I’d like to give a big congrats to Laura for being elected into the student government at CU Boulder. Congrats! 🙂 And now on to rant time (thanks for the inspiration, Jared!) You know what I fucking hate? When somebody is not listed as away or idle on AIM, and I message them, and it takes like 10 minutes to get a response. God I hate that. It’s like … you know, if you’re going to be gone for a short time, at least through up a ‘bbiam’ or logoff or something equivalent to saying “I’m not here.” Man, I hate that … just pisses me off. I want to talk *now*, not in 10 minutes. I have decided that I am going to try the facial hair routine once again. I guess I am just unhappy with my face, so I have decided that I will grow out some obnoxiously short amount of facial hair, probably get bored of it in a week, then shave it off. I think I might post a pic of it. Today is day #3, and I look like a bum. At least it’s not light brown like last time … dark brown with some black in it. Looks okay for now. I’m sure that I’ll catch a lot of hell for it, so this is my preemptive screw you: [b]screw you[/b]. Intermission: [L=http://rand0m.org/image.php?name=r33t&type=gif]r33t!!~!!! w0ot!!![/L] [L=http://rand0m.org/image.php?name=tony-mag&type=gif]Tony in nature[/L] What the fuck is up with people who don’t give you the time of day? Was over at Pikes Perk today, and saw Linlee Hanson, a girl from HS, and we chatted for a few seconds, and it was good. And then Laura Berger (smallfry/cupcake) came down from upstairs and completely blew off Burnz, Tony and I. What a bitch. I don’t remember the last time that I did that, even to people that I really don’t like. Goddamn. Such disrespect. I wanted to go jump on the hood of her car and scream “hellOooOOooo!” … I tried to get Tony to do it for $1, but he wouldn’t. So we sort of sat there and sulked about the lack of recognition given to us by the oh-so-fine but irritating Laura. And that was that. I have something else damning to say, but I am witholding. I am not entirely sure why. But I do know that I’m not saying it, so screw you. Again. [b]Update – 4:32p – 10/27[/b] We have no water. Something regarding the water out back broke, and I would take care of it by calling Kurt and having them send someone to fix it, but I don’t know Kurt’s number. And the person who does, Tony, invariably will not answer / doesn’t have cell phone on him. So, no water. I bet you money that I’ll be taking a shower at work tomorrow. *GRRR* [b]Update – 11:33p – 10/27[/b] – Our water is not broken. Thank god, I was fearing I’d be a father soon. It turns out that the pipe that was spraying water everywhere is connected to the sprinkler system, which is not our problem (landlord’s). I still am giving a big GRRR to Tony for never carrying / answering his phone. And Craig makes me laugh for so many reasons. Had something else to say, forgot it.

2002-10-26 22:35:50 – pinky
thanks randal! and tony, i like your hat in the picture. also, a sorority is putting on a victory party tonight for me and my peeps at a club. life is great. 🙂
2002-10-26 23:37:18 – Mizzybeff
Congrats Laura!
2002-10-26 23:43:27 – Master Ha-reed
Randal, didnt you have problems with an php script that brought up images before??? 😉 Although I’m sure you have huge amounts of security on this one, hmmm??
2002-10-27 17:23:01 – Netheus
Yes, congratulations Laura… that is a lot of added stress, but I am sure you will handle it well. It’s finally raining down here!! WooHooo!!! Next time you are on, Laura, drop me a line.. I have many questions to ask about the up-coming election….
2002-10-28 01:06:01 – pinky
hey, neth, just call me if you want to know because my computer is broken and i’m having roommate issues, or something because one of them is more moody than your mom on hormone therapy…yeah, whatever the fuck. call my cell. 719.510.5254
2002-10-28 03:16:26 – CaptnSpectacular
I’m sick of that fucking lava lamp.
2002-10-28 10:29:24 – Burnz
And you know how I feel about witholding anything potentially venomous. Punkass.
2002-10-28 22:26:49 – tony
I have a general question for the forum: When you see a snippet of literature on the internet, maybe a couple of paragraphs, and they seem like powerful writing, something good and poignant, do you save it onto your hard drive, or do you pass it by? I guess this might also play into the question of personal emails you get as well, do you save them off, or do you delete or let them go?
2002-10-30 00:36:42 – tony
fucking weak pussies not answering my question i’ll bet you pansies have long sleeves too, not like the strong with the shirts with no sleeves!!!
2002-10-30 02:42:07 – CaptnSpectacular
I always delete emails, and never save good writing. I suppose this is because I highly doubt i will ever read it again. But, if I ever came across anything that was just amazing, i would probably print it, rather than make it my ‘signature’ like those stupid 13 year old girls do. Speaking of really cool writing: "And shepherds we shall be, for thee my Lord for thee, Power hath descended forth from thy hand, that our feet may swiftly carry out thy command, we shall flow a river forth to thee, and teeming with souls shall it ever be. In nomine patrie, et fili, et spiritu sancti."
2002-10-30 14:27:54 – Master Ha-reed
I guess my computer science professor is now relegated to the status of a stupid 13 year old girl.
2002-10-31 09:31:47 – The Disco Nova
Are you alive Randall? We wanna hear about the shooting at your office building. And Tim, sorry I didn’t get a chance to call you this weekend, I was REALLY busy.
2002-11-01 17:58:57 – Mizzybeff
There was a shooting in the springs! I hate missing out on things. 🙁 To answer Tony’s question: I always keep my personal E-mails, at least for a few months I clean out my folder every 6 months at least. 🙂
2002-11-02 01:39:18 – Name
Laura Berger (smallfry/cupcake) , usually blows off assholes, dipshits, and fuckwits I’m not suprised she didnt speak to you. And remember saturns only have dent resistent side panels, the hood and trunk will dent very easily.
2002-11-02 02:42:41 – The Disco Nova
Very brave, posting anom and all.
2002-11-02 03:49:02 – Eman
I’m not drunk, but awake late. We just finished watching y tu mama tambien, hehe, porn art or art porn, verry nice. I like to blow off cops. Ask anybody who has been a passenger in my car and they will tell you that I am a medievel driver from hell. Chotto Matte Kurasai!!!
2002-11-02 03:49:34 – Tony
Hehe, fucking cupcake, jesus christ what a name.
2002-11-02 10:37:48 – The Disco Nova
Is Randall alive? And if so, do you wanna go play LQ tonight? 622-9350
2002-11-02 12:46:11 – Name
Then The Disco Nova is your real name, man, your parents must have been pissed off when they named you. It’s all anonymous, so bravity is not reallly an issue then is it.
2002-11-02 12:51:29 – Name
"I have something else damning to say", randall she has no computer if this is addressing her she can’t read it any time soon. So, say what you want.
2002-11-02 13:16:52 – James Hopson
That better? Everyone knows me, so I usually don’t have to put my real name. Your turn.
2002-11-02 15:13:34 – The Disco Nova
I’m guessing name is either Laura herself or some pathetic person full of unrequitted love for her.
2002-11-02 18:05:09 – rand0m / co-rtlsnk-1-u1-b3-32.clspco.adelphia.net I really hate Adelphia and their dhcp’d networks. Makes it a pain to track somebody down. Oh well. I am fine and okay, and I will not be going to LQ, because I am at EverLAN as we speak, doing network management. wOoOooo! And it’s "Chotto Matte Kudasai," which means "please wait a moment". $.02
2002-11-02 18:08:08 – Tony
No randal, the spelling is kurasai, however you roll the r kind of like a d or depending on what word you use it with. PPCC offers a Japanese class if you’re interested, and it’s cheaper than UCCS.
2002-11-02 18:33:12 – rand0m
That’s not what [L=http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=Chotto+Matte+Kurasai&btnG=Google+Search]Google (1 result)[/L] [L=http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=Chotto+Matte+Kudasai]says (1200 results)[/L]
2002-11-02 19:44:32 – garner eckerson
Tracking down ppl on a public network that should be easy especially when they hit your server randall. But the question is what good is the ip address when it just hits a router, your not going to hack the router. it doesn’t accept changes from any outside sources. the filter is MAC not IP don’t get any IP spoofing ideas. anyway, mr. hopson, i am neither pathetic nor in love with laura berger, i just think it is unjust to comment on someone when they have no means to defend themselves. and just for fun randall that is the ip WAN side of the router. H4x0r 73h G1850N!!! W17 y0 M4D 5K1LLz!
2002-11-02 19:46:39 – Name
*.*.*.32 damn typographical error
2002-11-02 20:28:27 – The Disco Nova
Actually, Laura has posted here several times before. She uses the nick "Girlie". And why are you reading Randall’s web site, seeing as noone here knows you? Go Away. Stalk Laura somewhere else.
2002-11-02 20:59:52 – Name
actually since she moved she does not have a computer with the internet, i am not stalking her i am simply making a point about people who talk shit about people that don’t have the ability to defend themselves. by the way the internet is open to the public. if you post it i can read it. and mr. hopson you don’t own the site, so you really have no say in how it is run and who might be able to read and post what they want. actually people here do know me, i even know you.
2002-11-02 21:42:51 – rand0m
well, all I know is that Garner can have it’s letters rearranged to spell "ranger". And that’s just pretty darn cool. Welcome aboard — come & stay awhile. 🙂
2002-11-02 21:46:44 – Ranger
Ranger thats funny never gave it much thought
2002-11-02 21:52:26 – rand0m
Got AIM? My nick is rand0m … and since I’m just bummin at EverLAN, some of ya’ll could IM me. *hint hint*
2002-11-03 00:04:45 – realbighead
why is it that whenever anyone tries to say something involving the phrases "talk shit about" and "can’t defend themself", it comes out sounding like retard babble? she blew them off, and that’s a bitch thing to do, regardless of the reason. And if she can’t come here to whine about it, sucks to be her and thank god we don’t have to listen to it. And did Randal’s post about "ranger" or whatever remind anyone else of Ned Flanders?
2002-11-03 14:48:44 – rand0m
oh, and FYI, the witholding is not about Laura. I actually think she’s a nice girl. And hottt. A little rude maybe, but pretty good overall. $.02
2002-11-03 19:04:36 – Master Ha-reed
So Randal, whats all this about the shooting in your building?? Good idea for a new thread, hmm???