I hate NextCard. They are a terrible credit card company. Why? One word: Interest. With obscene interest rates above the 20% mark, this card sucks ass. I was going through my finances, which is oh-so-very-fun *cough*, and I didn’t know I was getting screwed until I looked at my statement and almost coughed up my left lung. I rolled over the balance to my luverly Discover Card and cancelled my account. If you have a NextCard, I suggest doing the same. Here’s a picture I found hilarious, YMMV. [L=]Pic Link[/L]. Other than that, very little is going on. Matt came over. I missed a marketing meeting. heh. Been working on intermitently to try and make it run like it should. We have no food in the house, either. *irritable* Other than that, very, very little is going on.

2002-08-13 15:52:19 – The Disco Nova
Anyone up for going to see xXx tonight?
2002-08-13 20:52:13 – fourdegrees
yeah, you’ll find discover card isn’t much better if you have late pmts…gets above the 22% mark. (finding that one out cost me both lungs *hurk*) late fees…don’t go there
2002-08-13 22:00:59 – realbighead
wanna know what kicks ass? debit cards that DON’T CHARGE YOU INTEREST BECAUSE YOU ALREADY HAVE THE MONEY. Them’s just my 2 cents, though.
2002-08-13 22:59:59 – Burnz
Yeah, and you get no fucking credit rating from a debit card.
2002-08-13 23:24:53 – realbighead
you also don’t pay other people lots of money for no good reason.
2002-08-13 23:28:42 – Netheus
Shit is bugging me again. Figured out why my parents didn’t come to my wedding. If they weren’t there, then it wasn’t real. Denial of their own ages/ mine. It’s just one of those things that fucks with you in the back. I know I can’t rely on them. I don’t really try to care about them anymore. But still… they’re my parents…. Sorry… Just don’t feel good.
2002-08-14 12:53:00 – realbighead
thank you, christony… I mean christina. oops. And it’s good that there’s no food in the house, you all are turning into fatties.
2002-08-14 20:03:07 – neth
hey Tore… shove that fat head back up your ass, and shit your eyes out so you can see the big man in the leather who wants to call you "bitch."
2002-08-15 00:23:40 – tony
so, if a fat person calls someone else a fattie, is that like democrats calling republics partisan?
2002-08-15 01:06:02 – tony
oh, there will be a little shindig at the house saturday night, i’ll be buying 15.5 Gallons of cheap beer (Miller High Life), so if you guys want to come over bring something cool and unexpected, like a friend that doesn’t resemble jar jar binks in a headlock
2002-08-15 07:31:20 – rand0m
*blanch* [looks at calendar] party wha?
2002-08-15 09:07:52 – netheus
wow… an unexpected party at the party place… hmm… sounds suprising…. I think I can try to make something like that…. unexpected….
2002-08-15 10:48:58 – The Disco Nova
Tore, get laid, seriously, you are becoming a gigantic downer. I’ll spring for a hooker for you.
2002-08-15 14:58:36 – rand0m
FYI, 423 N. Weber is not a "party house". We have no fraternity letters, no couch on our porch, no kegerator, and we *do* value our property. So, we are not a party house. A house that has parties often, sure. We are not an impromptu party hot-spot.
2002-08-16 03:07:12 – Burnz
15.5 Gallons….can you get that in IV drip form? And any man that thinks miller high life is cheap beer has not had to swill the pisswater that has come unto my digestive tract.
2002-08-17 12:41:32 – Burnz
*Starts to get leery of parties not endorsed by Randal* *Thinks he should just spend the night banging his girlfriend* *Realizes she reads this site* *Hopes she has the energy for it* *Prays she calls in time for Buffy and he goes back to drinking right out of the bottle,* *But is thinking about not coming*.
2002-08-17 12:49:10 – rand0m
:-O If it makes you feel better, Tore and I are going to get some Cuervo and shoot it until we pass out. Assuming this thing actually happens … I have no idea if it will because Tony is *very* incommunicado. Hell, even if there is no party, we’ll probably still do that.
2002-08-17 13:24:42 – Girlie
someone needs to be up for getting good and drunk monday or tuesday, i’ve been needing that for a while
2002-08-17 13:32:40 – rand0m
sorry hun, your schedule sucks. It’s tough for MF/9-5ers to party on Mondays and Tuesdays. :-/
2002-08-17 20:09:15 – Netheus
yeah… you asses with a 9-5 schedule….to hell with you. In other news I got a pell grant and a schoolarship (sp?) that will pay for my books AND tuition. WOO HOO!!! Oh, and school starts not this monday, but the one after that. EEP.