General News

So I hadn’t drank anything for a whole week until last night. I kind of took a “won’t drink until Saturday” approach to avoid being classified as an alcoholic. Anyhow, so yea, I got really, really, really drunk last night and watched some movie. Oh right, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. Then we got more drunk. And then we decided to go to some CC parties, so we did. Attended one, and it was really hoppin, then went over and picked up Emily (not quite sure how I feel about that, what with getting shot down), and went to another party, but then she got tired / not drunk / whatever and left. Tony and I went to Denny’s and met up with Matt and Paul, then went home and passed out. Quite a good night. Kinda tired today, though. Got an unexpected phone call on Friday night from this girl at school named April. She rang me up and came over, showed her the place, blah blah blah. Then wewent over to her place, and then to her friends place, where we played poker and these three dudes smoked a *HUGE* blunt. Cigar size, fucking monstrous. Anyhow, Friday night was really fun as well. Saw my dad the next morning, cuz he came down from Denver and we went and had breakfast together. I have to say it again — my Dad fucking rocks. Other misc news … there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll be buying another laptop; this one is having some whack power issues, and it’s just getting slow. Hopefully work will chip in a little and help me out. Also, got a new cell phone number — all you peepz out there can hit me up at 719.287.4741. The old number is still active, but is just a forward to the new one. Other than that, I think I’m gonna buy a receiver and a futon cover today. That’s about it 🙂 [b]Update[/b] – 11:15p – 03/10/02 :: Do any of you guys have any opinions on what kind of laptop I should go after? I’m thinking a Dell Inspiron, cuz they have that 1600×1200 screen. [orgasm here]. Also, I got a futon cover, gotta wash it though. Oh yea, ideas on where to get a decent mid range reciever? I’m thinking pawn shops.

2002-03-11 15:13:39 – Burnz
April from the waterfountain April? And any department store or Electronics outlet like Circuit City should have mid-range receivers. Don’t quote me on that exactly, because I don’t shop at Circuit City. Pawn shops are nice if you are buying ammo, things with serial numbers filed off, or want something with a tell-tale bloodstain otherwise I wouldn’t recommend them. But if you must, go with the ones that also offer loans, bail bonds, and have the fliers to strip clubs wallpapering the window.
2002-03-11 15:20:36 – rand0m
yea, waterfountain April. And about the whole pawn shop thing … you can’t beat their I-cut-his-throat-and-stole-it prices. And there’s some good stuff, usaully … hrmm … Oh, about the laptops … I want one with 1600×1200 res 😉
2002-03-11 16:33:02 – tony
Check out the soundshop, over on cimarron and tejon corner. They’ve got high end receivers and they also have occasional good deals on used equipment. Kurt tells me you find the philipino guy and he will sometimes cut a deal with you.