oof, school, and yea!

Went out the other night with Tore, Matt and Laura … had a good time [Laura wasn’t bitchy, really ;-)] … finished the night off at Denny’s, and woke up the next morning with the urge to puke. So I did. For an hour. Solid. It was terrible … haven’t ate anything in almost over 35 hours now, but I have drank a lot of Celestial Seasoning’s “Raspberry Zinger” tea. It’s good stuff – I encourage you to try some.

Finalized my school schedule yesterday … it’s not that much school, imo — I’m thinking I’ll add a web-based class onto this schedule, simply because I think it shouldn’t pose much of a problem. My current scheduled semester:

Business 115 – Tuesday & Thursday – 5:20pm–6:35pm
Microeconomics 201 – Tuesday & Thursday – 2:00pm–3:15pm
Political Science 111 – Monday – 6:45–9:30pm [!!]
Speech 115 – Monday & Wednesday – 5:20pm–6:35pm

Except for monday, it’s a pretty light load … monday is 4 hours of class, pretty much solid, which kinda sucks. Ahhh well.

And some good news: met up with Corey Anderson, HPI’s supposed account manager, and went and landed a web development & hosting deal with a house-selling place. It’s not a big thing by any stretch, but it is new business. My golden tongue came into use multiple times and saved our bacon [especially when it came to us being there at 10:30 instead of 10]. No word on the RedTag Office Supplies e-commerce $9k thing though; the last contract we sent was “here’s what we’re offering – if you don’t like it, then shove it.” To be honest, I’ll be pleased if they do take it and pleased if we don’t do it.

Oh, and it’s confirmed, it is indeed a gray hair. There’s a couple of them on that side, actually — I guess the ticket, school and work are taking their stress toll, eh?

Update: I am doing nothing tonight … yup, it’s Friday, but I have to help the parents move tomorrow morning [which means trekking to Denver] … Everybody is leaving for college soon, if they haven’t already left. I feel kinda bad about not doing anything tonight :: those of us who are in town definitely have to do something tomorrow.

Update #2: At a recommendation from Janelle, I rented Wonder Boys last night. Alas, there is no TV/VCR in the house to watch it on. Fuck me.

2002-01-11 13:16:26 – Disco X
Where are you going Randall? I’m starting classes monday at Pikes Peak
2002-01-11 13:32:29 – rand0m
I’m starting those classes at PPCC at the downtown campus … I work downtown, and it’s less than 2 blocks there … and yea, the semester starts on the 14th – which campus and what classes are you signed up for?
2002-01-11 17:50:42 – Siaokh
Spy spy spy little randal. Worry about things like this and youll get more grey hairs! -Tim
2002-01-12 02:22:45 – Red5
Wonderboys is without a doubt a great movie. However, I just recieved the "Boondock Saints" DVD and it is quite possibly a better film 😉
2002-01-12 05:44:35 – Burnz
Film recos is it? Vertigo. You won’t regret the slow movement. And Wonder Boys has the best line about writing ever. "You don’t teach a writer anything, you tell them to find a voice."
2002-01-12 10:27:55 – Laura
you should all go see gosford park…it’s hilarious and was fucking awesome, but you have to go up to denver to catch it….but the guy at the theatre we went to let us in for free because we didn’t have cash. 🙂
2002-01-12 13:37:43 – tony
Course Schedule: Calculus III CompSci II English II Physics I Assembly Programming Engineering Problem Solving Some other stupid math class
2002-01-13 13:21:59 – rand0m
wow tony, that’s a lot of class — not only is it going to cost a pretty penny [what, 20+ credits?], are you going to have time to do that + a job?
2002-01-13 20:04:13 – t
Once school gets going I’ll probably drop 1 or 2 classes if I’m still getting 20+ hours from this part time job.
2002-01-13 20:28:03 – Disco X
Disco X > Rand0m + Hobbitmo
2002-01-13 20:56:58 – rand0m
Sorry Disco, not everybody can afford, time-wise, to take more than 16 or so credits without having to worry about where their income is coming from; your situation is *not* typical by any stretch, so don’t think you’re hot shit or anything. Hell, in high school, it was 30+ hours a week … I doubt you’re doin that 😉
2002-01-13 22:14:11 – t
whoa, whoa, what’s all this bitching aout? what’s the deal disco, you gonna ride unemployment and take 21 hours?
2002-01-13 22:28:25 – Disco X
Actually I’m just taking 14 hours at the moment. As for money tony, I have my Army College Fund money to ride off of. And Disco > Rand0m dowes’t refer to school, that’s just in general 🙂
2002-01-14 03:57:10 – Laura
so, garrett isn’t here…he got his stuff and went back to tucson and i can’t stand it. i’m going to sleep now. fuck you all.