Sheer Brilliance

Man, so it’s been a crazy couple of days. Went to work on Wednesday morning around 8:30, and didn’t leave until about 5:15am today [thursday]. Now, I know you’re not thinking “why were you there so long” but are actually thinking “why did you leave!?” Well, around 5:15am, about 80% through our mail / sql / dns server migration, Jack pulls my insanely driven gogogo-ness up short and tells me that we have to stop and button everything up before the business day starts [still ~3 hours away]. I am most definitely in the zone, and inform him that I can guarantee that we will be done by 7am. 100%, bet my life on it. I’m so into getting this thing done that I’m frothing. And he says “no, we’re not doing it, period.” I disagreed. And then we started arguing, voices got loud, and we both got mad as hell. So, instead of coming to blows, I left. Yup, you heard me right. I walked out of my job, mid company-crippling project. I went for a walk at 5:15 am, and it was cold as hell. I finally calmed down a bit, and went back to work to try and pick up where I left off. I go up there, and Jack tries to get me to talk about the little spat, and it mind-fucked me. All of a sudden, I stopped thinking, and I could only conjure up thoughts of “get the fuck out of here.” So I got my stuff and left. Seriously, mid conversation, grabbed my fleece, my laptop, and walked out. I went home, and sat downstairs, trying to take a nap, but I couldn’t. No sleep. None. So I laid there, wide awake, and at about 8:20am, I get a call from work, saying “Randal, everything is broken. Please come in.” So I took a shower, called in, and went to work – and spent the whole day fixing the huge fuckup that came from the ball being dropped. There are a couple things that this whole situation has brought up, none of which are super great. The first off is that there is an authority conflict between Jack and I, which isn’t good. Also, it shows that the company is painfully dependent on me. Although this is good for job security, this event highlighted it, and as such, I’m sure HPI will go out of it’s way to *not* be dependent on prone-to-walk-out me. The whole thing kind of stinks, and I don’t think I should have done what I did. Thoughts?

2002-03-15 04:08:23 – Burnz
1st – Business that matters – What the dilly with my e-mail you fool? I don’t want to have to execute a deadly eye-gouging manuver on you. 2nd – I say you did the right thing. You were busting your ass for these people and it is gaining you a solid reco from a business that you yourself say is barely keeping afloat. You aren’t raking in the dough or anything, and it ain’t that hot for your resume. So if Jack wants to be up in your face waving his dick around, then you do the same thing. Disagree whole heartedly if you think you can do it. People need adversity. And they know you’re valuable. You’ll be fine. Don’t trip about it. And fix my damn e-mail. People that are actually important are suffering here.
2002-03-15 12:58:22 – rand0m
hey, don’t complain — both you and I are not on the paying list of people who get their e-mail working ASAP 😉 Thanks for the support, though 😀
2002-03-16 00:31:09 – rand0m
FYI Burnzy-wurnzy, the webmail is up at … just login with your normal UID/PWD and you should be good to go. w0o!
2002-03-17 01:44:02 – tony
now listen… so you recognize what is missin… i know you motherfuckers think you know but you don’t fries, party, liqour, and hoes so now you know that’s what we got, so now you know mmm, good
2002-03-17 02:53:09 – tony
what the fuck did i say like that time, woah
2002-03-19 04:34:44 – pinky
yeah, so, can someone think of a fucking excuse that doesn’t need any sort of proof to explain why i haven’t been to class in three weeks and haven’t written the paper due in a few hours? fuck.