Hmmm, a little weird

I never considered it before, but recently, it seems like the most stimulating intellectual conversations come at times later than 2am. Maybe it’s that Burnz and I are in the same boat in a lot of ways, or that we’re just bitter people sharing camaraderie, but I cannot help finding myself thoroughly enjoying early AM discussions. Good times; hard on the sleep cycle. Couple of personal revelations made during the last few days, mostly regarding my views on the world and just how fucked up and insecure I really am … sadly, I’d bet that with only a small bit of coaxing, the wildly perceptive audience here would be able to psychoanalyze me to a T. Ha! Okay, how I got to the point where I would write that sentence, I do not know. I think it has to do with the fact that I’m a control-mongering, woman-dominating dickhead who is wildly spiteful about the many opportunities, and consequently the untold wasted ones, that others are afforded that I am not. Grrr. In other news, Wendy’s Nuggets are the shit. I went and got 6 packs of these things, and got 2 more free packs of nuggets, a free BlockBuster rental, a free frost, a free upsize and a free 20oz soda. NUGZ, WOOO!

2002-09-20 08:46:59 – Netheus
Don’t feel too insecure Randal. You are just the product of your upbringing. And I don’t mean to say blame your parents or the system, but instead, think of how these things have INFLUENCED you. Not to mention the consumerism that would make anyone feel insecure in this day and age. Not as bad as the Japeneses, but closing in rapidly. First post. :::slap!:::
2002-09-20 14:06:11 – realbighead
the rest of us got through the system without liking Ayn Rand, though, and compared to the rest of his problems, that’s definitely the one that deserves the most concern. and yes, I did finish both books, and yes, I still dislike her, and yes, it’s still for the same reasons.
2002-09-20 15:35:40 – Master Ha-reed
Tore, that has got to be the stupidest thing I have heard in a long time *wonders if he actually pays attention to stuff on*
2002-09-20 16:40:27 – pinky
tore, that’s a very good point. lol.
2002-09-20 16:53:52 – rand0m
Wow, 1500+ pages in under a month, with your oh-so-busy schedule *cough & look of disbelief*. I am impressed. At least I am not asleep at 4:53pm, like someone else *cough*tore*cough
2002-09-20 17:34:33 – realbighead
just because I don’t touch my computer between waking up and leaving for school… besides, I posted at 2, so if you thought I was still asleep then, you must be a retarded. And I do pay attention to that thing at the top… right, the post. I just find it’s more entertaining to mock Randal’s frail ego than to attempt to bolster it. And if you read satan’s post, you’d understand what I’d said. And the only way I made time for it was by not owning Warcraft III. I will remedy this problem now, having completed your cruel task.
2002-09-21 13:39:26 – Burnz
Too much porch time. Probable issues will result. *drops into a crouch with eyes darting and makes a big jackass out of himself once again*. And w00t to the control mongering woman-domination. I support U!!!!
2002-09-21 16:35:37 – Disco Nova
You missed a good party last night Randall. Tried several times to get ahold of you.
2002-09-21 17:03:04 – Disco Nova
Oh yeah, and since were you woman dominating?