Damn, a lot

I have quite a bit of stuff I could post about, and some of it is even mildly interesting … I think I’ll just do a quick rundown of recent events.

Okay, New Years … that rocked! That’s about all I can say about that. Umm… what else. Everything is kind of a blur … oh yea, went out with Tore and Laura and got coffee and did something one night, and had some really good conversation. Although Laura comes across as spiteful and mean to me, I enjoy her company – and Tore is the man, although sometimes I think he’s kind of a weeny [see new years]. Went out with Tony and saw “Royal Tenenbaum” – that was quite a hilarious movie, and I recommend it to everyone. Then we met up with Laura, and that was pretty good, too. Met up with Janelle last night, and get this – I actually enjoyed myself: she is not this pinnacle of perfection, and I think I realize now that it’s okay to let things just go their way, you know?

Three other things of note – First off, Emily is not back, and won’t be for a while yet. That sucks. Secondly, putting a leather jacket in a bag with baking soda in an attempt to remove the smoke/coffee smell from it does not work. All I got out of it is a jacket that is covered in baking soda. I put it in the dryer with some dryer sheets, though, and that seemed to help a lot. [writes this down in little book of ideas]. And Thirdly, Samantha Garrett rocks. Still. Not only is she blindingly intelligent and fun and witty and humorous and all — she has a knockout body, to boot! <3 Sammi! Milestone Update: Okay, a couple things have happened with the site that are noteworthy. First off, this is post #250 from the databased new-tech site. That’s a lot, and it makes me giddy. Secondly, if you look at the little counter thingy, it is above 20,000 now … 20,000 hits is quite a bit – even if 75% of those come from my cadre of trained monkeys I keep at work. On a not-site related note, that fucking database that I’ve been busting my ass on is finally taken care of 100%, and is in use as we speak. Go me!

Update: I did the unthinkable as well, today. Yup, I went and emptied my 14.2GB Recycle Bin. It took a few minutes to delete my 200,000+ files … however, with 49% HD fragmentation, it’s taking my 40GB HD a while to finish it’s defrag run. To the tune of 3 hours. oof.

2002-01-07 15:19:14 – Burnz
You did the baking soda thing wrong.
2002-01-07 15:37:13 – rand0m
well thank you mr. smarty pants. Why don’t you explain things a little better next time than "bag + baking soda + coat = no smell." … sheesh … I found out that dryer sheets and a dryer work real fast and work well, though. You might try that next time it crosses your mind. 😉
2002-01-07 21:14:24 – tony
what… the… fuck… IS THIS!!!! I can’t fucking believe it. I’m seeing recommendations by RANDAL for techno music on MP3OTW… AND THEY’RE GOOD!
2002-01-07 22:19:54 – AOLMAN
Post 9/11 Advertising Campaigns ———————————————————– 11. In Trojans We Thrust! 10. Keep America rolling – ZigZag. 9. If you change the channel then the terrorists have already won. So keep your eye on CBS. 8. At least we’re safer than Afghanistan – Detroit Chamber of Commerce. 7. Reach out and touch someone without the dangers of flying! – AT & T 6. Come back and discover that we’re Indian not Arab – 7-11 5. Not all white powder is bad – Sugar Farmers of America 4. Osama got you down? Try Prozac. 3. Kill yourself before the terrorists do – Phillip Morris. 2. God Bless America, Buy Kleenex! 1. Flying it’s still safer than driving, hunting, smoking, unprotected intercourse! – American Airlines.
2002-01-07 23:21:26 – rand0m
Tony, have you been living under a rock for the past 6 months? Did I not see Orbital live? How about Sasha & Digweed? Oakenfold, anyone? How about the previous techno mp3s-otw? sheesh … And wow, AOLMAN has almost caught up to Tony with his incredible ability to shoot wildly off topic at the drop of a hat. Congrats. I think.
2002-01-08 00:49:18 – Hugh Jazz
2002-01-08 02:30:07 – Laura
spiteful and mean, yet still loveable. could anything be better? and randal, i though we discussed this 🙂 peace
2002-01-08 03:50:57 – AOLMAN
I am sorry. I am a fag0rz.
2002-01-08 03:58:58 – Burnz
First off, I figured you would understand the baking soda. Obviously I overestimated you. Secondly, Samantha Garrett? Wouldn’t you like to tell more? Interested parties are wet and ready like a virgin on prom night minus the date-rape possibilities when the lying whore changes her little teenage mind. Bitches.
2002-01-08 14:35:09 – AOLMAN
2002-01-08 14:37:43 – rand0m
I’m sorry that I’m such a dumbo when it comes to cooking products and their extended uses. Samantha Garrett is this girl who went to PHS with me … she’s extremely smart, fine as hell, cynical enough and very nice. I like her … hell, I told her she had a nice rack freshman year – how could I not like her? I think she tolerates me, but I think she’s great 😀
2002-01-08 14:41:26 – Super Greg
SUPER GREG!!! NUMBER ONE!!! http://www.supergreg.com/
2002-01-08 14:46:12 – Siaokh
Randal! you fixed the left text fields in mozilla… YAY! What was the issue?
2002-01-08 14:53:12 – rand0m
Super Greg. What. The. Fuck. And I don’t know – Tore was ranting about how things started to work on his mac … and now Mozilla makes it right … I don’t know – I didn’t change a single thing.
2002-01-08 20:34:50 – realbighead
why do I keep feeling so vindicated in my hatred for die auslander?