Another Saturday Morning

You know, there isn’t a whole lot that is worse than a mildly hungover, horny, unable to sleep, aggressive-feeling me. Okay, so we’re partying drinking last night, and the typical fucking thing happens. There I am, drinking, kind of down. No, there is no explanation, fuck you very much. Drink and drink and drink and drink and then all of a sudden, I am passed out somewhere. And everyone is still awake doing their thing, but Mr. Host is drunkenly catching some Zs. And then come whenever the fuck that time comes, everyone gets up and goes. And where’s the kind of host / leader / head guy? That’s right, still passed out on the goddamn couch. So everyone leaves, and then I feel bad. This happens all the motherfucking time and I don’t like it one goddamn bit. Another thing is that when I’m drinking, I get pissed off pretty quickly if I’m not in my typical super-happy mood. For instance, I’m chillin there, doin my thing and Shawn starts frontin. I don’t know what about, probably his girlfriend [he’s a bit testy when it comes to anyone not loving his woman] … anyhow, it was completely small shit, and I felt angry. Weird. I did some yelling last night … that was pretty therapeutic, but it is definitely not so good on the social interaction side. And one last thing that pisses me off is when people come over to drink, they drink and then sit around and sober up enough to go home. What kind of motherfucking bullshit is that. You’d think that people would be able to fucking commit to one goddamn thing, but nOOoOooo, gotta fucking pussy out. Not only do they fucking leave, but they leave while I’m passed out on the goddamn couch … which is wrong, because *they* should *also* be passed out on the goddamn couch. I fucking hate that. And another thing. What the fuck is up wi … grrr … [sigh] … [realizes that this part will get Randal in real life hot water, and avoids it]. I heard the word “cock blocker” come out last night, and all I have to say is that if you’re a motherfucking peice of shit cockblocker you should be taken out back and shot. I fucking hate that. No, not last night so fuck you, just in general. I really, really hate that. I mean, if I get my nuts out of my hands long enough to talk to some girl, the last fucking thing I need is some dude, or fuck that, some fucking chick, to stand in my way. Fuck that. Update – 12:34p – sitting here on the couch, and this quote comes out … “You know [roommate] Matt is a great guy and lots of fun to have around, but he’s just not bitter enough.” LOL … that, coming from me. I guess that sometimes the camaraderie is stronger if the pain-derived bitterness is shared 😉 Update – 4:58p – While folding laundy and such, it hit me that this post comes across as wildly disgruntled. I need to make it really clear that I am not ranting about a general thing, and not saying that life sucks by any stretch. In fact, life is great, and things are really, really good. Last night, however, is an isolated incident and does not constitute anything more than a couple hours of whining. Also, the whole goddamn tire thing is really bugging me. I’m so not a man. LOL

2002-03-24 05:49:42 – Pinky
I was talking to my friend today and she mentioned that i was bitter a lot of the time and didn’t understand why…so, randal, i suppose it runs in the ex-highschool group of people, or something. give me input on it, cause i sure as hell couldn’t answer her except for a "isn’t everyone else like that?" apparently they’re not.
2002-03-24 11:17:51 – rand0m
Well, from what I’ve seen among guys is that we’re bitter and cynical because we’ve been burned by a woman with which we’ve had an intimate relationship … the jadedness doesn’t come directly from that, but is more of a side-effect of coping with the situation. With that, I must ask … Laura, has one of your intimate female relationships gone awry? 😉
2002-03-24 17:21:11 – pinky
does matt count as a woman? hehe
2002-03-24 22:16:58 – Netheus
Firstly, depends on which Matt… I can think of three Matts that might as well be girls. Secondly, Randal, has it ever occured to you that the drinking might set off a mood swing, or, perhaps, release your repressed emotions. I hate yoko, but f*ck, just go somewhere and start screaming. Think up all the sh^t that pisses you off, and don’t stop yelling till you feel better. And I’ll come over and get drunk with you and pass out on your couch anytime!!!
2002-03-24 23:59:42 – Burnz
You’d better get down with defining which Matt’s you think might as well be girls there missy.
2002-03-25 01:04:14 – keener2u
Eh….*mental note* must work on bitterness.
2002-03-25 17:40:02 – Pinky
indeed, i was referring to the matt hix. not burnz. burnz is about as much female as his mom, which means he has a penis and likes guns 🙂
2002-03-25 18:38:05 – Netheus
Hmmm… Definitive List… Hix–f Burnz—m Blum–m Killday–f damn… can’t think of anymore… hate that brain anti-lock brakes thingiee majigger….