Mmmmm, tired & saturday

So Burnz is over here thursday night till like 5am, so I’m completely wasted all day Friday. blech, that sucked. And now it’s saturday, and I slept for a good 9 hours. Until Tony’s goddamn alarm went off. Fucker leaves town for the evening and leaves that shit on, so it starts ringing at like 7:30am. I was pretty pissed, cuz then I had to go and shut that shit off. *sigh* Funny link of the day: [L=][/L] Funny Quote otDay: [i][b]Female Hormones in Beer[/b] – Yesterday, scientists for Health Canada suggested that men should take a look at their beer consumption, considering the results of a recent analysis that revealed the presence of female hormones in beer. The theory is that drinking beer makes men turn into women. To test the finding, 100 men were fed 6 pints of beer each. It was then observed that 100% of the men gained weight, talked excessively without making sense, became overly emotional, couldn’t drive, failed to think rationally, argued over nothing and refused to apologize when wrong. No further testing is planned.[/i] Hehehe. Also, heavy, heavy news at the house … never woulda thought. Oh well. UPDATE AT 2:52AM w0o … okay, so I’m over at Frank’s house, celebrating his 26th … I’m so trashed hahahhah, I’m sitting in James lap, typijng this shit up wondering “where th eufck is frank!?” he’s supposed to be here, but isntead, we’re hitting up the Fat Tire keg, wondering “when are we going to get laid!” hahahhaa rock the fucking hizouse. And no, I am not talking about james. I just happen to be right here newar the compute.r w0oow wee Okay, 4:02 am, and I am still fcukedc up … rock the fucking ohsue! frank rocks! Computer says 5:10am. My apologies if this wanders. I am very drunk and very out of it, and I have this to say: I walked home with no shoes on — I had them in my hand, but did not put them on. The rocks on the way home hurt. My truck and the keg will need to be pickedup tomorrow *NOTE SO SELF* … Also, note to self: do not party with Tony; he is out of control. Honestly: several questions of “who the fuck is that guy” … “a little too eager” … “goddamn man, you have a girlfriend, calm down” … again, out of control. Wants to fight, obviously, is very confronational, wants to get into a brawl. Hence, out of control tony … will try not to engage this sort of activity with him again. He is very, very drunk, and very very stupid and aggressive. here I am, way smashed out of my completely ready to just fall over infornt o the tcomputer, and all I can think is “no shoes, ow” .. “carrie” … “out of *control; do not repeat” … worst high-session yet. reason: tony is out of control. 5:22am – receive call from disco that tony is out of control, and will not come home. screaminga nd yelling by otny on the phone. going to go retreive tony. thank you james. 5:40am — just got back in. Met James at PHS aux pariking lot, with a screaming, violent tony. Walked up, began to help james carry tony home. Tony punches me in the face, I deck him, straight up, then kick him in the stomach. Tony settles down a bit, james manhandles him to weberstreet. Tony gets violent, I punch him again and push him to the ground. He gets up, we stagger him home to the front room couch. He seems to be already asleep, in less than 3 minutes. I post, trying to keep some sort of history for my posterity and my own future edification.I hope this never, ever happens again. 5:52am – thank you james. [b]Update[/b] – 11:30am – Awake now, after not enough sleep, because for the second day in a row Tony’s GODDAMN ALARM IS STILL ON. GaAaaAAAaaaaAaAaah. Right, so not enough sleep, and I wake up to people and the alarm. Apparently we got home after everybody else got back from Ft.Collins (4am?) … my apologies if we woke you up! sOo, I survived, sans a truck and a keg — which are at Frank’s house. I am very hungover this morning, though … almost feels like I’m still drunk, except that I have a splitting headache. Even though things got fucked up, I still had a great time last night … Going to Hooters for lunch with Paulie in a bit. w3rd.

2002-09-22 00:38:45 – Siaokh
A ROCKING good party… w00 You know something is bound to happen when an off-duty police officer is giving people sobriety tests, and sober people are failing… Time to drink more. W00! -Punch- -Tim
2002-09-22 08:38:25 – Netheus
Right…. posterity… Ever wonder why I don’t go to very many parties anymore? Or why I rarely take troy outside the house? He doesn’t get violent… he tries to save people for Jesus. Yes, that’s right, niether of us are Xians, or even think that Jesus is/was god’s son or any of that non-sense, but he is still trying to save people for Jesus. Other than that, I don’t go because people have a tendency to show their impulses a little bit more easily. Now there is some stories right there…. eep!
2002-09-22 08:51:23 – Netheus
Oh, yeah…. And What is going on for Halloween? It’s on a Thursday. I know that I am at least taking my little brother, the fatass next door, and possibly my step-sister’s kid all out trick-or-treating in the early evening. Party? Little party?
2002-09-22 08:52:48 – Netheus
sorry, for the triple post, but…You were on camera. When you exchanged blows w/ Tony? The PHS camera is on all the time. Right… work now.
2002-09-22 11:24:23 – rand0m
hmmm … triple post is suck.
2002-09-22 16:05:10 – tony
hahaha, i like randal even more after a scuffle and we found the keg, because, when we got over to frank’s house, aside from his friend badgering him for "johnny" every five seconds, apparently, sometime in the night, aside from me getting hot with some 36 year old, which made me feel bitter and ashamaded, ASIDE from that, some fucker tried ripping my keg off which i paid 50$ for… anyway, this cool dude billy dragged the keg over to his, and hallaluja, mofo leaves it in the shade behind his house, beer is nice, cold, and frothy, and thanks to randal, back at the hizouse so i macked on a girl, got violently drunk, coldcocked randal, and got punched and kicked and shoved by randal, what an awesome fucking night!!!!!!!
2002-09-22 16:06:04 – tony
and my jaw still hurts
2002-09-23 07:32:23 – realbighead
Just remember: at least he didn’t piss on you.
2002-09-23 08:39:49 – Netheus
I got a kitty last nite!!! YAY!!!!!!! And I am going to be a bat for halloween.
2002-09-23 18:14:38 – pinky
u, my computer is totally fried, as in will not work, so if anyone on this site has a mac and wants to tell me how to fix mine since i have no money and can’t take it in, or they know someone who wants to come to boulder and fix it for free, then call me at 7195105254….i’m fucked. also, drama sucks. when i get drunk i fuck with the frat boys who live below me, i do not hit my roommates.
2002-09-23 19:39:39 – Disco Nova
I sense you aren’t really happy with me for bringing your roommate home?
2002-09-23 19:59:28 – rand0m
No, quite the opposite … I am very, very thankful that you got up and took care of the situation — not only was I not in the best mental capacity to handle it, but I seriously doubt I could have manhandled Tony home. Your efforts are very, very appreciated — that’s why there is a separate update saying (very sincerely) "thank you james". Probably one of the most stand-up things I’ve seen someone do.
2002-09-24 09:44:36 – Disco Nova
Lol, I’ve been about as bad as he was, so I sympathize. My first night in Korea, I went out and got drunk on Soju with everyone. I weighed about 250 lbs back then ( I was still body-building). Four people had to take turns carrying me home. And I do mean carry, I was passed the hell out. So I like to even the scales with Karma every once in a while.