Yea, I know it’s not the weekend

But this weekend was crazy. Friday night, I have no idea what happened. I think I worked late, and then … I went home? I don’t know :-/ … moving on … Saturday! Saturday was good. Wait, I think I got drunk on Friday. I wish I knew. Hmmm … Okay, so Saturday. I didn’t do much this day either, except decide that I was going to buy a DVD player because Housematt’s Samsung … well, it’s mostly just because I don’t have one of my own. So we go to Best Buy to buy a DVD player, and then 3 hours later, we come home in Paulie’s Jeep with a Playstation 2 and a bunch of extra niceties. w0ot w0ot! The GTA3 action started shortly, followed up by some play on Burnz’ “Twisted Metal Black,” which is a shweet car-blowing-up-and-chasing-with-missiles-and-guns game. It was mucho fun. Then Saturday night rolled around. It was a very long night, but one that I’m glad that I partook of. It’s all about the follow through … thanks matt 🙂 And then it was Sunday. Went over to Waffle House aka southern-trucker-in-a-can at like 2pm and ate breakfast. yummmy. Then … I don’t know. All I know is that I was very tired. But yea, Sunday was good. I think. Not too sure on that one. And then came Monday. It was a normal day, just like any other, except that I went to Best Buy and bought NHL 2002. That is probably one of the most gratifying things I have done recently. No, it was the playing of NHL 2002 that made things great. From 9pm until 6am, that game ruled my life. I am venturing to say that it is the best PS/2 game I have played to date … it has replay value out the roof, varying levels of everything, adjustable everything, does dolby digital dts, it is amazing. I am tired from very little sleep, but it is the shit.

2002-09-17 19:22:21 – Siaokh
So what you’re saying is you’ve joined everyone else in the 2000’s and purchased a "NEXT GEN" gaming system, and proceeded to waste countless hours infront of it when you could have been curing cancer or something? Way to be an american! 🙂 -Punch- – First post – _NUGGAZ_ -Tim
2002-09-17 21:38:51 – realbighead
why are you wasting hundreds of dollars when there’s Warcraft III? It, like every other Blizzard game, is a perfectly acceptable substitute for sleep, a real life, and even a girlfriend (Priestess of the Moon: H-O-T-T). Advil Cold & Sinus is my new "designer" drug of choice. Anyone wanna join me in my hot new trend of popping little brown pills?
2002-09-17 23:08:08 – pinky
i actually have an awful cold, so i say yes! brown pills here i come.
2002-09-18 06:44:38 – Netheus
Fucking hell!!!!!!!!!! We all have west nile!!!! Shit! And Advil Cold and Sinus has nothing on the awesome power of DayQuil! Good part is, we are all young, and thusly will live through this thinking it’s just a cold. It’s the babies and the geriatrics that die from it… Seriously, I found a dead bird at work the other day that was young and didn’t appear to have any real problems. Lynda said that she had seen it hopping around a few hours before, and that it had seemed sick, but other than that, yeah… we’re all not gonna die
2002-09-18 06:47:17 – Netheus
Oh- and Randal- you should have gotten your PS2 at K-Bee toy store. They have a phenomenal return policy. You can return it for any reason whatsoever for a year. Troy and I are going to take ours back, and gt a new one (because it won’t have any dust, use, etc.,) on our Anniversary!!! It’ll be soooo cute!! p.s. get Silent Hill. Adictive, and scary. Mmmm…
2002-09-18 09:02:55 – rand0m
I made sure to get the Best Buy store warranty, in addition to the built-in Sony warranty. I’m not really worried about how it looks, because I imagine it will just sit there 99% of the time … but I have the assurance that if it cooks itself, or if someone spills beer on it or if God strikes it down, I can get a replacement with little hassle.
2002-09-18 11:23:34 – Siaokh
Can’t forget about urination. -Tim
2002-09-18 13:15:34 – tony
hey, how’s the whoring down there in texas, tim! whore!
2002-09-18 15:57:50 – pinky
west nile rulez! i think that is what i have, i found a mosquito bite on my arm yesterday. yeah, urination on inanimate objects has happened at your house before, i would also include puking and drunk people getting mad and throwing things. tim! whore!
2002-09-18 21:36:41 – Burnz
And throwing things off porches…..
2002-09-18 23:22:40 – realbighead
hey, I was there, and it was so the porch’s fault. did anyone else notice that punch-boy slipped up there? oh yeah, the revolution’s coming, baby, and you’re the first with your back against the wall.
2002-09-19 00:30:00 – Siaokh
I’m not a whore…. i just convincingly play one on TV. There’s definately one thing to say about the wimmenz out here in Texas… HOT Hot HOT! *sizzle* And no… it’s not one punch per post… i’ve posted without punching in the past… i feel that one punch per newspost that i post in is required… there’s a few extra punches in there so FUCKYOU. That is all. -Tim
2002-09-19 12:57:44 – Burnz
The desperate clamoring of a man whose era has passed.
2002-09-19 13:02:30 – N3th3us
I say we form a road trip, and go and kick Tim’s ass. Hey laura– Seriously, go find out what you have. I found another dead bird walking to school today. And they might give you drugs. Mmm….. drugs… codine…. mmmm…. dancing gnomes time, baby!
2002-09-19 14:47:06 – Siaokh
*sets up speakers next to windows of house, and gets dueling banjoes 8-track ready* C’MON DOWN Y’ALL… WE BE BARBEQUEUING UP SOME ROADKILL AND FRESH VEAL! YUM YUM. -Tim
2002-09-20 08:48:01 – netheus
yucky texan…