Update from UT

Welp, I’m posting from Utah again. I went and popped the password from the public use computer, found the analog jack in my room and dialed up. Hoowaa my tech skills. This post brought to you by Best Western and Sisna.com! Things are going pretty well here. I didn’t really give this trip any thought, unlike any of my previous trips. I think that because I didn’t taint it prior to actually leaving, this trip is going better than normal. I spent 10 1/2 hours in the car, driving to UT with my dad, and holy cow that great. My dad is an amazing guy — everybody in the family likes him, and I can see why. Lots of people call me Robert. That’s a little annoying, but handleable. I really don’t have much to say, just a general update from Utah … Oh yea, I’m here because my grandmother turned 70 today, and we’re having a great big family get together to celebrate. I figured that since I have the opportunity to whore out their internet connection on the free, I might as well post. I’m still alive, still kickin … anything happening next week? [b]Update – 12:13a – 10/13/02 – [/b] Yep, another day here in Utah. I have decided that I am not moving, but that I will not live in Colorado Springs for the rest of my life. Spoke to Janelle, and determined that that town has too much baggage and history to live in forever. I don’t want to be the guy that grows up and does nothing with his life. *oof* Utah has *tons* of hot girls. And I know I [L=http://rand0m.org/viewcomments.php?NewsID=242]already posted about this[/L] once, but they’re all fucking married! They are all hella fine, and mostly intelligent, and 60% of them are blonde and wearing FMBs. It’s nuts. At least the coffee here is like Colorado coffee, and that’s mysteriously satisfying. I need some lovin. Either some good make out time, some serious mackin time, or just bed rockin sex. I need something, because I feel like a pear withering on the vine. I pick a pear because it is my favorite fruit. Right, so I am going to pursue this as soon as I get back. Cheers! [b]Update – 7:35a – 10/14/02 – [/b] Welp, it’s a hair after 7:30 am, and we’re heading over to my Oma’s house for some breakfast, then my dad and I are heading back to the springs. Looking to be back at 9pm at the latest. Have a good columbus day, you racist native-american hating, disease bringing european pig-dogs!

2002-10-12 08:35:47 – The Disco Nova
First Post PUNCH
2002-10-13 00:09:02 – rand0m
2002-10-13 12:03:31 – The Disco Nova
Wow, your lack of sex is making you irritable.
2002-10-13 17:09:15 – Netheus
I am lookin’ to sell my truck…. for cheap. Like, way cheap. Finally got irritated with the not totally functioning windows. This truck is not for the weak willed, faint of heart, or vain. Engine works fucking great. Comes with boxes and ladder rack, and instructions detailing how the whole puzzle works. Jumper cables, some anti-freeze, and some windshield wiper fluid too. I mean cheap! Will take best offer! No food items, please.
2002-10-13 21:07:18 – tony
netheus, you should call shawn kimball up, i’m sure he’d be interested in a cheap cheap deal on wheels
2002-10-13 21:35:51 – realbighead
so guess who’s coming home next weekend… right, it’s me. I’ll be back Friday night until Monday morning, so plan for some wild tizzimes in the hizzay. And I’m all up with r-dawg on that last paragraph. Except I picked a pear cuz my lazy fat ass looks like one, not cuz I like them.
2002-10-14 14:12:27 – pinky
happy columbus day to you too! i bet you get the day off of work? i had to go to school. yay for me. guess who’s gonna be in disneyland next weekend? me me me me.
2002-10-14 20:22:28 – rand0m
I got the day off because I was in Utah this morning, and spent my time driving home. And w0ot for ConsumerLand!