Partay!! & Happenings

[b]It’s Party Time [i]!![/i][/b] Summer is drawing to a close, so we’re having a huge blowout before it dies. 9pm Friday @ the weber house — for more info, see the event site at [L=][/L]. So I go out with Craigalito last night, and we’re bummin, and we see a ton of hot chicks that I know from highschool. Wowsah, that was nice. Anyway, invited them all over for the party, blah blah blah, it was cool. Saw Hotty Michelle and the ice bucket while I was there, too, and that was okay. Saw Tore, too. It was a good time hanging out with the friends. Finally got a Qwest guy out to look at our line. He came out, tested some shit and everything came back clean. He swapped out NIUs/smartjacks at the house and at the CO, so hopefully, God willing, our line is fixed. I hope. Please. *sniffle* … that’s it for 24 hours … oh, that, and making from scratch. Did that too. heh. [b]Update![/b] — 08/07 @ 4:47p — I got a raise! An Extra $100 a month, WOOO! What a good day 🙂

2002-08-06 17:43:14 – The Disco X
Been a busy little bever haven’t you?
2002-08-06 17:58:52 – The Disco X
I can’t believe I spelled beaver wrong
2002-08-06 22:41:07 – realbighead
most retards are happy with first post, but Nova needs first several… what does this say about little Disco?
2002-08-06 22:48:00 – fourdegrees
he has a little dicso? i mean ‘beaver’ . . . yeah. heh
2002-08-06 22:52:51 – Netheus
Lord of the Rings DVD…. :::::Drooooooollll::::::::: can’t wait ::::drip drip::: till November…. aaagggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2002-08-06 22:55:12 – netheus
I just noticed… Randal posted that at 5:23… AEHIILRS!!!!!
2002-08-06 23:10:39 – tony
hey neth i’ve had lord of teh rings dvd since december, you want it 🙂
2002-08-07 02:35:42 – The Disco X
I’m sorry, I didn’t know that correcting my spelling was a retarded thing?
2002-08-07 11:50:38 – rand0m
LOL, you guys are funny. I called Lilly about the party (like I said I would) … she’ll show, but I don’t know if her preppy-and-hot friends will. That would rock. So if you guys want to spread the word around … 😉 😉 😉
2002-08-07 15:14:26 – The Disco X
That’s funny, I just watched that DVD last night at a friends house. And who the hell is fourdegrees?
2002-08-07 15:34:45 – rand0m
2002-08-07 17:41:50 – pinky
i must request equal opportunity and request for you to also bring your hot male friends…
2002-08-07 17:44:34 – The Disco X
I have a friend that might be coming down from boulder that would be perfect for you Laura. He’s a hippy IT guy at the school up there.
2002-08-07 17:49:13 – The Disco X
Randall, I had an idea: Active Topic Notification
2002-08-07 19:07:50 – rand0m
wtf? you mean like an e-mail that goes out whenever I post so my site? /me lost
2002-08-07 19:16:00 – The Disco X
Right, whenever someone posts and email goes out to people who signed up for it.
2002-08-07 22:13:01 – The Disco Nova
Oh joy! I get to spend a whole day tommorow with my Christian Missionary Aunt and Uncle.
2002-08-07 22:45:05 – rand0m
2002-08-08 12:19:41 – Master Ha-reed
I’m sure the Satanist thing will go off real well w/ them
2002-08-08 12:53:15 – pinky
do i seem like the hippie type? hrmm. thanks for thinking of me, james 🙂
2002-08-08 14:13:49 – rand0m
hahaha, the hippy type. FWIW, Samantha Garrett is an amazing woman. mmmmmmm, sammi. Not only is she smart, witty, fun to be around and really nice, she’s also attractive. Had lunch with her today … Good Times.
2002-08-08 19:00:16 – The Disco Nova
I survived. I stopped my relatives from bothering me by telling them my faith is a private thing. I survived Focus on the Family by concentrating on the never ending assault of young, nubile, curvaceous (sp?), innocent, virginal, beautiful greeters.