Roughin It

It was a pretty rough day today. Work was blah. Jack wanted to get all up in my shit about backups, IP addressing, blah blah blah, but I shut him down. I don’t like doing that, because then it feels like I’m asserting some sort of power in the company — and I actually have none. Makes it a little tense. Did a wireless survey for the [L=]EverLAN[/L] guys. Looks like we’ll be stuffing a wireless T-1 into their next event on November 2nd. That’s pretty cool, cuz I’m sure I’ll get all kinds of neat shwag, as well as some nifty advertising. w3rd. Been in a rather blah mood today. It’s because I suck, and I’m a sappy, will-less, anst-ridden floormat. My advice: never, ever, ever even think about going through your old e-mail. It’s rending in so many ways. :-/ Todays Poonage link: [L=]Brazillian Soccer Team[/L] — definitely not work safe. Some IRC folks asked me to link to [L=][/L] … so there it is 😉 And here I sit wondering “what the fuck did I do wrong?” and also thinking “where the hell is my mouse?” *sigh*

2002-08-22 13:43:58 – tony
dude, your link to doesn’t work when the link is http://www.kittenhate/
2002-08-22 14:57:32 – realbighead
worked for me. That picture of the chick on the #1 guy’s page… H-O-T-T. Anyways, anyone who’s free tomorrow night, gimme a call, cuz it’s my last free night in town, and I’m trying to get a bunch of people together to go out to dinner somewhere. Yeah.
2002-08-22 14:58:28 – realbighead
hate to pull a Nova, but this really really bugged me: it’s spelled "angst", dammit.
2002-08-22 23:06:53 – netheus
I shouldn’t be allowed to listen to Zepplin, the Stones, or any other band that uses metaphor and slurring their language as a means of disguising what they say. ergh… my mom is being a crack fiend… But yeah, dinner would be cool… sukashay?
2002-08-22 23:55:41 – rand0m
mmmmmmm, sukashay.
2002-08-23 00:19:02 – pinky
sushi? expensive, but oh so yummy. why did disco ever go away (as in the music, not james)…damnit all.
2002-08-24 02:45:24 – Disco Nova
I’n drunk, so I can assert myself. Stop being a doormat you little bitch. Leave the Ice Queen TM in the past and forget about her. I have done the equivalent, and am much happier, unless I am directly reminded about her, I have alot more fun. You are coming along nicely though, for your birthday I will buy you a copy of the Satanic Bible. For the Ice Queen and her equivalent I suggest the Satanic Witch, also by LaVey. And Laura, you have officaially wierded me out, ask R boy.,
2002-08-24 08:55:05 – Girlie
everyone should run out and buy a dark chocolate kit-kat this minute. quite possibly the most satisfying thing i’ve had in a while. mmm… crunchy goodness.
2002-08-24 09:58:55 – Disco Nova
*refrains from obvious comment*
2002-08-24 20:50:20 – Neth
My hunny took me out on a date tonight!! It was so great!! I feel all special and warm fuzzies inside 🙂 Nova– buy the copies, but don’t give them as presents… just keep a spare few copies around until you can find someone who is actually interested in these things.
2002-08-25 10:16:40 – realbighead
Santa Fe, here I come!