What a day

I had a pretty long day today. Did a couple direct connect installs, did a shitload of IP massaging, and generally dinked around a lot. Caught up with Jack — I hope he gets his CISSP. We’ve decided that we’re going to tromp on each other and get some other certs soon. Funny Link of the Day: [L=http://www.origamiboulder.com]Amazing Origami![/L]. [u]Joke:[/u] [b]Q[/b]: What is a Tortoise? [b]A[/b]: When you eat out someone who doesn’t have pubic hair – i.e. you got there before the hair (hare) did. [Thanks Evermore from AT for that one]

2002-08-19 23:10:49 – pinky
i demand you put up the picture i gave you…because it rules. ok, so don’t…i just thought id’ remind you, hun 😛
2002-08-20 12:58:15 – rand0m
I’m taking home the scanner tonight so I can post the pic. Angelo wants to sell me his laptop … p3-1ghz, 192mb ram, 20gb hd, dbd/cdr combo, 15" 1400×1050, on board eth/56k, 2 power things, backpack and a dock for $1900. It’s a 1 year old compaq, with 2 years on a full warranty left. Thoughts? And I think Tore is wanting to get together and do something before he goes scootin off to colegio.
2002-08-20 15:04:15 – tony
PRESARIO 1510US W/ WinXP O/S, new&sealed PENTIUM 4 – 2.2GHz, 512MB RAM, 40GB HDD, DVD/CD-RW, 56K V.92, 10/100 LAN, 15TFT XGA, WinXP 2067$ on pricewatch
2002-08-20 15:21:11 – rand0m
:-O I think I might go for $1400 or so. It *does* have a dock. hmmmm
2002-08-20 16:02:07 – pinky
yay for the picture and when does tore leave? and as for the computer….i dunno 😛
2002-08-20 19:26:56 – Burnz
I want to sea teh tore!!!!11111. Assuming I can sober up enough to drive ….someday.