Logo News, and misc. cool stuff

Okay, the Logo Contest now has it’s own page – hopefully I’ll get a whole slew of submissions so that I won’t get “wow, your cards look cheap” anymore. Again, it’s $50, so make one and send it in 🙂

In other news, I had a review thing-a-ding this morning, and it went really well. The company officers love me and are striving to make sure that I stay around. I’m stoked. Not only did I get to voice my opinion and whatnot, I got more stock! wOo! Also, get this – a while ago, we ditched the leases on a couple servers because we were paying waaay too much for them; it turns out that on one of the servers, the leasing company has no record of the server. There’s a damn fine chance that we’ll get another server back for a whopping $1.00! That’ll be handy as hell. Also! Tony is working at Emergent now for sure. That’s pretty cool – being unemployed sucks cock. [jabs steve with finger]

Update: Thought I’d give an update on school … Economics looks to be an easy class, which is good 🙂 … Poli.Sci is taught by a staunch leftwinger who, oddly enough, spouts libertarian idealogy continuously – that’ll be great fun – and my Speech class is taught by this dude who’s really dramatic. That’ll be a fun class, especially with all the theatre chicks who are in there 😛 I’ll have some more juice after my Business class tonight.

2002-01-15 15:24:19 – Disco X
if anyone is going to the concert at the underground tonight, I’ll be there as a bouncer.
2002-01-15 16:05:30 – rand0m
concert? Who’s playing? I bet they suck. At least you could let me in free… that’s cool.
2002-01-15 16:52:20 – Laura
aren’t the dead kennedys (reformed without jello) playing? or was that some other night. i suggest you don’t go randal, as the skinheads will kick your fucking ass whether there’s bouncers or not…. 🙂
2002-01-15 16:58:10 – Disco X
It is the dead kennedy’s, and there are 14 bouncers, and I won’t let them hurt you randall 🙂 Alternatively, you could have Laura scare them away. Dave is gonna be a bouncer too.
2002-01-15 17:57:10 – TEH REEL AOLMAN
2002-01-15 23:57:29 – Laura
yeah, and i’m so sure that 14 overweight middle aged bouncers can stop a bunch of skinheads, even if they are ex-military. those fuckers suck. i hope you didn’t get killed, james, but actually that’s a lie…mwuhahahahaha