and another ones all up on us

Happy New Year!

Ahh yes, another year has come and gone, and good fucking riddence. I knew that the lack of symmetry in “2001” was a bad thing – here’s to making 2002 [a nice, easy to dig number] better.

Went out last night for the NYE partying. Wowsah, what a time. Chilled with Matt and Tore for a long time, met up with Laura, met up with Darcy, went to Tony’s place, and got completely trashed. I have to tell you that Red Rum is where it’s at. That stuff goes down easy, stays down, and does it’s job well. Got trashed, partied and then headed over to Laura’s place. I had some issues buying Orange Juice at a Walgreen’s – mainly that I had a tough time reading, and that I could barely sign my name. Got to Laura’s place and she wasn’t feeling too well. We sat around and bullshitted, I pulled the always-good-for-conversation umbrella idealogy [which I’ll put up later today], we talked and drank. I was really trashed by now. Darcy left around 2, I think … not real sure. I hope she’s home okay, whatwith crazy drunkards being out and about. Then Laura fell asleep downstairs, and Tore and Matt and I sat and yammered on about a ton of stuff until ~ 6am. Tore said he was leaving, and Matt and I were SOL for a ride till later today if we didn’t go. So we drove downtown … I don’t know if Matt went home or if he’s alive or anything, but I staggered the half-block to my office, sat down in my chair and blacked out for a couple hours. Woke up around 8, drove home, and fell asleep till about 2:30. And that was New Years, 2002. Rock on!

Anybody have any resolutions they’d like to share?

2002-01-01 16:07:09 – rand0m
I had a good time last night – definitely something that had to be done 🙂 Here’s some of my resolutions: 1. Get the confidence back. w3rd. 2. Lose some weight and become more-buff. 3. Trust in the fact that as much as I dig chicks, I do not need one to be happy. 4. Anti-Pre-emptive worrying skills – just roll with it, you know? 5. Make the best of every situation that comes along. Even ones that don’t come along. Just make something out of myself. That’s mine … anyone else care to share?
2002-01-01 20:18:13 – tony
my resolution drink more, snowboard more, bike more, worry about a job around may or june
2002-01-02 00:08:49 – Laura
I’ll have to think of a new years resolution…hehehe… anyway, matt, tore and randal…i had tons o fun last night, even after throwing up… tony, thanks for having a party, it was good. also, i think it’s illegal for RAs to actually search through things, i’ve been contemplating that. maybe i can get helene in trouble for doing that… alright….
2002-01-02 02:17:20 – Burnz
Hey rand0m. Not knowing if I will see you online tomorrow, just throwing down the FYI. I am now at Am killing the yahoo address, so please use Hosting hookup????
2002-01-02 11:48:57 – rand0m
Burnz, it’s all built on my side – all you have to do is make the DNS changes and you’re lit … I’ll talk to you privately about e-mail / ftp stuff.
2002-01-03 13:26:09 – AOLMAN
2002-01-06 16:49:28 – Disco X
anyone alive out there?
2002-01-06 17:07:18 – Stupid Shit
Update your site.. god damn!
2002-03-01 17:03:32 – rand0m
LOL, it "is" updated! "