cool beans

I’m home. Yippy. Nobody has bought any food, and I am hungry. Why am I not surprised. *sigh*

2002-10-15 01:35:23 – Siaokh
This is why there are many eateries around your house. Go to one (or more) of them, and get your grub on. then you wont be quite as bitchy. Punch. -Tim
2002-10-15 16:35:08 – Burnz
Somehow I doubt he will be less bitchy, even when well fed.
2002-10-15 19:43:26 – Siaokh
South Nevada with a $50? He might be less bitchy then, although a bit more rashy (stfu, i can make up my own words). -Tim
2002-10-16 00:01:05 – fourdegrees
well, we went shopping anyway so now there’s at least a little food in the house. : )
2002-10-16 00:11:53 – rand0m
2002-10-16 00:25:22 – tony
history in the fucking making: rand0m: there is no way I’d hit that