I did it

I decided to do it. I wiped out my archived mail. No more old, saved messages from Janelle to hurt over, no old, pain-filled correspondence saved, nothing. I saved some work e-mail … that’s it. I’m sad, because it’s gone. I’m happy, because it’s gone. You know, it’s all about the small things. [b]Update[/b] – I’m updating all my contacts, so if everybody would please send me their phone # and e-mail addies (e-mail to randal@hpi.net or AIM: rand0m), I’d be much appreciative. Thanks. [b]Update #2[/b] – September 11th, 2002 … 1 year anniversary of a sad day. I know that I will take a few minutes in the morning to mourn the tremendous loss of life. [b]Update #3[/b] – 3:38p … Everyone at HPI went over to the aptly named Memorial Park and enjoyed the services there. They had local big-band music playing mostly patriotic songs, free hamburgers and hotdogs, and a handful of public dignitaries speaking. It was good 🙂

2002-09-11 03:25:55 – CaptnSpectacular
husso661@regis.edu 720.318.8008 im lazy. e-mail too much work
2002-09-11 09:03:12 – Netheus
Yeah… the college has all this stuff going on all day, but I will be at work… Everybody on the tv sez that the events changed us all, like one gigantic loss of innocence thing… But as we all know, most of us are the exception, not the rule. Have we been changed? Or have we just grown up as we normally would have? Would we be a little less mature if these things hadn’t happened? Or is our current outlook been dramatically affected? I think that it has, perhaps a bit more so than the normal populous. Is this how are grandparents felt after hearing about the atrocities in Europe after WWII? Or directly after the Pearl Harbor bombings? Or some of our parents whose siblings went off to Vietnam? In particular, my parents were too young to have been sent off them selves, it was all their older brothers and sisters, and friends of friends and the like. But Troy’s dad went. You can see the lack of innocence in his eyes, in how he acts. I feel a little less at ease, but more because of my Constitutional rights being scrapped for national security. Maybe it has caused us to live a little bit more passionatley than before, hanging out with those we consider close to us more often, partying a bit harder, or forcing the people around us to realize that its the little shit that doesn’t matter, because it is all going to end in an hour. I don’t think that we have taken on the same attitude as my parents- the free for all the world will be destroyed by nukes, I don’t need to be responsible for my actions and I don’t care what you think bull shit. Ahh… sorry for blogging…. Had a bad night last night… E-mail me with any thoughts if you want… i don’t think everyone else wants the blog…
2002-09-11 14:52:09 – tony
Q: What’s Osama Bin Ladin’s favorite footbal team? A: The New York Jets.
2002-09-11 15:38:23 – rand0m
[ silence ]
2002-09-11 19:13:25 – realbighead
I have DSL. Internet on my computer. Yay.
2002-09-11 22:45:06 – realbighead
Q: What’s red, silver, and runs into things? A: A baby with forks in its eyes. Yet it still manages to be less off-color than tony’s sense of humor… strange, that.