony
Hail to the king, baby.
2003-06-12 11:15:48 – WC
How was ye old date last night.. (psst we want details)
2003-06-12 16:44:30 – b0nkers
Ya, hail to the alcohlic king, baby!
2003-06-12 23:27:44 – keener2u
Speak for yourself tony I already have a white paper that made it to a devcon! 😛 <a href=>XML Case Study</a> Randal’s is much cooler than mine though. MMm at a after party for java people rockin’ btw check out my cool pictures at <a href=>weberstreet</a> …*end shameless self promotion*
2003-06-13 02:18:50 – Master Ha-reed
Matt – couldn’t Sun have picked a better acronym than "ASS"? That’s just asking to make fun of – unless of course you’re answering some moron’s question: Q: "What do you do?" A: "I’m a Software Systems Engineer, ASS!" That is probably far less funnier than I think it is – but it’s 2 in the morning, so if you don’t like it you can all fuck off.
2003-06-13 10:33:10 – tony
OMFG, I am without white paper. Whatever will I do, eep!
2003-06-13 23:04:36 – Netheus
Have you ever gotten really angry and dissappointed at the same time? God I fucking hate humanity.
2003-06-14 14:03:20 – rand0m
Umm, all the time. They go hand in hand. JoeSixpack doesn’t deliver on something I thought he would, and I’m angry and disappointed. Not unusual in the least.
2003-06-14 20:24:24 – Netheus
yeah, but as usual for me, this involves my vacation time being cancelled, no camping trip I had been planning for three bloody months, my sister proves herself to be a mindless drone, thus f*cking me over at work, and the hiring of a stupid little b^tch who can’t do the job. SO, I will be coming to the party, bring liquor etc., aksjdfklsjdf;alsjdf
2003-06-15 03:15:17 – Reverend
All midgets should be required by law to carry around grappling hooks and rope… they dont have to use them, but i think a bunch of midgets walking around with grappling hooks would be one of the funniest things ive ever seen.
2003-06-15 08:19:21 – Neth
thanks Mike 🙂
2003-06-15 20:31:43 – Netheus
Further proof humanity is doomed- 4 days after Bill Hicks is buried- world famous, but almost unheard of in the U.S., Carrot Top wins the top American comedy award. FOUR DAYS!! F^cking blaspheme. I hate people.
2003-06-16 02:34:11 – Reverend
Yeah.. i have always hated carrot top.. he is probably the least funny comedian I know, and on top of that.. isnt a comedian supposed to make people happy? Not infuriate a nation. Boo.
2003-06-16 18:48:23 – Mr Mountains
The topic of Carrottop is a touchy one. The man has made many mistakes in the past, and I hated him for it. I just wasn’t funny, ever. His commercials continue this trend, but when I heard him talk in an interview about a year ago, my outlook on the man changed. He made fun of himself, totally dogged some other people, and was amusing to listen to. Naturally, I was stunned. He is being type cast now a days, and who can blame him for taking the cash? Same thing applies to that guy who played the straight man dad on Full House. The guy is funny as hell, but his days on that demonic show will taint him forever. Also, did anyone notice that Carrottop is actually buff? Weird huh?
2003-06-17 11:59:45 – tony
Well hiking trip up Barr trail got postponed, but planning on weekend of August 2 for hiking up to Pikes Peak and back down. If get some interest may make it into a 2 day hike/camp trip, possibly camping over the top at the crags. Interested? Also, Jack Johnson/Ben Harper concert August 27/28 at Red Rocks. Haven’t listened to that much Jack Johnson, but sounds like a good excuse to check out the famous red rocks.