Changing things (wildly offensive?)

Okay, so I’m sitting around and thinking about some stuff, and I figure out that not only have not received a haircut or replaced my trucks headlight or even bought the futon cover, but I realized that people and relationships change — and also tell you a lot about that person. I’m just going to kind of run through these badboys… Okay, the first group of people are obviously the dudes at thegeekpad. I mean, those are all pretty alright guys, except for when you happen to step on their toes a bit. Now, everyone expects some discomfort, but come on. First they get all pissy at my “no I won’t moderate your news/comments to protect illegal activity” thing, and then they get all mad as hell when one of them gets fucked because of their admitted blinding stupidity. I thought that Craig, for instance, was a pretty good guy. I enjoyed his company and stuff, but alas, that’s no more. Same goes for Ray. Kinda the same goes for Kurt, but Kurt’s a lot more easy going than the previous 2. And that right there kind of highlights shit. I mean, why hasn’t Pat shown up and spewed shit? It could have something to do with the fact that it’s, or it could be that he doesn’t need to say anything. Same goes for Tim — where the hell is he? Why does it seem like the only people actively bitching are the lackeys of the house? Very odd how such nice, enjoyable people can turn into real assholes. Kinda makes you think, huh? Okay, I’m going to avoid the next changing person, because the whole “her and I” thing has been beat to death. Let it be known that she is now an Ice Queen at least 64% of the time. At least she thanked me for the birthday card and seemed pleased to speak to me today. w3rd. Okay, next is Steve, Tore and Matt. Now, these three guys are radically different. I mean, Tore is a hippy at a liberal arts college, and Matt throws boxes at Wally-World and Steve is a computer dude. The relationships I have with them are pretty similar though; although removed distance-wise, it seems like there is a pretty close connection. Not as much with Tore, because we don’t speak / type a lot, but it’s still there cuz of the history. It’s kinda weird how the relationships go from “yea, randal’s a good guy” to “randal’s a philandering ass” to “randal has at least gotten some tang”. I know I have changed, and I know both of them have changed, but I think of all of them the same way — Tore and Steve as the immovable, warm & fuzzy, bend-over-backwards always there type, and Matt as the never-will-betray-you, stunningly blunt yet enjoyable listener type. Oddly enough, those two people have held the position in my life, and our relationships haven’t changed that much: matured, but not changed much. I like them. I was gonna put Laura in here (and Emily, for that matter), but I have to go to class soon. I’ll probably update and put her in, but the gist is that she’s changed a bunch, and I still enjoy her company, but her idealogy seems to be a huge stumbling block in our friendship. I’m pretty sure that’s my problem, though, because I’m “male” and “closed-minded”. LOL. Laura and I were pretty good friends in highschool, and I’d like to think we’re pretty good friends now. Problem is, though, that both of us have changed quite a bit since highschool. Well, I’d like to think that I’m not the same guy, but that’s probably not true. So, in effect, Laura (not me) has changed since then. She is a lot more vocal and active about her opinions now than ever before, and simply because hers don’t coincide with mine, any sort of conversation we have (which invariably ends up in politics) quickly goes to shit. I think she cares a lot more about people and things that are not herself than I do … it might just be our train full of baggage, or it could just be different views, but there’s some relationship tension … I don’t know if it’ll ever work itself out, but in the meantime, it’s nice to know that I can, at any given time, say that I have a friend with bright pink hair. Not going to say anything about Emily, cuz there’s not much left. hrmph. >-| So yea, people change. It’s pretty crazy to see how quickly (less than a day!) and wildly a person’s view will swing to the extreme, and consequently how quickly they’ll treat you like shit. Never seems to work that way to the good side of things. Wouldn’t it be super awesome if an intelligent, attractive, rand0m-luvin 19 year old woman became a super-good-friend in less than 4 hours? That would rock the house.

2002-03-07 18:07:14 – tony
about the post, whatever… anyway c&c renegade is the shit
2002-03-07 18:26:18 – rand0m
HAHAHA, Burnz, I knew this would happen: I have come to realize that my content doesn’t mean anything and that people come here solely for the purpose of reading whatever staggeringly irrelevant comments that happen to get posted.
2002-03-07 22:30:05 – realbighead
why do you universalize "tony" to "people"? some of us read all the content. which includes comments. and suggesting that I come here to read tony’s posts is just wrong. although watching craig try to cock-fight is funnier than anything you’ve ever written. Not that you can’t write funny shit, but craig preening himself is about as funny as things get.
2002-03-08 12:05:38 – tony
it’s simple really, i read the post, and it’s stuff i hear anyway, it talks to a lot of people, with the exception of ‘tony’ so, i don’t see myself in this post about people changing, well, i guess i haven’t changed then right? so you see what i’m saying, it’s not the end-all definitive answer to life, so yeah, about the post, whatever… hey, c&c renegade is the shit
2002-03-08 12:28:34 – Siaokh
I’m here… alive and breathing… i just prefer to lurk. **lurkmode on** -Tim
2002-03-08 13:04:56 – click
I had things to say, and now i’m done.
2002-03-10 00:00:58 – rand0m
2002-03-10 09:53:23 – tony
dude! this vent fucking rocks! damn, we were drunk, hella drunk! hey, wanna go to 7-11? cool!