How you go?

Wow, I had a pretty busy weekend. Being a definite departure from the norm, I am glad that it didn’t suck. The quick gist … I didn’t do much on Saturday … in fact, I don’t really remember satur-Day, I remember saturnight [yuk yuk], cuz a bunch of us went out and saw Monty Python & The Holy Grail at Tinseltown’s midnight movie. It rocked – Steve, Nick & Eric came down from Denver to see it, and Tony and Craig and Jared made appearances too — it was a good time 😀 After that, the denver guys and I went up to steve’s place … got to sleep around 5am, woke up a little after 10:30, and started to LAN. My box is a peice of shit, and didn’t like being in Denver. That seems to be the general consensus – take my box out of co.springs, and it stops working. Period. A format / reload there didn’t fix it, so I said fuck it. Anyhow, a lot of people were there, and everyone had a good time – I’m glad I went :-). I left Steve’s place around … what, 9:30? and went to Boulder to see Laura. Showed up there and met a handful of her friends [props to Scott, Drew, Claire, Kirk & Kevin if they ever read it!] — I’m sure she thought me uncomfortable around her people, but I wasn’t really: they’re all nice, I’m nice, we got along pretty well. Got completely fucked up in Laura’s dorm room with her and a couple other people. I don’t remember falling asleep, really, just waking up. After that, went back to Steve’s, fucked around for a while, then came back to the springs for class and whatnot. Got my computer running last night, but it’s not up-to-snuff yet, still pretty broken — and I lost about 70% of my mp3s … ahh well. And that was my weekend. No sex, no rioting, not even any gaming — just good times with good people. [b]Update[/b]: Okay, I got this in my e-mail the other day — it’s a real uplifter 🙂 [i]About the site don t remember how I found it, but I think it was through a random (ha ha) search on google about a couple of weeks ago. It really do like the site though, and hit it at least twice daily in hopes that there s something new to read. It has inspired me to get off my ass and finally code that damn website for my city s AYSO soccer region … After I finish that one, I m gonna make my own website similar to yours, I hope, what with the daily log and all. Thanks for the inspiration [/i]

2002-01-22 19:00:01 – t
randal, we gonna have poker night this friday night… and you’re invited
2002-01-22 19:07:01 – rand0m
wow, wildly off topic … who’s hosting?
2002-01-23 02:21:58 – Laura
no props to laura, who definitely rocks….but yeah, randal kinda feel asleep on my floor…and woke up and was good. and i wasn’t uncomfprtable, the rock. i was more uncomfortable that they wouldn’t like you….but everyone was good….yay for alcohol. my friend jeremy ("the new garrett") is puking now because he drank too much. poor baby. he has to run with the marines at 7:15 in the morning…awwwww….we’re roadtripping to DC and NYC for spring break! alright, drunk laura is going to bed…night night
2002-01-23 06:42:26 – Burnz
Oh sure, I am off that day, I could come party in Boulder….oh wait I wasn’t invited, I just got the drunken IM saying that I should have come. People are stupid, I know, but I expected better.
2002-01-23 10:06:50 – rand0m
if anybody IM’d you on sunday night it was laura … I was not coherent enough to type. [w3rd!] yes, we’re dumb. sorry.
2002-01-23 14:18:38 – AOLMAN
2002-01-23 18:02:47 – tony
Hey, I’m taking 21 hours right. And the only 2 classes I have on fridays are CalcIII and Physics. In light of the fact that I can take Calculus III online and don’t actually have to be there, whereas I DO have to be in Physics, I am strongly considering dropping this. What do you guys think? Should you drop a class just so you can skip fridays and go snowboarding?
2002-01-23 18:36:53 – Burnz
You’d lose what, like 3 class hours from Calc? Big freaking deal. Drop that shit and snowboard. Oggle some bunnies, use words like "binding" and "Japan Air" and "Sponsored".
2002-01-23 19:39:34 – Laura
21 hours = = stupid. also, we did not know you were off, matt. next time, we will make it point, if there is a next time…muhahahaha.