couple new stuffs

oof. so tired. not “depressed and life sucks” tired, but “happy productive wore out” tired. Although things aren’t even close to the best possible conditions, what with life spinning wildly under who knows’ control, I feel like I am really back. No longer fishtailing madly around the unexpected curves — not more “control” though … things are just better. I think I am now a wiser, better me. But I am me.

I have decided that my current schedule is a bad one. I go to sleep way too late, wake up late, and then feel all whack because there’s not much to do from ~7pm till 1am on weekdays. I have put on a lot of weight [:-( :-(] – I am thinking I just might start waking up at 6 am to go work out, go to work, do school, and then be asleep by 10pm. That sounds so adult though … agreed, I don’t want to be old, but their schedule, offendingly enough to my young sensibilities, makes things seem a lot more accomplish-able.

Update: Wow, I slept a lot last night. Quite the good change from only a couple hours of good sleep a night 😉 Had a whack ass dream that involved the movies, me, 2 guys and a showdown fight in the bathroom … I won … but I don’t really remember much about it. Umm … There are more logos put in under the Logo Contest — I’ll tell you, there are some talented people out there on the net.

Plans for tonight — Monty Python and the Holy Grail is playing at Tinseltown as the midnight movie; I am fully intending on going, so if you’d like to come too, hit up my cell 🙂

2002-02-27 01:09:35 – asdfasfd