I rock, you suck.

you know what? I love rand0m. No, not me. Well, yea, I love me, but not that. The word ‘rand0m’. Man, incredible. I’ve had this nickname for so long, and boy do I love it. I look at some people’s screenames, like “weaksauce02” or “m4dh4x0r23093” and then at the nicks of people that I know and like, such as “insaneblackdog” and “vortex1269” and “pearly8067”. Yea, they’re just names and all, and hell, I wouldn’t mind having the words vortex and 69 associated with me, but come on. I know that it has very, very little to do with a person themselves, and has zero bearing on what they’re like [barring dog boy] … but dammit, it just makes me feel good to know that I have the original, one and only, good-for-always rand0m. w3rd. On another note, went out and saw the Blues Doctors at good old PHS on Saturday night … I went with Tore-dawg and HouseMate-Matt, and Excellent-Emily showed up half way through. We had a really good time, and it kind of pointed out a lot of things. First off, Bridgette Shaulis [sp?] is hottt. High school girls have a couple things going for them — they smell good and are soft & warm. That’s about it though. Not much under the hood. But the headlights are nice. LOL. Anyway, talking to Tore, and he mentioned that he hoped that we weren’t so juvenile when we were in high school. I kind of looked at him, knowing that indeed, we were. I watched the highschool boys fawn over their precious highschool girls, and I watch the girls bounce their tits and flirt, and all I think is “lame.” I remember sitting around trying to be “real.” What a fucking joke. Highschool is bullshit. Yea, it’s great fun and all that, but it’s absolutely nothing compared to after highschool. But I don’t live the normal college life – i.e. I have to pay rent, work et al – so I could be entirely wrong. I really don’t think that post-highschool is anything like highschool in any way, besides maybe the people that you continue to associate with. I’m glad that it’s this way … seeing highschool made me realize how truly young I am – old by HS standards, exceedingly young in Real Life . I gave a speech last night on the United States’ international position in the 21st century … I felt completely unprepared, but I got a 94%. How’s that for whack. I also got a link, thanks to Laura, to a website so full of hatred, loathing and scathing bitterness that I couldn’t stop reading it. As soon as I get the go-ahead to link it, I will post it, and summarily drive shitloads* of traffic to this mostly-unviewed site. (*shitloads = 2+ hits) Update – 03/19/02@7:55p – So I’ve had this pounding headache all day, and I can’t figure out where it came from. And I’m sitting here, eating some sugar-filled things, and it crosses my mind that “sugar is no substitute for caffiene” … this it hits me that I am wildly addicted to my go-juice. Because of this obscene twist of fate, I am going to get some coffee. Luscious, hot, tasty coffee. mmmmmmm. Update – 03/21/02@12:26p – So I got the message back from said website author to not link to his site. He took great offense, and laid down this e-mail about cock-waving and hit comparing and blah blah blah when it had nothing to do with that. I mean, shit, I want to give him traffic, because his site is a good read, and I think my audience would enjoy it. Why? Bitterness, hate, pain, the works — and I know that’s what you guys like, and although he may not think that is what his site is, well … that’s what it is … anyhow, no linky-dink.

2002-03-19 15:10:48 – Burnz
Tore be biggedy back 4 sping br34k? I is off Wednesday and Thursday. We make plans? Maybe with getting drunk? Maybe with getting drunk without involving cops? Lemme know. On another note, I too have seen the cesspool of highschool through the retrospective glasses of an "older" and "wiser" Burnz. There is nothing worthwhile to be said for it. Someday those kiddies will see how pointless and empty it really is and then they too can wallow in bitterness and hopefully self-loathing. In a related story, why is there a deer on the jagermeister bottle?
2002-03-19 15:54:22 – Disco
I see you got your page back up, I’ll have to read through it one of these days when I’m depressed about my life. 🙂 You should of come back, we ended up with like 12 people in there slamming jello shots. And the women were getting kinda liberal about where they let me take jello shots from. Good night all around,, too bad you had to leave.
2002-03-19 16:57:40 – rand0m
yea … would have come back, but I was busy listening to Tony babble on drunkenly while gazing upon this particularly fine girl I know … 😉
2002-03-19 17:16:57 – Pinky
ah, randal, as much as i pretend to hate you, you rock 🙂 i can’t believe you couldn’t staop reading it. i have trouble reading past the first 4 sentences because it’s so petty, but hey!
2002-03-19 18:44:51 – Tony
one word: cujo
2002-03-19 19:48:52 – rand0m
are you saying what I think you’re saying? [starts frontin]
2002-03-19 21:48:47 – Girl
Hey, Good to see the site is back. Loved the "pig ejaculatory specialist" remarks. "Kiddies" your age never cease to fascinate me. And your right, highschool was so banal. Almost like a sad play. Wonder what you’ll think of yourself (as of now) in three or four years. Also your descript nature is so……ongoing. I mailed you a big package on Monday…7-10 day mail. You will love me and/or at least stop hating me for a while. M
2002-03-20 00:14:00 – rand0m
LOL, you’re such a nut sis … I’ve been keeping my eyes open for this mystical package … guess I’ll keep waiting. And I hope that in 4-5 years I contine to be the wonderful man that I am. 😀
2002-03-20 06:18:38 – Burnz
*Looks foreward on himself looking back at himself and makes eye contact with himself and is awkward because he thinks he is gay now and wants to make hot man love with himself 4 years from now….which is kinda nice because he (I) can do it with little trouble.* And I don’t recall the pig ejaculatory specialist remark. And your search doesn’t work. And I am feeling very fragile right now and would like a little help in remembering where it is. Anyone that specializes in bacon cum is a friend of mine….that makes me want to write a song right after I post long useless comments on rand0m.org. Now seems like a good time.
2002-03-20 09:20:26 – rand0m
Sorry about the search thing being broken … ever since I recoded the site from scratch, a lot of stuff has been broken … I’ll see what I can do about getting the search to work. How does your song go? 😉
2002-03-21 00:51:59 – Girl
Burnz: I believe the "bacon cum" remark was on your own site/ methkitchen.com. It was in regards to Rand0m scoring ass. (at least the intellectual attempt, aka rand0m pontificating about scoring.) In an odd way that is such a complement about randy. M
2002-03-21 01:41:38 – Tony
complement or compliment?
2002-03-21 02:35:58 – Burnz
Compliment. And Methkitchen.com appreciates your patronage.
2002-03-21 16:53:25 – realbighead
Technically, linking is completely legal, with or without his permission. And since I have no doubts about the potential humor of this site, having read a thing or two on it before, I say give him the finger and link anyways. Share the pain, dontcha know.p
2002-03-21 22:27:07 – Tony
If linking is "completely legal", why was google just recently forced to remove a large majority of links to a site containing church of scientology data? http://slashdot.org/yro/02/03/21/0453200.shtml?tid=99 And what about 2600 magazine being sued for linking to sites containing DeCSS code where they went all the way to an appeals court to try and be able to link? This is all of course under the bullshit fruitbasket law that is otherwise known as the DMCA law. But fuck that, I want to see this inate bullshit! What are the chances the author of the web page has "gobs of cash for legal representation?"
2002-03-22 03:04:12 – Pinky
"So, I e-mailed Randal again, and said that if putting my link on his site was going to be a mean spirited action, then it would be nice if he didn’t. I told him to make the judgment. He decided not to put it on his site." so, it’s randal’s judgement call…….yeah. and i might be going fucking nowhere for break now…thanks to fucking people who are unreliable. if you want to lend me your car for a week, so i can go see three good friends and get out of colorado, let me know.
2002-03-22 14:19:47 – realbighead
DeCSS linking was illegal because DeCSS was illegal, not because 2600 didn’t have permission to link. And Google wasn’t forced to, they decided to because grief linking pisses people off, not cuz it’s illegal… plus, there’s a court case with the actual church of scientology (not just the website ownder) to make them put the links back on. The DMCA doesn’t prevent people from linking; proper linking falls under fair use. Stealing their content or presenting it in a fashion they don’t allow (reformatting, archiving links to image files normally presented in some other fashion, framing their content in your own, et al) doesn’t, and is therefore prosecutable. You can get the DMCA text at "http://www.eff.org/IP/DMCA/hr2281_dmca_law_19981020_pl105-304.html" if you wanna check it out… interesting, albeit long, read.