Loooong weekend

Man, talk about a long weekend. It started like Thursday night and just kept going … no sleep that night, little sleep the next, party, blah blah blah. Makes for a very tired me — I’m glad I’m getting some sleep tonight. So yea, Tony threw a get together. Well, he really didn’t do anything besides make a single comment here and then hide in his room the whole night, but who’s keeping track? Anyway, during the night we figured out the greatest new invention for overweight people: the Fatapult. Picture a recliner with one of those springs under the seat — when you hit the recliner lever, BOING! your fat ass goes rocketing off the chair and, depending on your level of obesity, across the room, into your favorite pants, or about 20 inches onto your feet. We should have a prototype soon. 😉 So Tore and I are huge dorks. The other night we played 256 rounds of Soul Calibur *straight*. I don’t know how long it took, but I do know that I owned him pretty badly. Heh. Suckah. It’s looking to be a pretty crazy week at work. I’ve got 2 on-floor installations to do, one dedicated connection to hook up, a wireless site to survey and more. It’ll be busy, which is fun. Oh, and FYI — do not try to do TCP/IP traffic shaping / bandwidth limiting with Windows 2000. No matter what they say about Quality of Service, it doesn’t work.

2002-08-19 02:51:18 – blank