Crazy ass weekend and Layout

I had the craziest fucking weekend ever. I really can’t get into it, but man, it was nuts. Lots of good, good times. And most of it was not under the influence of booze-ohol! hahahahahaha, man, what a crazy time. Housematt is coming home manana, I get to pick him up and check out all of his fat [L=]Def Con[/L] shwag. I’m sure he’ll be super hopped up, so I’m going to drink like 4 gallons of a caffiene-baring substance so I can keep up. He always meets the coolest people and does the most interesting things — it’s great having that around. And I changed the site layout. Under the careful guidance of an oh-so-fastidious mac user who has a whacked out screen size and bad eyes, this site has been transformed into … itself. With red. I ditched the sidebar because it sucks. Don’t worry, everything is still here — links are on the top right. Hopefully this little change will get my ninny ass to update more often. And you know what that means? You’ll continue to get more Nothing For Nothing! Isn’t that fantastic? I sure think so. And one more thing! There is a [b]Potential Party[/b] in the works because summer is almost out, and dammit, summer can’t end without a huge blowout. More details to come. w0o!

2002-08-05 02:03:15 – The Disco X
I’ll make jello shots if you have another party. Lots and Lots. Except this time I’ll make them in YOUR kitchen.
2002-08-05 02:03:37 – The Disco X
Site looks good btw.
2002-08-05 03:01:32 – The Disco X
One comment though, since you removed the sidebar, what is the point of leaving the frame there?
2002-08-05 03:12:37 – The Disco X
MUST GO TO SLEEP! I smoked entirely too much weed last night, given howrarely I actually smoke it. I slept till like 4pm. I can’t go to sleep now, this sucks.
2002-08-05 09:42:41 – Girlie
like the color update… miss the sidebar & cam shot, added interest imo. blah, you need to have a party on a night i can show.
2002-08-05 10:31:17 – realbighead
I liked the red title bars with the round ends… but you already know that, since I ranted for hours about it last night. Too much gray makes the site bland. And how could the sidebar add interest? it hasn’t been changed in 2 months.
2002-08-05 11:48:15 – Girlie
the side bar is *supposed* to add interest – its not my fault randal’s too boring to change it every once in a while 🙂
2002-08-06 01:11:31 – MightyQuynh
Hmm nice site…who the hell is who, i know i’ve worked with one of u, this is the T1 Guy from qwest..
2002-08-06 01:24:39 – The Disco X
He’s using MSN! KILLL HIMMM!!!!
2002-08-06 01:27:17 – The Disco Nova
2002-08-06 02:32:54 – rand0m
No, no no no no no, don’t kill the Qwest guy. Please God Don’t Kill The Qwest Guy! He has been invaluable to the ongoing T-1 fixing — mad props! On another note, Asheron’s call is gay. (this is randal)
2002-08-06 03:17:29 – The Disco X
Starcraft is gay.
2002-08-06 12:28:28 – rand0m
You’re just a heathen. mmmmm, starcraft.
2002-08-06 16:26:29 – Master Ha-reed
DIE ZERG!!!!!!!!
2002-08-06 17:21:31 – The Disco X
Randal, can I come over to your house on friday and make Jello shots? I could make alot more if I didn’t have to put them in a freezer and lug them over.
2005-03-25 13:00:59 – Starcraft sucks balls
Starcraft is so fucking gay.. all bunch of fucking hackers you bunch of fucking losers. starcraft turns me on espcially those marines with those big strong masculine suits. can you imagine how big there cocks must be? it must be fucking huge to be wearing those cups? can you imagine what would happen if you kick them in the crouch. How about those zerglings eh? they run up to you and scratch our penis