Thoughts and Observations

Okay, so we throw this party and I’ve stumbled upon a couple things. The first one is that girls will wait until you are nice and fucked up to bring up anything important. Burnz totally agrees with me on this one. It’s like they’re trying to get you at your weakest, and dammit, it works. Girls. Sheesh. The other thing is that parties are expensive. Holy cow, it’s incredible how quick it is to go through a bucket of cash when preparing for a party. I mean, $80 is chump change when there’s a $50 keg and loads of hard liquor, plus food. Very fun, but hard on the pocketbook. Thank god for a Liquor Fund. And one more thing … Soul Calibur is perhaps the best game ever made. Sure, it’s only for the Playstation for now, but man, this game is freaking addictive. I can’t wait for Soul Calibur 2 — will probably be the impetus behind the purchase of a PS2 or X-Box. w3rd. There’ll be a quick review of the party, as well as some updates for the site at shortly — stay tuned!

2002-08-12 00:10:35 – realbighead
Pirates! Argh!
2002-08-12 15:00:56 – rand0m
Mark has a [L=]post about pirates[/L] and ninjas that had me rolling … Soul Calibur is yummy.
2002-08-12 21:43:18 – Sister
Randy, go see Signs. M
2002-08-12 22:23:07 – rand0m
Saw it opening day with Steve … very good movie.
2002-08-12 23:59:39 – netheus
yeah…. I just spent abot $300 on books…. ergh…. talk about f*cking pirates…
2002-08-13 00:07:11 – The Disco Nova
Good party Randall, Frank said he’d prolly invite you to the next one he has at his house.
2002-08-13 01:24:18 – Laura
i hope you all vote tomorrow if you’re a registered republican, or unaffiliated (in which you can change your affilation at the polling place). if you want info, the gazette, independent, and citizens project have interviews and/or endorsments.