Ahhh, a brand new time

Today starts a brand new week. And not only a brand new week, a brand new time in my life. I start school again today – I’m stoked! w0o! Here come the parties! The chicks! The sex! The wild insane craziness that is broadly associated with frolicking college students who are mind-hazingly intoxicated! WOO, I can’t wait!

In other news, I am eating some Chinese food. It is Damn Good, and I thoroughly recommend that you get some from Tokyo Teryaki. Ahh, scrumptious. Oh, right, back to the post. I was going to say something in here somewhere of some importance. I think I forgot. No, right, it’s Monday – that means that the sidebar is updated over there … notice the lack of an mp3otw … if you would e-mail me one it just might end up being selected.

OH RIGHT! Now I know what I was going to say. I was looking at my business card today [which, btw, now says “Systems” and not “Network” right before administrator], and I realized that the HPI logo not only looks like clip-art, but it also just sucks. Because of this, I am asking the many, many faithful people who continuously hit my page via the “internet” to design some phat-ass graphic logo that involves “HPI” or “High Plains Internet” — we’re offering up a fatty award of at least $50 if your logo gets chosen! Send Me Your Logo!

** Note: I get nothing out of this. The $50 is the minimum amount awarded to the winner if their logo is chosen. No particular color scheme required.

Update: Class was good! Met a cool guy named Micah who’s a developer at SoftCom … and a bunch of nice girls 😛 Oh, and I saw Lauren Blomgren today … here’s an AIM snippet describing it:

rand0m: OH MY GOD!
rand0m: I almost forgot
rand0m: I saw Lauren Blomgren today
rand0m: it was hilarious
pearly8067: why?
rand0m: well, see, I’m walking with jack, and it’s the first day of class
rand0m: so I look pretty good
rand0m: and here comes lauren
rand0m: I could see the water puddles shaking
rand0m: so I looked around for a t-rex, but saw none
rand0m: and then I looked up the street, and Lauren!
pearly8067: yeah, has she gained weight? lol
rand0m: I was like “whoa, is that lauren!?”
rand0m: I couldn’t tell from 50 yards, seriously.
rand0m: she got closer, and I was like “whoa, lauren!”
rand0m: so I cross the street, and mid street, I slow down and say “Hi Lauren, how are you?”
rand0m: and she gives me the glare, you know,the glare, and says “Hi” quite icely
pearly8067: bitch!
rand0m: I burst out laughing
rand0m: mid street, right in her face
rand0m: I just started rolling
pearly8067: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

2002-01-15 01:26:16 – Disco X
Did I not tell you that she had gained weight? Prolly all those mood altering drugs she takes
2002-01-15 03:48:51 – Red5
Whens the deadline for the logo bro?
2002-01-15 04:55:01 – Burnz
My recommendation is Mick Jagger’s "Visions of Paradise" or Social Distortion’s "Ball and Chain". And mood altering drugs do not make you gain weight if you get one to fuck you up and one to counteract the physical side effects. For severe weight gain I use Tweek. You’ll be digesting bone matter in two weeks. For more tips read Burnz "Drug Pyramids and JESUS FUCKING CHRIST LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT NEON FROG!!!". And I refuse to use your little send me one link. Fight the power!
2002-01-15 09:10:02 – rand0m
The deadline for the logo is the next company-wide business meeting, which, afaik, is on February 5th, 2002. Yea, she put on some pounds – if anyone, I’d know her face instantly, and I didn’t, because she looks different. Kinda weird, you know? And dammit matt, you’re supposed to send me the mp3 directly or at least point me directly to where I can get it – I ain’t going on any fuckin adventure-hunt for mp3s … hehe, yer funny 😀