*sigh* & tired

Everyone is gone. Scooted off to school they have, be it Santa Fe, New York, Boulder, California, Iowa, wherever — they are gone. I already miss Tore. *sniffle* I guess it’s time to curl up into a little ball and cry my misery away, or go out and gather a new pool of friends. Woowee, this is going to be a long stretch until Christmas. I cleaned the house today. Well, not the whole house. I did the dishes, cleaned whole kitchen, scrubbed both bathrooms from floor to ceiling and even picked up my own room. I did not know that our bathtub was white. After laboring at it for ~ 40 minutes with the most potent chemicals I could find, the previously splotchy-gray-and-nasty bathtub is now a nice white. It’s good. Next weekend’s cleaning should be a *lot* easier to do. Tore and I got into a little scrap the other day over Ayn Rand. He says she’s crazy and just plain wrong. He has never read any of her work. He advised me to drop my capitalist tendencies and read “The Dispossesed” by Ursula LeGuin. I went out and bought it, and am about 300 pages in. Full review when I’m done. Conversely, I went and bought a copy of Rand’s “The Fountainhead”, bundled it with my copy of “Atlas Shrugged” and sent it off with him to Santa Fe. I’m sure he’ll loathe it, but I think he’ll actually read it. I hope. 🙂 The webcam is on, and it’s spotting my Lava Lamp (thanks James!), so get stoned and take a look 😀

2002-08-26 01:20:30 – Burnz
I pulled through Atlas Shrugged and tried a little of the Fountainhead and I agree with Tore. She is not firing on all cylinders and could stand to get her head out of the clouds. /me looks into the dispossesed.
2002-08-26 08:09:10 – rand0m
Ahhhh, but you actually gave it a go. Tore has never read *any* of either book. Sure, he’s going in wildly biased, but I can hope that he’ll at least consider what’s said. Just because one disagrees with the idealogy presented doesn’t mean that it is bad writing.
2002-08-26 09:02:50 – netheus
Damn… more books to put on the reading list… I don’t think I am ever going to get through "the name of the rose"…. translated too many times… and now there is a side of german. Fuck man. It is a good read though… the movie was definetley a good preview to the book. But, the political satire and commentary is pulling at me as per usual… "Stupid white men" is pretty good… but I want to check his sources before I start spouting the written word. Very inflamitory so far. I have been thinking about Atlas Shrugged a bit more… what is it about? and didn’t we read some Ayn Rand in Freshman year english (in the short stories part)? Oh, and while we are on books, has anyone read "All quiet on the western front," by Erich Maria Remarque? It’s a required book for a class this year, and I just want to get a few opinions before I start it.
2002-08-26 11:21:10 – Burnz
Atlas Shrugged is this bullshit story about how all the important people in the world decide to go and form up their own little bullshit soceity where there are no insurance salesmen or hairdressers or other bullshit jobs and there are some nice 85 year long bullshit monolouges and it is dull and pretentious and someone should tell Rand that she wouldn’t be in the societie especial she would be left to rot with all the little l33t haXX0rz and people who inspect shoes for a living.
2002-08-26 11:41:00 – rand0m
LOL, funny, but wrong 😉 [i]Atlas Shrugged[/i] is about how the world is actually ran by a few people — the producers of the world. Many, many people work for the producers, and are producers themselves to a lesser extent. However, there are certain types of societal leeches that produce nothing and only serve to hinder the progress of said producers. The book revolves around the so-called producers deciding to not take the crap of the leeches, and just quit, and leave. Summarily, the majority of the jobs go with them, as does any sort of productivity — simply because the leeches are just that, and the people with actual talent have left. Throw in some things about progression of self, a hint of anti-government nostalgia, and the denouncement of society-based morality. $.02
2002-08-26 12:47:11 – realbighead
life without an internet connection is hard. you have to go steal other peoples’. As far as Remarque goes, it’s not badly written, but it’s still a war story about a bunch of guys, which means certain things as far as interest maintenance goes. It’s still well-written though. I’m surprised it’s required reading, since it was the same for me… in 7th grade. No, really. Matt’s analysis of Rand is about the same I’ve heard from everyone besides Randal and Janelle. Regardless of her ideology, I’ve heard she’s just a flat-out terrible writer. Then again, I’ve been too busy with Don Quixote to crack them yet, so I’ll get back to everyone on that. And for everyone who’s now looking into "The Dispossessed", it’s supposedly a mirror of Rand, except a well-written one; it’s an anarchist utopia instead of a capitalist one, and I at least thought it was an interesting story. Talked my landlord into looking into DSL; he seems to think he might just go for it without making me pay it all, which would rock. Until then, I’m stuck using the school connection in the library, so don’t expect to see me very frequently.
2002-08-26 13:33:58 – Burnz
How can it be wrong when you described the same thing I did, minus the hilarity of insurance salesman and hairdressers?
2002-08-26 13:45:57 – Disco Nova
Neth, in your capacity as my supernatural advisor, please tell me why for the last week or so, I have been hyper-aggressive, on the edge of violence, and barely rational. Seem to have elevated levels of testosterone too. Haven’t started drugs, no new stresses in my life, and I don’t think I’m menstrating.
2002-08-26 14:12:45 – Burnz
Heartbreak can cause all those symptoms. Is it possible you are not dealing with the loss of Gary too well?
2002-08-26 14:46:41 – pinky
i think it’s funny for randal to shun "society-based morality" but i haven’t read her because the one time i tried, i fell asleep…nuff said. stupid white men is a really good book, neth, have you read fast food nation? i recommend it. looks like all i will be reading is my school books, seeing as i have 7 for my lit class and a billion more for my other classes. it’s nice to be back up here, though. GO BUFFS!
2002-08-26 17:38:31 – Disco Nova
I believe Heartbreak would fall under new stress. And since I have decided to forego women altogether, not a viable reason. And who is Gary? A generic male lover?
2002-08-26 17:40:45 – Disco Nova
Randall, lets go see XXX tonight. Btw, I went to PC Brokers today and dropped about 500$ on an Athlon 2100 chip+heatsink, a KT3 Ultra Mobo, and 2 sticks of 256 mb ddram 266mhz. My computer smokes now.
2002-08-26 17:44:20 – Disco Nova
And yet another consecutive post… Laura, I’m gonna be up thar in Boulder visiting some hippy friends of mine, wanna hang out with us?
2002-08-26 18:04:40 – pinky
nova, when and are they decent and what are you doing? and i am proud to say i’m breaking the disco chain… …of posts….
2002-08-26 18:55:03 – rand0m
I’d love to, but I am -flat- broke. So now that you bought all that new stuff, what are you doing with the old? 😉 😉 Anybody have a spare cpu/mobo they want to donate? 400mhz is plenty 🙂
2002-08-26 19:20:19 – Siaokh
Back by popular demand… (well, not so popular, but yeah) PUNCH. I’ll have more to write later.
2002-08-26 20:10:05 – Master Ha-reed
Umm.. wouldnt a mirror of Rand be a socialist utopia???
2002-08-26 21:30:44 – Disco Nova
Damn, wish I would of checked earlier, we’ll go tommorow, I’ll spring. I have a P3 500 mhz 128 MB prophet 2 MX 64 mb 20 gig HD you can borrow. Probably keep.
2002-08-27 05:36:31 – tony
Disco… I should have let you know I was selling my just new A7N266-E mobo with Athlon 1800xp with 256mb of ddr. Fa is life
2002-08-27 12:30:47 – rand0m
Disco, is that already in a case or ? I have a whole computer, just no mobo/cpu … that p3-500 is more powerful than my college gaming rig 😀
2002-08-27 12:38:06 – Netheus
Damn we all read a lot of books…. I think I might go and buy the dispossesed on my way to school tonight… I’ll crack Atlas shrugged after that. But, Nova, the moon was full. Raises the levels of many differant bodily fluids/ functions. and since this is the moon that brings an end to leo and into virgo (firey leo’s agression mixed with Virgo(the virgin hee hee)’s sexual tension.) yep.
2002-08-27 12:53:47 – Disco Nova
Thanx Neth. It’s getting close to Scorpio to, that might have something to do with it. It’s an old HP Randall, nothing is standard, you’d be better off putting all your components into the case with it. It has to be seen to be believed.
2002-08-27 13:06:03 – rand0m
Hearing the words "HP" and "computer" near each other makes me hurt. "HP" and "server" is okay, but "computer" makes me want to writhe in agony on the floor. And man, all this metaphysical hoo-haa … well … I’ll just leave that to you guys 😉
2002-08-27 15:22:09 – Burnz
No HP computers. HP Brown Shirt Armband bitches of the computer industry. They do make excellent fodder for catapults however, so think HP for your next seige. And I find the cosmic mumbo-jumbo interesting due to recent experience myself that has abated in a sudden mellow flow. Hate to say it was the moon, but that is certainly fascinating. I don’t actually have anything to say, but ….
2002-08-27 16:30:46 – realbighead
Day 2 without internet access in my house. *twitch* but I’m okay, really. *shudder* *twitch* And why do you metaphysical freaky-deakies have to invade my internet life? it’s been enough living with a bunch of hippy geezers, but when I get to the school library and start playing around with this intar-web, i don’t wanna hear about lunar-menstrual cycles or whatever. Goddamn. DSL ordered to the house, active as soon as my modem/router shows up *yay*
2002-08-27 16:33:13 – pinky
actually, randal, the moon does scientifically affect peoples bodies. the most common example would of course be the fact that a chick’s menstrual cycle is connected to the stages of the moon. yeah, so maybe it’s not all mumbo jumbo after all
2002-08-27 19:23:14 – Netheus
So does a lot of other stuff though… it’s the other stuff I want to study… The astrological stuff is just the tip of the ice berg. And I have been getting headaches lately…. by that I mean everyday, and by that I mean from morning until I go to sleep. ergh…. to hell with this, I am removing my pain center when I become a neuro surgeon.
2002-10-29 18:04:16 – Sterling
I know I got nothing to do with this site…I just want to say hi to everyone out there! lol! 🙂 Sterling from Punta Gorda Florida….GO CHARLOTTE HIGH!!!