And a night before the day.

Tonight is the eve of my treck to Trinidad. I’m going down there tomorrow morning [around 5am] to attend court, scheduled for 8:30am. It’s about a 2 hour drive, so leaving at ~5:30 should get me there with plenty of time to spare. I’m a little down at the prospect of driving for 4+ hours tomorrow, and missing work, and missing time to pick the rest of my classes, but hey, life’s a bitch.

I’m not depressed that I’m [probably] going to lose my license … I am almost thinking “it’s about fucking time,” but not quite, because, well, [duh], I’m not out to fuck myself. I am a little tired, though … just beat about the whole thing. I’m just so exhausted and whipped on so many fronts. You know what I want? I want to go to school, go to work, make enough money to do both comfortably, and enjoy a meager social life in there. That’s it. I’m not asking much, but it seems like it’s not something that is easily attainable for me.

Such is life. If you’re awake at 5:30am, call my cell — I’ll answer! [that’s the earliest I’ve been awake in months] I will put the news up here as soon as a I get a chance tomorrow. Wish me luck 🙂

Update: Well, I’m back, and I gotta say that it was not the best-spent 7 hours of my life. Got down there at 7:45 … had to waste a while, so I tried to find a coffee shop – there are none in Trinidad. In fact, Trinidad downright sucks. Go to court, wait until 10am [scheduled for 8:30am] for the judge to show up … then I get scheduled for a pre-trial conference on 01/28 @ 2:30pm. I went down and filled out the forms for a public defender to show up there in my stead; no way am I driving another 5 fucking hours for a 20 minute deal … the waiting continues.

2002-01-09 01:36:02 – t
dude, i’ll be awake at 5:30 am but maybe i should give you a hour head start, maybe at 4:30 am… I know you may be asleep cuz it’s 1:30 am and all, but if you don’t want me to call you at 4:30, you know, just let me know. btw, anyone seen that harvey keitel movie "bad lieutenant" that movie is disturbing, kind of like "kids", only, yeah, actually, it’s like kids
2002-01-09 04:18:12 – Laura
how do you drive back from trinidad with no license? or do you have to wait for a letter in the mail? also, that supergreg dude needs some fucking eyebrow wax, and shit. he looks like charlie chaplain remade into one of those low budget teenage flicks, or ben affleck in the royal tennebaums (sp?)…riiiight
2002-01-09 23:11:40 – t
this is a funny link:
2002-01-10 02:36:52 – realbighead
hey randal, fix your site code so obnoxious long addies like what t just posted don’t fuck up the size of the comment box. kthxbye.