Summer Party Time

We are throwing a huge summer bash: Who: You and all your friends What: Partying, Chillin, Boozin, everything else When: 06/20/03, 9pm Where: 423 N. Weber Why: It’s summer time, of course! Bring: Donations, Booze, all your friends Catch party updates and info at

2003-06-05 18:08:58 – Netheus
so…. James sez he’s gonna be camping in Cripple Creek (wtf?) and I am going to be up in the hills fishing as well… hmm…. James, if you take my camping spot I am going to f*cking kill you.
2003-06-05 19:46:12 – The Disco Nova
Just look for the hundreds of people beating each other with foam weapons. The ask them to point you to the 7 waters monarch. Look for the blue and black banner with 7 white water drops painted on it.
2003-06-05 21:20:38 – Netheus
Actually, we are planning to camp out about a mile away from a lake, catching dinner/ lunch/ breakfast, and gutting the fish in the fine and icy waters alongside the shore. See, when I go camping, we pack tents, sleeping bags, jiffy pop, clothes, and fishing poles.
2003-06-06 00:34:48 – in a
jiffy pop, wtf?
2003-06-06 07:44:26 – netheus
Jiff pop- the kind that comes in the tin foil-ish pan that hold over the camp fire/ stove top/ availible heat source, and as the pop corn pops, the top expands into a ball, like a popcorn bag. It’s so yummy…. mmmm….. jiffy pop…..
2003-06-06 10:36:17 – WC
I can’t make it either. I am going to be camping near Steamboat. :-/ sorry Randy. If you did it on the 27th I could make it 😉 … We should plan a trip to Alamosa and party with Ian. Make it a 3-day weekend this summer!
2003-06-18 12:22:29 – elaine
Hey Randall, it’s me, your new neighbor, James directed me to ya….Hope you don’t mind if myself and some gal-pals stop by and do some drinking with you on Friday 🙂 See ya!! *listed my email address but I never use it so no need to respond..just yell over the fence 🙂