Out of town and more

First off, I’d like to say that Everclear + OJ = quick drunk. Pretty nice … it’s like $5 for a bottle and will get me blasted 4-5 times. Now *that* is good drinkin. I am leaving for Utah sometime tomorrow after 3pm. I’ll be there until Monday (columbus day) night. So I won’t be around. Not like any of you shmucks ever talk to me anyways. Email and phone will still both work — phone is better, because I doubt I’ll have much in the way of internet access. I haven’t updated in forever. I don’t really know why … probably lack of inspiration. So the other day over at Pikes Perk, I’m in line, and this girl strikes up a conversation with me, and we chat, and I get her number. Cool beans. So I wait three days, get super busy at work, and call her on day #4 and leave a message, no return phone call. (ego deflates here). Oh well. Work is nice. I kind of rubbed some people wrong inadvertently, which is not good, and hopefully won’t catch any heat. The absolute worst is that I have to play the little political game to get anything done, because the count of people who tell me what to do just got bigger. Fortunately, I think I have people who are willing to bat for me. Hope it lasts, because I’m sure I’ll ram my foot through my mouth 10 or 12 more times before this is all through with. I realized today that I am not a networking god. Put me in front of win2k and I feel like I know what I’m doing … tell me to specify what kind of cisco router should be used for 3 T1s and a DS3, and I will look at you with a blank face. I know a *lot* about ethernet and T1s, but I have no experience with anything bigger, and it really limits my potential in many, many ways. Honestly, in retrospect, my actual network/sysadmin progress has stagnated in the past 5-6 months — once everything was working correctly, there is little need (due to no bandwidth growth ) to progress technically. Back to the books, I guess. School is going okay. I finished my math class, business is pretty close to being finished, econ is maybe 3/4s and english is a hair past 1/2 way. I’m ahead of the normal school schedule, but behind my planned schedule considerably. Did I mention that everclear is awesome? It is. wOoo, surprised I can type.

2002-10-10 00:01:16 – Burnz
Call her again. Or lurk around the perk wearing a raincoat and carrying a red fireman’s axe and the head of a "Saucy-Talking Stacy" doll and when she shows up, insist she go with you to the ball at the Maestro’s new plantation. Don’t take no for an answer. Be insistent if it means the use of no less than 3 heavy-breathing phone messages with the guard clearly yelling at you in the background. No more commenting when I am this tired. First post – OwnXX0r.
2002-10-10 00:42:08 – pinky
so, uh, protest columbus day because it’s racist bullshit. also, i am mad that you will not be home this weekend because i am bringing home my roommates and i would like to introduce them to your house. also, i had everclear tonight too, so it’s all ironic in it’s own way, as the roommates and i have decided on. also, i’m going to see tool sunday nhight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!! tony and shawn should clal me caujse i need alcohol this weekend. lol. actually, ok, so, uih, argh.
2002-10-10 00:44:24 – Siaokh
Not sure if yall have heard of this guy yet… but he’s fucking halarious. [L=http://www.ernestcline.com/airwolf/]Ernie Cline[/L]. I can get you the rest of the tracks if you are interested. Everclear fucks your world… but damn isnt it fun! One of my co workers (who will soon be on the candidate list for the darwin awards) was telling me of a drinking game he and his friends invented which involved taking shots while someone attempts to stungun you. Something along the lines of you attempt to take a drink, and someone shocks you. If you twitch and splash your drink in your face, you must now drink 2 drinks while crying about how much the alcohol burns. Sparks + Spirits = shenanigans (boom). And what’s with this asshat in maryland thinning out the population? Does he have a hunting liscense? if so, what’s his limit… and where can i get one? Punch-tastic. -Tim
2002-10-10 08:44:37 – rand0m
This is rhetorical, please do not answer: how is columbus day racist? Against everybody who is not Italian? Give me a break. And it’s not ironic, it’s coincidence. And I don’t think I’ll call her again. That’s a little weird, you know? If I run into her at the perk, I’ll say hi, but you know … the drive just isn’t there. I don’t care enough, honestly. :-/ … And that sounds like a fun game *cough*
2002-10-10 11:14:41 – Master Ha-reed
The issue w/ Columbus Day being racist has to do with people thinking that Columbus Day supports the idea that before Europeans came, America was a backwater place filled with savages that were "less than human". Basically the whole idea of cultural domination and "the man" thinking he’s better than everyone else. Heh, all this protesting reminds me of PCU. By the way, if you want something to really make you mad Laura, check out what the Ayn Rand Institute has to [L=http://www.aynrand.org/objectivism/columbus.html]say about Columbus Day[/L]. Although you can probably guess cant you?
2002-10-10 12:11:02 – tony
Columbus day shouldn’t be about racism, etc… And if people think it’s against their organization, well pick up your boots and get some fucking self-esteem. I don’t need to say that I got my job or into school because I’m Italian, I got it because I’m Tony. Same goes for people who make this big pride push if they’re Black, Hispanic, etc… Because nowadays if you got where you are, it’s because of who you are not what fucking group you belong to. When I look at a girl on the street I don’t think, hey another woman, I think, what’s her name, what makes her different. By accepting the bridle of racism you diminish people who are actual individuals.
2002-10-10 12:22:28 – rand0m
That is a great article there Neth, thanks for the link 🙂 And Tony … your opinion there is spot on, and oddly enough, it matches the opinion expressed by the linked article. I guess we should have all stayed in Europe and grown stagnant instead of pushing forward. *cough*
2002-10-10 12:34:12 – Burnz
Now let’s not pretend that this isn’t a racist nation. Everyone, no matter how open-minded, is still driven by certain prejudices and pre-qualifications. And protesting one holiday means that you have to protest them all. It is a totally moot point, but everyone be a little realistic.
2002-10-10 13:54:49 – The Disco Nova
Is it just me or was Randall happier when he was getting steady sex? Just an observation. And I know I don’t see any of you enough for this to have any impact in your life, but I will be in Dallas, TX 24th-27th of October. I am going to the International Camarilla Conclave. Four Days of Role-Playing and Drinking in a 5 star hotel that we have all to ourselves. I will come back in a much better mood, and may pretend to like some of you again, as I hang around Randall, whom I feel a small amount of affection for.
2002-10-10 14:52:18 – tony
So about these shootings around D.C. They say that 2 men sighted in white panel van around 2 of the crime scenes. My 2 questions are what CS clan are they in, and why are these n00bs being AWPING CAMPERS!!!
2002-10-10 15:07:40 – Siaokh
DISCO. E-mail me or something, we’ll get together for some drinks. -Tim PUNCH.
2002-10-10 15:25:12 – rand0m
yes, I am in a much better mood when I am getting consistent sex. Everybody is that way. It’s natural. 😀
2002-10-10 17:59:29 – pinky
omg, you people are so stupid. or at least some of you. waah waah waah. i personally don’t think "pushing ahead" by raping, infecting people with smallpox, and killing people who were here first is exactly the right thing to do. and really, amerigo vespucci discovered america hence the name "america." next time i come home, i’ll just kill you all and take over your house and say it’s in the name of my own advancement and see how many people are okay with that because i’m being an imperialist. in fact, what columbus did goes against lots of things US law stands on, which i would assume your flag-wavers would agree with. when did netheus post a link? and i don’t think jesus raped people for christmas, who knows though. i guess all those crusaders…eh. tony, you got where you were because you got where you were…ok.
2002-10-10 22:35:54 – Burnz
Actually, miss college educated, Leif Ericson discovered america, Amerigo was a jack-off explorer and amateur mapmaker that created the first old world map of the new world (excuse the exclusiveness) and he just put his name on it, and when the queen saw it, it became law. You might want to try taking in a class, but look at me being all condescending and probably spelling that wrong.
2002-10-10 23:24:40 – pinky
alright, well, my point was that columbus didn’t discover america. and now i get why on spongebob yesterday they were celbrating "happy leif ericson day" which actually just puts me in a damn good mood. thanks burnz 🙂
2002-10-11 01:52:47 – realbighead
technically, the first whities in America came across from Russia on the ice bridge to Alaska. Migrations, ice age, that whole thing. And as far as boats go, Polynesian tribesmen reached the Americas by sea long before the Vikings. The ridiculous part of the Columbus Day bit is not racism/imperialism/etc., but that it’s celebrating the beginning of someone else’s empire. It really doesn’t have much to do with the United States at all, since Columbus was just a crazy Spaniard after all.
2002-10-11 02:38:01 – The Disco Nova
Burnz, why are you letting them drag you into one of thier slap fights? And Timmy, do you lie in Dallas? If so, feel free to come by the hotel, there will be LOTS of parties, trust me. Email me your phone number. It’s at the Hyatt Regency near the Airport btw.
2002-10-11 09:22:28 – Master Ha-reed
Not too sure Randal, but I think "Netheus" and "Master Ha-reed" are different names, unless you are talking about Tim, and thats "Siaokh". By my count, those are the only two people who have posted links. But you might have just deleted Neth’s post, or maybe its some weird quantum physics thing that since we knew that Neth’s post was here, we didnt know what speed it was travelling, so by now it could be in some post from like 2 months ago or something ….. Hmmm….
2002-10-11 10:13:22 – The Disco Nova
For that post, you should pull your lower lip over your head and swallow.
2002-10-11 15:16:18 – Master Ha-reed
Can’t we all just get along James?? Now lets everyone hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Ready?? Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya Oh Lord kumbaya Now dont we all feel better?
2002-10-11 16:31:59 – Burnz
Disco is right, but I thought I would try to educate those that seem to need it so. And to wave my big, knowledgeable dick around. Semantics [/interest].