The Plan

Went out and saw Monty Python & The Holy Grail – it was simply brilliant [still]. Steve, his roommate Nick and friend Eric came down from Denver to catch the flick, which is really neat — I followed them back up here to Denver, where I’m staying the night so we can LAN all day Sunday … then, Sunday night, I’m supposed to head to Boulder to party with Laura, and then I don’t know what on Monday — I have class at 5:20pm, so I have to get back in town with some sort of punctuality … other than that, not much interesting stuff has been happening. I’ll put up some webcam pics from the party in the morning [around 10?] … and tell all of you about the no-doubt-to-be crazy partying in Boulder tonight. 😀

Update: Okay, for some reason, my computer is being a complete fucking retard. I have absolutely no idea what is wrong with it, but it sucks. The worst part is that I have over 15GB of files I’d like to hang on to … so I can’t just format/reinstall here at the LAN. This blows. I hope to get really, really, really drunk. Please god.

2002-01-20 14:22:43 – Disco X
Randall, going to the SPLAT lan on feb 2?
2002-01-20 14:43:05 – Laura
I would like to forwarn anyone coming up here to party, that the partying has sucked recently, so we’ll probably just be drinking in my dorm…yeah
2002-01-22 01:52:21 – red5
howd the party/drinking go? i would like to know
2002-03-01 14:55:03 – asdf
asdfsdf ‘D