Oh my, another one gone

Another example of how mindless I am: rand0m: so yea rand0m: ditched speech rand0m: and got out of poli.sci hella early. rand0m: that was good. rand0m: rest of the day was pretty blah. and why am I typing this here? rand0m: should be in the admin section of the site. LOL. rand0m: my, self-dialog is fun. Doesn’t that just inspire you? I know that whenever I drone on and on mindlessly, and then comment on them to myself, I feel like I am affirming my sanity. On another note, Toshiba has a laptop the rocks the fucking house. Tim, one of the non-punk-ass geekpad guys, pointed it out to me … it’s quite a bit cheaper than the Dells I’ve been looking at, and is at least comparable. On a different note, I am having some problems with the woman thing. The amount of random hookups has increased exponentially sinced I moved in here, but sadly, the number of actual good relationships has not. Well, I mean, the guys here rock, and I feel like I’m on some good wavelengths with the housemates [you guys rock the fucking house!], everything that has to do with “real” stuff just isn’t there. And it’s starting to suck. Oh well, guess I’d better go drown these feelings of sorrow in sex, alcohol and rock and roll. Disclaimer time: for the record, Emily is not a bitch. Or cold and heartless. Or even a bad person. In fact, she really rocks. So when I make apparently disparaging remarks, I am actually just lying through my teeth in an attempt to vent my own pitiful, miserable frustration. Capice-a-corn? Having some issues with that logo contest from forever ago. Turns out that Dilun Ho ganked Steve Chapin’s mountain and submitted it as his own. Hashing out the issues here, and have a pretty suh-weet one in place. Oh, and I highly recommend Bicardi Silver to anyone who is interested in a scrumptious, citrus-y malt liquor. Goes down easy, and only like 10 proof, too! Mas Manananana~!

2002-03-12 05:22:07 – Burnz
Fuck you and your ability to drink without involving the police. Burnz:I looked up "non-punk-ass geekpad guys" it just said "see nonexistant also: immaterial, fictitious, and stoned. Acronyms: Useful people, guys that have sex with women, and alligators." Burnz:Alligators? Burnz:Yeah, alligators, and that acronym was pretty blah. Burnz:And my disclaimer:for the record, I actually don’t like the geekpadites, and so I am telling the complete and honest truth. Please take to heart my animosity because I was the one that turned them down. So I don’t have any miserable frustration. Oh lord I am tired.
2002-03-12 09:56:00 – rand0m
I don’t follow the acronym part, but that may just be because I’m falling down stupid. As for miserable frustration, I have plenty laying around, should I share? Hell, I could sell this shit — I’m sure there are some youngins out there who would be willing to buy their teen angst from me.
2002-03-12 10:02:58 – realbighead
I think he meant antonym. based on the fact that the two terms "useful people" and "non-punk-ass geekpad guys" are being compared, I can come to no other conclusion than that he meant them to be opposed, instead of one being an abbreviation of the other. For the record: never ever ever do a Hindu pushup if you can avoid it. God I am sore.
2002-03-12 10:38:11 – tony
damn tore you sure as shit couldn’t get me to do a hindu pushup i like my shoulders and collarbone in one piece
2002-03-12 13:07:53 – rand0m
After looking up Hindu Pushups, Tony sent me this link, which makes them look terribly sucky — go here, and scroll down to "Hindu Pushups": http://www.cbass.com/Furey.htm [moans in agony]