feels like nothing

I went to the YMCA and found out that it’s $26/mo for a membership, with a $51 startup fee. Goddamn, that’s a lot of bucks just to swim. Unfortunately I can’t think of any other place in town that has an indoor pool for public use. I don’t want to shell out that much cash, though. Any other ideas? Man, I have’t done jack shit all day. I have sat here in my office chair, trying to think up things to do. I verified the backups, I made a couple images, I made the rounds with all the people here. I don’t have anything to do. Hmmm. Suggestions? I watched Requiem for a Dream last night. Man, what a trippy movie. Literally. Ha! Seriously, though, that’s a great movie. And the Pi Guy is in it! That chick is a freaking babe, and the raunchy acts that she partici… yea, and that dude got his arm cut off! Ugh. Anyway, good movie — don’t know if I want to watch it again, though; it made my head hurt sometimes, and gave me a general feeling of uneasiness. [b][u]Update[/u][/b] – 3:56pm – It’s been pouring downtown all day. I’m really stoked that we have rain, but I am not so stoked that I get to walk home. Hmmmmm. Does anybody know of a free, not-crappy alternative for Microsoft Exchange? We’re looking for some collaborate-ware, and we’re perfectly cool with ditching Outlook/Express if it involves not spending thousands on MS Exchange. Thnx!

2002-09-09 16:24:40 – pinky
randal, just because it sucks that people die, doesn’t mean i’m going to put a flag on my car, or my website. you, though, have the right to do that (men great and small died for you to have that right). i was merely commenting on the fact that once again everything i come into contact with is drenched in sept. 11 blah blah blah. it’s not like anyone is going to forget it for a while, i don’t need to be reminded every four seconds. and the people in the WTC, pentagon and four planes did not die to preserve my freedom (as in a war) they died because some psychos decided to get all militantly religious on our asses, and it is unfortunate. most of those people aren’t great heros because they happened to be on the wrong floor at the wrong time. although, those people in flight 93 actually did sacrifice themselves for a "greater good", which is very very admirable. and i wasn’t saying that we shouldn’t remember, but we shouldn’t be forced to remember, or yelled at because we don’t have a fucking flag on our car (it’s my right to not put a little banner on my website too, you know). and yes, i do embrace my right to free speech because while there are some things right about living here, there are lots of fucked up things that should be changed. that doesn’t mean i’m a hypocrite to voice dissent in an age where it’s pretty much a crime to do so, even though the country i’m being dritical of gave me that right. that would keep everyone silent, yes? yeah, that’s that, FLAME ON!
2002-09-09 18:21:16 – Siaokh
ASS TO ASS! lol, which version did you watch randal? I’ve seen both normal and directors cut… not too much of a difference. But it’s definately an awesome movie. Punch. … And i’m spent. -Tim
2002-09-10 11:27:32 – Girlie
randal- pool- up north, so thats a bit of a drive… cottonwood creek park has an indoor one. suggestion.