Okay so it’s like 2:51am, and Matt is fucked up. And I am bvarely sober enugh to type. w3rd. Okay, and teh eproblem is that Tore will not get fucked up. Why is taihat tore will not drink.m. LOLS Matt just said “see how much we hate yoU!? we’ve establsihed a sort of microsodcoms here!” WOO and something about shawn. But I do not know, but I talked ot mark, and it was good. and he works at mailboxes etc. And that is suck. .. hmm …. zoobie … dunno … scabbard? wtf? Alicia and two other people are heare, and I think they’re not having a good time. oh wlel. Sucks to be them. LOLS. Why ist here an S. I do not know. DEAD ASS says Matt. He’s really funy wehn it comes to pounding on tore verbally. LOL. he remembers the good times. ??? Okay, right … so … almost 3am or whatever, and I’m thinkin ‘dayam, need some luviN’ … so … will pureuse that some time soon. I think tore neds some too. “Trying to provide fo you, but you justwa n ma suck. you just keep sucking.” LOLS, build a beter life. matt is hilarious. w3rd, bvurnz. okay, away, and more everclera + rasperbby lemondae. [b]Update – 10;15p 10/19[/b] – Okay, so between Burnz and I, a 375ml (12.5) bottle of 190 proof everclear is empty. Doing that math, that’s about 2.4 shots per oz of everclear. Which adds up to right around 30 shots of hard alcohol in one night. Talk about a good time — wOoOOooo!

2002-10-19 02:57:36 – Burnz
I like the fact that I am the one defined as "fucked up". Anyhow, as one of a couple of fucked up members, tore is a total pussy and has lack of testicles and needs to man up and drink some of the sinful nectar of the gods and pass out on a couch. So I am off to talk drunkenly with the idiot that wandered into our house. Their house, whatever. This house. Fuck you, and tore. First post, fuck off.
2002-10-19 03:36:15 – tony
It is 3:37 am and I have had 1 or 2 shots of tore’s tequila… Some people’s just left the house and now we’re all still awake.
2002-10-19 06:09:17 – ytcracker
got milk?
2002-10-19 20:00:03 – Netheus
Truck for sale…200-300 $…. BUY TRUCK NOW!!!!
2002-10-19 21:29:58 – Siaokh
You need to get randal to put blink tags around the buy truck now part… BLINK BLINK BLINK. Yeah… back to watching the AF football game. -Tim (punch)
2002-10-21 08:56:51 – Netheus
I got the new VW today….. it’s so neat…. except it’s gonna take a bit to get the clutch down right…. Sales tax was 100 fucking bucks…. damn the state… Anyway, truck for sale!!!! CHEAP!!!
2002-10-21 21:27:02 – fourdegrees
hee hee…that’s a funny update. : D nice job on the typing. i should try that some time. ha ha anywho. don’t need the truck anymore ’cause i got an ’86 corolla. yay me i finally have a standard again. thanks anyway, though. …and no one needed a stomach pump? -fd
2002-10-23 23:18:14 – Mizzybeff
Well you guys are sounding like ya’ll are having too much fun without me so I’ll just have to come down there and see ya’ll. If possible I really need to get fucked up. I get alittle bit of money tomorrow but not a whole lot. 😛
2002-10-26 17:44:03 – Netheus
Right so I have decided something…. You know how certain books and materials like web-sites and magazines and CD’s and stuff are flagged right? And if you are seen as a threat to the U.S., they will simply come and haul your ass to jail for conspiracy or terrorism? I would rather be in jail with people of a like mind or for being informed more than I would like to be free in a police state.
2002-10-26 18:53:23 – rand0m
got oven?
2002-10-28 08:00:09 – Siaokh
Yes, but if you’re in jail, you arent free to get the information you want. You only get the information the MAN wants you to have. It’s a lose-lose situation. -Tim