mmmm, luverly

It rained last night. I’m laying there in bed, getting ready to sleep, and I hear the soft pangs as rain hits the trashcan outside, the quiet patter as it bounces off the roof. Ahhhh, amazing rain. I love rain … it makes my day so nice when there is a slight drizzle … when it’s just overcast enough to make your eyes not hurt. mmmmmm, rain. The Internet Explorer 6 SP1 Administration Kit is a bitch. There are almost a bazillion options, and very few of them work exactly how one would expect. I spent just over 2 hours fucking around with it to try and get it to make a set of files we can have printed on CDs to distribute … and nothing. Talk about wasting my otherwise-useless-time. I think that I will wipe the HP box James dropped off and put in the 40gb hd and install Redhat 7.3 on a separate partition. Mmmmmm, yummy linux. Did I mention that the IEAK6 sucks ass? It does. In other news, I hear that houseshawn is getting a different car? Maybe? Also, my watch battery died. After more than 2 years, it gave up the mortal coil and went off into the land of the free electrons. Little bitch made me late. More stuff as it comes?