My week and thanks

I’d like to start off by saying that this week has sucked. Across the board, this week has been way worse than par. I don’t even know why, it just is. So I have officially written this week off as a complete loss. I will be submitting it to my insurance company in the morning. I would like to give a big thanks to Steve Chapin for being the right guy at the right time and knowing exactly what to do for me during this shitty week. Steve has always been a lifesaver and will undoubtedly continue to be one for everybody he meets. A thanks to Burnz, too — it was nice to just get the hell outta town. I’m thinking I’ll take some time off and maybe hike / camp for a few days — anybody else interested? A few more things of note … whoever it was who came here via anonymizer, don’t bother going there. I don’t really care who reads this site, and I don’t any filters on, so blah on you, you weenie. And another thing … when I’m in a pissy mood, and I tell you that I’m in a pissy mood and right now is not the best time to talk to me about anything that requires coherent thought, please leave me alone. Just like I asked. I’m not lying to you — if I say come back in an hour, I mean “come the fuck back in an hour, and not until then, because I’m pissy, and I’ll verbally assault/abuse/make you feel bad.” Went out and saw K-19 tonight (with Steve :-)), it’s a good movie. I’d recommend it if you’re in for a kind of stoicly good, solid movie. Other than that, “Signs” comes out tomorrow, think I’ll ditch work early and go see that. w0o. Update – 3:40p – Went out and saw Signs. Holy cow, what a good movie. Go see it, it is *definitely* worth $7. Good good good good movie.

2002-08-02 15:36:28 – The Disco X
Allow me to Psycho-analyze your moods and possible solutions to them. Apathy – need to get laid Hostility – need to get laid Boredom – need to get laid Frustration – need to get laid Did I miss anything?
2002-08-02 17:19:27 – rand0m
I think you missed the "anti-skank" clause that is invisibly appended to everything I say or do. Oh, and you missed the "Horny as sin". 😉
2002-08-03 04:31:08 – tony
wow! wow! again! wow!
2002-08-03 14:31:28 – The Disco X
Insightful, aren’t I?
2002-08-03 17:45:54 – rand0m
Amazingly so, big boy.
2002-08-03 18:09:39 – The Disco X
Anyone doing anything tonight? I want to avoid my regular cliche due to the large amount of drama happening right now.
2002-08-03 18:15:34 – rand0m
oOooh, drama. Sucks, huh? Too bad that it is what most of life is made of. *sigh*
2002-08-03 18:57:44 – The Disco X
Get a coping mechanism. I simply allow people to see me as shallow. Burnz is an asshole. Tony drinks. All effective ways to avoid drama.
2002-08-03 19:39:10 – Master Ha-reed
Essential California Statistics: City with Greatest Number of California Babes per square mile (ncb/sq mi): Huntington Beach (must be the upcoming surfing competition) Runner Up: San Francisco Bay Area City with Least ncb/sq mi: Laguna Beach Worst Most Godawful tourist attraction on the face of this planet whose creators should die horrible horrible deaths: Universal Studios Best Tourist Attraction: Yosemite ….. unless its neck-craning in Huntington Beach and/or the Bay Area Number of Hotels south of Monterrey that are not owned and/or managed by Indians (not Native Americans, Indians from India): 0 (I’m not kidding) Reasons that San Francisco Rocks: 1. Weather 2. Women 😛 3. City Nightlife 4. Nifty things to do 5. Funky old buildings/stores/restaurants
2002-08-03 20:03:54 – rand0m
[i]I simply allow people to see me as shallow. Burnz is an asshole. Tony drinks. All effective ways to avoid drama.[/i] Those are rather blanketing, and if it’s true, I am saddened. Those kinds of things are what *MAKE* drama. Having a facade is pure BS, and is invariably the topic of most discussions … that’s how the drama gets created. If Burnz wasn’t an asshole on the frontside, what would you have to say about him? Very little, I’d imagine. Wow, not much to slander someone with? Sounds very barren of drama. I think the best "coping mechanism" is simply communication — put it out there on the table, hash it out and let it be water under the bridge.
2002-08-03 20:08:35 – rand0m
Sounds like your trip to Cali went well. All I know is that Cali has a nightlife / woman-crowd that cannot be touched by anything on the mainland (maybe FL?). If it weren’t for Gray Davis and the obscene number of pinkos there, California would rock the house across the board. mmmmmmm, girls.
2002-08-03 20:15:11 – The Disco X
Reminds me of a Quote: Utopia would work on an island full of philosophers In other words, if you’re the only one doing it, it only adds meat for the grist.
2002-08-04 07:10:10 – tony
wow! 2 nights in a row! wow!
2002-08-04 07:10:42 – tony
not as drunk this time around, mad props to randal for fucking genius moves man, mad props!
2002-08-04 14:10:08 – rand0m
2002-08-04 21:07:46 – CaptnSpectacular
did i completely miss the changeover to red? I do like it a lot tho
2002-08-05 19:59:29 – betty
Saw "Signs" I wish I would have gone to see it with one of you boys…. It was scary. I loved it. I like the site like this. Red is a good color.