another day, rockin the house

Man, the drama train has hit the house. We’ve got some serious problems that have nothing to do with us besides what some other whiney-nosed people think, so I’m going to run through them and expose everyone’s little ninny opinions, which are obviously very wrong, because they are not mine. heh. Alrighty, the first one is about this Amanda / Alicia / Scum guys issue. Amanda and Alicia were really nice girls, and house friends to boot. Then they got their own place, and started hanging out with these two guys, Brett and Brian. I think those are their names. Anyways, so these guys are scummy, and I don’t like them. They put me ill at ease, and as one of our friends put it, “I wouldn’t hang out with them on my own time.” So they suck, and the girls they are no longer the quality people they were. Apparently Brett caught wind that I don’t like his punk ass, and wants to fight or whatever. Well, my opinion: I don’t want her over here anymore until she cleans up her act (my opinion only, not the house one). And to the Brett guy, fuck you. If you want to come over and front, then come over and put your dukes up, cuz my 9 milli is ready to go. Bitches. The other issue is [b]C[/b]harles. Poor [b]C[/b]harles. Goddamn, I thought I had talked some sense into him, but apparently that is not the case. He was nailing some chick named Rachel (bad idea #1), and Ray, computer guy at Vanion (the dying company), who is [b]C[/b]harles’s roommate, was also doin’ time with her (bad idea #2). Well, that made things a little complicated, especially for their pea-brains. They decided to kick Rachel out (Good Idea #1). Well, since she has a shitty job and no other friends, she couldn’t move out as soon as she thought she could, but apparently has pulled together the resources to do it … if she can get a roommate. Enter [b]C[/b]harles. Guy decides that he’s going to follow the pussy (bad idea #3), and move in with Rachel in some apartment (bad idea #4). Well, I berated him on AIM for being such a dumb fuck … we all know that as soon as the tang dries up, they are going to want to split, and they’ll be on the lease and stuck and hate each other and blah blah blah. Count it, four bad ideas, only one good one. That is bad odds in my book. What a dumbshit. Gotta watch out for number one. I can’t believe that people don’t think this shit out. Regarding the Amanda / Alicia thing, we had a house discussion on whether or not, as a house, we should limit who can and cannot come over … we decided that we would make an individual decision, so as not to limit the rights and abilities of any of the housemates (of course it’s a good idea, it was mine ;-)). In the midst of it, this came out: rand0m: there is no way I’d hit that I never thought the words would be spoken, but hey, everybody’s got to draw the line sometime. [b]Update – 1:00am[/b] … Decided I’d list some of the queries that hit search engines that directed people here … [L=]Google – atlas shrugged bullshit[/L] – #1 [L=]Yahoo – hate monolouges[/L] – #34 [L=]Google – CISSP Review Suck[/L] – #9 [L=]Yahoo – workin how to make catapults[/L] – #1

2002-10-16 00:49:29 – tony
so randal , regarding your comments about rachel and craig moving in to a new apartment, you speak from experience???
2002-10-16 00:51:05 – rand0m
I can smell a skunk when I see it. So ha! And a spade is a spade, and my speakers went "fzzt fzzt fzzt" when he called me like a little girl because I bitched him out for being such a dumbass. That’s how I know I’m right. And see rule #1 in the comment posting guide.
2002-10-16 00:52:58 – tony
ha, if you were a true webmaster, you would have linked to the comment posting guide, like [L=] here [/L] *note: I just fixed his link. dumbass
2002-10-16 01:18:05 – Falabella
Acctually… the scuzzy guy’s name is Brent (i think) and he told alicia that he’s got six months to live or some crap like that before she slept with him. In fact, both of them have said they’re dying of some disease…
2002-10-16 01:22:14 – tony
wow, i mean, i don’t know if that shit about 6 months to live is true or not, but if it isn’t… well fuck them for using an excuse like that, i patented that shit in my book: how to have sex with any woman you want, including catholic nuns: isbn: 523.4565-23456.234
2002-10-16 10:54:56 – Siaokh
Sounds a lot like Jerry Springer…. Or a backwards soap opera of some sorts… *shrug* who knows. And craig at first getting some… that was a good idea, but when he became p-whipped, that was a bad idea. Punch. -Tim
2002-10-16 12:10:58 – demondog666
weren’t you get some of that before craig was? Rachel seems to be going through the whole geekpad house.
2002-10-16 22:52:22 – pinky
i like sheep and am damn tired…you should probably put your friendship with said girls over their friends because i have friends you don’t like and vice versa, but i’m not banned from your house. i would not hit it (unless it was hot, tall, skinny, male and my roommate…lol).
2002-10-17 01:23:52 – tony
i remember saying something about moving out and then all hell broke loose… why do i feel like an asshole
2002-10-17 02:10:28 – Disco Nova
Because, like me, you are an asshole, you just don’t revel in it like me. You should, it’s relaxing. T-Bone, you going to Splat on Saturday?
2002-10-17 07:52:10 – Disco Nova
I ask because I need a copy of UT2K3 before Saturday 🙂
2002-10-17 08:28:53 – Netheus
right… so I am about to go and fail a math test because my teacher is a hodunk yokel. I thought I was all caught up, and then he sez, "well, we are behind, so I am going to skip two sections almost completely, and the test is thursday," so I’m like, fuck! and now I need to go to this damn test…. fuck this shit… ergh… If I feel real shitty about my performance on this test, I am going to go and pester Randal….
2002-10-17 11:37:53 – The Disco Nova
I’m bored at home, and I just noticed something. Why did you change someones name to Charles? I’m sure you had a good reason, but I thought you were all about integrity on your page? Oh well. I would like to point out however, that at Randall’s last party, Rachel was all over me, rather publically, with Charles there. Not something I would take as a good sign for a relationship.
2002-10-17 11:52:10 – Burnz
That is because she is a fucking cunt-rag and the idiot needs to drop his balls and maybe smack the living shit out of her once or twice right before he throws her out on her ass. And "Charles" lost his job recently. There are people in trailers that are smaller losers.
2002-10-17 12:07:41 – Siaokh
Seems like shit is hitting the fan in this situation because people wont let go of things that are burning them. *sniff sniff* what’s that smell… burning flesh… Whatever, i didnt need that hand anyways. When you stop looking at your own wellbeing to an illusion (no matter how real it seems) everything becomes that illusion, and you lose yourself. jaded. -Tim
2002-10-17 12:09:01 – Siaokh
NOVA! You never e-mailed me back… are you still coming out to Dallas? write me nugga. punch. -Tim
2002-10-17 12:19:03 – The Disco Nova
Message sent timmy boy. I’ve been rather busy of late, sorry. Does anyone else think Randall needs to have a party? I’m thinking a big Halloween bash at Weberstreet. Just don’t have it while I’m in Texas.
2002-10-17 12:34:54 – rand0m
I’d like to have a party, but the fundage is very, very low. I know crackheadmike is throwing one. :-/
2002-10-17 14:34:58 – Burnz
Ugh, and then we could meet the skeleton he dates and the myriad of brain-dead drones that are ill enough to associate with him….bathing in molten rock has never looked like more fun.
2002-10-17 15:06:50 – Disco Nova
Randall is dating someone? Would I approve of her Burnz?
2002-10-17 15:59:13 – rand0m
nono, I’m not dating anyone — he’s talking about the broomstick that is crackheadmike’s g/f. She’s about 5’10", bleach blonde, and skinny as a rail. Nice enough, though … but really scrawny. I saw her and Mike at the Perk one time when I was out carousin.
2002-10-17 17:39:49 – The Disco Nova
Btw Burns, come join me on the not-quite-light-side. You definitely have the mentality for it, probably more than me even.
2002-10-17 18:02:26 – pinky
the only thing to do in a time like this is what your face wants…lol. i didn’t get that charles was craig (that is what you’re talking about, isn’t it?). oops.