partying weekend and generalness

This weekend has been rough on the liver. Both Friday and Saturday night involved heavy drinking and me getting completely blasted. It was fun. Thanks to Frank for letting people party at his place all the time. I have a general feeling of being under the weather. I don’t know exactly what’s causing it … it might be job stress, personal tension, too much liquor, not enough hang-out-with-people-time, but it’s starting to irritate me. I’m usually rather happy and outgoing, but Thurs, Fri, Sat came out as just being rather quiet and not really wanting to do anything. I didn’t go get my YMCA pass, though … might go do that and do some swimming today. Digweed is some amazing techno. Throw in Sasha, and the combonation becomes just incredible. Typing this post to a nice long set of the duo, and it’s really, really good. Set of pics of a hot chick (mostly non-nude), large download: [L=][/L] [b]Update[/b] – 3:11p – I see that Tore doesn’t have his DSL up yet. And I am sad because he has no broadband. *sniffle* I also feel like I need to do some web work. I don’t know what, but I should. hmmmmmm

2002-09-08 15:27:19 – realbighead
see, the DSL is active, and the router is here, it’s just a slight issue with the password being completely fucked up so I can’t configure the damn beast. The manual claims that the default password is the model #, but after trying every permutation on it that I can think of, still no dice. Which means that despite my cash outlay, I have no f*(&#*$&(*&%ing DSL. So I’m still stealing the school’s connection while I wait for a response from tech support. On a lighter note: Still haven’t found anywhere on campus to sleep if I get so drunk I can’t leave, so I’ve been near-sober for a whole 2 weeks, which is disappointing (although it means my liver is way the fuck healthier than randal’s. haha). I am working on it, though, I promise. Less than 3 weeks till I turn 20! that should make you all really ridiculously happy, for no reason at all. If anyone’s bored somewhere around Sep. 27-28, I’ll be having a party sometime that weekend to celebrate, so you should drive 600 miles round-trip to come to it.
2002-09-08 17:31:46 – Master Ha-reed
Which Digweed album do you think is amazing? While I definitely agree that the duo rocks, most of Digweed’s solo stuff is mediocre, leading me to believe Sasha is the better half.
2002-09-08 21:14:02 – Netheus
poor tore…. my cable connection sometimes dips to an astonishingly low 100-115 kbp, and I feel like an old man…. I am so sorry tore…. Are you going to be okay? maybe you should go pick up a hooker to make you feel better.. :_( Ha hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaa!! and that drive sucks. sorry, no deal.
2002-09-08 22:50:21 – tony
I’ll be giving randal the new sasha album that came out last month, so that he can put it up as the MP3OTW.
2002-09-09 01:16:24 – pinky
tore, i am sorry you have not been drinking and that you have no internet. actually, this scenario just might have been the death of me, but somehow, in the face of all that is evil, you are able to keep on living…fucking amazing. i’m not sure if that last paragraph is sarcastic or not….whoa. randal, i suggest drinking when under the weather. i have had the flu (anthrax?) the past few days and drank on saturday and it made me feel better and be drunk faster and longer…woot woo. oh, and, for some reason, i miss all of you because, really, the people up here are boring me already. i’m going to make fried chicken tomorrow.
2002-09-09 02:25:17 – The Disco Nova
Women are so much sexier in underwear than naked.
2002-09-09 11:30:22 – pinky
thanks for the little 9/11 thing up there: i’d almost forgotten.
2002-09-09 11:49:36 – rand0m
Would you be so snide about other historical, nation-affecting events? What about December 7th? What about November 22nd? It seems like the only thing about the USA that you actually like is the equal rights idealogy that you pedantically embrace. Please take care and remember that men, both great and small, died for you to be able to do so. Showing them some semblance of respect is the smallest thing you can do while on your way to bashing our exemplary nation.
2003-02-10 13:07:35 – jaymz350
who is that girl????
2003-02-12 11:35:42 – badhombre
Yeah who is the girl and where did you find those pics? Does she have a website?