wednesday. and stuff. titles suck.

yummm, Cold pizza in the morning … scrumptious.

Update: I bought books this morning. Total Damage: $327.68 And three of the four purchased books were used. I feel violated. :-/.

Update: There are more logos in the Logo Contest check them out! On an aside, a little voting thing for those would be pretty cool. [looks into this]

2002-01-16 09:19:13 – realbighead
wurd up to that. oh, and nova: FIRST POST!!!!!!!1!!!11!111 rtooflelol
2002-01-16 18:41:26 – mc17
yess… voting. good. and your php ass could do it rather simply… no?
2002-01-16 21:44:51 – rand0m
yup. don’t we all know that I’m god *cough* when it comes to computers?
2002-01-16 22:55:02 – Burnz
Nova, 4 in. You are the post bitch this time. Bend over.
2002-01-16 23:36:31 – tony
Now see, the logos, this is too fucking easy, cuz, i’m sure as hell not submitting one. You see, what’s easy is, they are all shite, pure fucking shite! dude, you want a logo, just write HPI in some fucking font. that’s it. modern… progressive… whatever the fuck that, and i hate my roommates, well, a few of them, okay, jp cuz he keeps leaving meat in the god damned kitchen fucking sink and john, that kike cunt doesn’t know what’s coming
2002-01-16 23:59:33 – rand0m
hahaha, "kike" … I haven’t heard that word in forever.
2002-01-17 15:43:40 – t
actually the new logo by andy cho looks good
2002-01-17 17:17:52 – Laura
i really only like mark’s…the other one’s look like a bunch computer nerd 17-25 years olds put them together. oh, wait…..damn. and there’s one by OC that looks good, but i don’t know what it was.
2002-01-17 19:05:11 – rand0m
I was talking to Mark and I said the *exact same thing* I was like … man, I like yours mark. And that OC guy’s logo, with the blue and yellow … those are both good. I’m just glad to get a slew of quality submissions 🙂
2002-01-17 19:10:43 – mark
aww….shucks. You guys…
2002-01-17 20:11:59 – t
well, marc’s logo is okay, only it looks like a blatant ripoff of the HP (hewlett packard) logo and oc’s first one also looks like a blatant ripoff
2002-01-17 22:57:05 – t
all right, i stand corrected mark’s logo IS NOT a blatant ripoff of HP’s logo, and that logo would be my second choice ( maybe a different color scheme though )
2002-01-17 22:58:21 – realbighead
actually, oc’s first logo (I believe) is quite similar to the Gazette’s logo. So not merely is it derivative, but it’s derivative of modern societal evil. Again, haven’t seen the gazette in a while, so I’m not totally sure, but if it’s not that, it’s another newspaper-type thing.
2002-01-18 00:01:54 – Mr. Sugar
Hey, I take offense to the logo’s all being shit! :). I worked hard on those. Hopefully my new ones will be up soon. They are more simplistic.
2002-01-18 00:09:46 – rand0m
[holds a sign that says "mat" on it up to chest, lays down on floor] yea yea yea … I’m uploading them now 😉
2002-01-18 00:11:01 – rand0m
oof, I just looked at them, and they’re too big right now — I’d resize and upload, but I have no photoshop on my laptop: they’ll have to wait till mornin’
2002-01-18 02:23:16 – mark a.k.a. Red5
Thanks tony. I actually did think to myself that it looked similar, but then i realized that of course it did, you cant have lower case hpi and lower case hp not look the same… could, but..whatever. Thanks for saying that tho, it was bothering me all night 😉 AND HERE is the logo that randal wont put up because hes a pussy, however i think it is my best work yet.
2002-01-18 14:45:50 – Master Ha-reed
Excellent… who wouldn’t want an ISP that would scare the fuck out of them??
2002-01-18 15:21:11 – Mickey
2002-01-18 20:27:17 – realbighead
dance dance revolution has proven that I am the un-whitest suckah around. Though I have yet to conquer the mighty "AzN kANdY kID" mode, I am still a god among pasty white nerdly men. And yes, we’re using the pad controller that makes you look retarded while playing.
2002-01-18 21:24:11 – some kid
i want an isp that scares the fuck outa me.